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Tips for Teaching Kids Respect

Tips for Teaching Kids Respect

Do you want your child to grow up and become a decent human being who respects and cares for people? Here are a few tips for teaching kids respect.

Aishu was a girl who always threw tantrums. When her mother refused to buy her a toy, she would scream and yell. She would start crying loudly and refuse to leave the store. Her mother thought that it is just a childhood phase so it is best to ignore. Her mother and father did not want to do anything about it and chose to ignore her behaviour. In order to make Aishu happy, they would immediately buy the toy or book from the store so that the surrounding people would stop staring.
As Aishu grew older, her demands increased and she became bolder. Her parents had never learnt to say ‘No’ and she started using that to her advantage. She would demand anything and everything and her parents felt that they were forced to oblige. It was only when Aishu’s teacher and relatives started complaining that her mother realized her mistake. But, it was too late now! Aishu had grown into a spoilt brat who had absolutely no respect for parents or teachers. Everyday there were numerous complaints against her and now her parents felt helpless.
Do you want your child to grow up and be a person who has zero respect or tolerance for others? Certainly not! Use the below tips to ensure that your son or daughter has respect for every individual.

Teaching Kids to Respect Others

Tips to teach your child respect.

Avoid Spoiling Them

Every child deserves attention however you can not satisfy every demand of your kid. Learn to say ‘No’ before it is too late and your child becomes an adult. Just because he or she is the only child, do not pamper endlessly by fulfilling each and every demand. Do not disregard their mistakes and move on. As a mother or father, you will have to take some corrective steps if you want them to be nice.

Kids Should Learn to Forgive

Teach kids the value of forgiveness. They should not hold grudges against siblings. Sometimes if they hold issues close to their heart without reason, it can lead to negative thoughts in their mind against the person. Teach kids to forgive without holding on as it can lead to peace and happiness in the family.

Teach Kids to Apologize

Apologizing for their mistakes is something they should learn. You cannot earn respect if you do not give respect. Hence, even as a parent one should say ‘Sorry’ if some wrong is done and become an ideal role model for kids.

Identify the Cause

What is the reason that your kids are being disrespectful? Is he or she using bad words and abusing? Try to find out the type of company he or she is keeping. Ensure that kids do not use bad words to hurt parents and other people. They should remain in the company of people who are a positive influence on them.

Use Positive Discipline

Teach kids the importance of things in life so they do not take you or others for granted. Do not make them materialistic. Expensive toys and gadgets can wait but their manners should be pleasing and appealing to all. Only then, will their friends and family like it.
Thus, you should try to ensure that your child does not hurt others. He or she should be a caring individual who is sensitive to the feelings of others. Ensure that they spend some time with their grand-parents also as old people know a lot. Teach them the value of respect and make it clear that if they want to succeed in life and become happy, they should learn the value of caring and sharing. Respect is earned and you cannot demand it from anybody.

How to teach children to respect others? Why is it important to teach children to respect others? How to teach children the importance of earning respect? Discuss here.

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Sneha.3 years ago
Respect is a very important virtue that children must learn.
Arushi.3 years ago
It is necessary to inculcate good values in children right from early childhood.
Hemali.3 years ago
It is very important to teach children to respect others. Disrespectful behavior can prove harmful for child's development.
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