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Causes of Unplanned Pregnancies

abortion-and-miscarriages Unplanned Pregnancies
Unplanned pregnancies are quite unexpected due to spur of the moment. In an unplanned pregnancy the couple or the family members are not prepared to deal with the situation as a result of which it is very difficult to come to a decision. Some cases of unplanned pregnancy are very traumatic as in case of rape. The most common options for such pregnancy are adoption or abortion. Let us get some knowledge about the causes of unplanned pregnancy, read on.

A positive pregnancy test is expected to be greeted with joy and happiness in family. It is welcome news when you are looking forward to starting a family. But when you did not intend to start a family or plan a pregnancy, such news can be unsettling. Unplanned or accidental pregnancies are a sad proposition if you are not really in a position to give birth to a new life and be responsible for a proper upbringing. More often than not, you end up deciding on either abortion or adoption. This is because, an unplanned pregnancy that is either with your partner or husband makes you so panicked that you are prone to make a hurried decision.

There are several causes that lead to unplanned pregnancy and you need to mentally and physically stable in order to make the correct choice that will ensure the well being of the baby, if you want to keep it, yourself and your family. Here are few causes that lead to unplanned pregnancies.

Adolescent or Teenage Pregnancy

Unplanned pregnancy is a nightmarish situation for a woman who is barely in her teens and has just begun to explore the world. In most of the cases, such a situation occurs when the girl is beginning to get sexually active and is not really aware of her body and possibilities of her sexual behavior. It is the lack of knowledge and the desire to get adventurous that leads to an unplanned pregnancy.

Basically neither of the partners engaging in sexual behavior is aware or information-wise equipped enough to realise the outcome of what can follow. In a search for pleasure and a desire to experiment they overlook the need of precautions and the use of contraceptives are simply not in their minds. When they discover the teenage pregnancy, it is a big emotional upheaval and they fear disclosure and slowly complicate the situation further by trying to hide the fact from their parents and family.

Victimised Pregnancy

Unplanned pregnancy can happen when a girl or woman happens to be a victim to rape. This crime can be induced by one man or by a group, whatever the case; it is extremely traumatic for the woman to deal with the unplanned pregnancy. This is because it is a result of a forceful intercourse and it can have serious ramifications in terms of her behavior and personality, often crippling the victim mentally for her entire life.

Casual Sex before Marriage

A lot of unplanned pregnancies happen when a couple indulges in sex before marriage. Even today, it is a case of social ostracising and an undesirable issue within the family if the woman becomes pregnant before getting married. In these cases unplanned pregnancy is a result of the urge of sexual gratification without really considering the possibility of pregnancy. It is often a chance encounter without realizing that the timing of the intercourse might have overlooked the cycle dates.

Unprotected Sex in Marriage

For a married couple, it is often the case that neither of them are careful enough to opt for protection when they engage in sexual behavior. This is because they get so used to and comfortable with each other that they tend to overlook the fact that a casual and unprotected sexual act can result in pregnancy. Only when they realise that an unplanned pregnancy has happened that they get worked up. It can also be the case that the male partner does not prefer the use of condoms or the woman forgets to take her contraceptive pills. 

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Seema.2 years ago
amazing article....really liked the efforts of your team in writing such informative article.
Lorritta.2 years ago
Try to control your hormones and feelings rather than dealing with pregnancy that is not planned. Otherwise you are gonna suffer in the end.
Nadia.2 years ago
it is better not top get carried off emotionally and have sex with any guy casually.
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