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Sex Education Topics..

You are here : home > Sex Education > Body Talk > Male Anatomy (Men's Reproductive System)

Male Anatomy (Men's Reproductive System)

Male Anatomy (Men

Read on and find about the sexual anatomy of men. Find the facts on male sexuality, fertility and how male reproductive system functions right here.

Do you think you know everything as far as male body is concerned? Well, you need to think again. When we talk about body, we most often talk in general. Normally, all of us are familiar with body parts and their functioning as far as the main ones are concerned. The male anatomy includes organs that are seen by naked eyes.

Exploring sexual anatomy of men means learning facts about male sexuality which includes behaviour and sexual psychology of men. During the teenage years there is a steady supply of testosterone hormone, which is the main male hormone. Millions of sperms are produced every day.

External Male Anatomy

Let us have a look at the sexual anatomy of the male body.

Penis – This is the main sexual organ of a man that consists of glans, which is the head of penis and shaft or body. At the tip of the glans there is an opening called urethral which is used for urination and ejaculation. This glans is normally covered with a layer of skin called foreskin. The covering is important as the skin of the glans is of mucous membrane which is very soft and sensitive. This may lead to infections and abrasion.

During the time of sexual excitement the blood vessels in the body of the shaft of the penis help flow more blood and hence the penis becomes firm and ready for sexual intercourse. The penis returns to its normal shape and form after ejaculation or once the sexual stimulation subsides.

Size of the Penis – Growth of the penis is very common during puberty and is felt more often. Many boys worry about the size of the penis and are anxious whether they will be able to perform well during lovemaking. However, this thought goes off as soon as they discover that their penis is functioning well at the time of sexual intercourse.

Male Orgasm

Male orgasm has two stages. The first stage is when the semen reaches the mouth of the glans up to the urethral and a small valve at the top of the tube closes so that semen does not go to the bladder. This is the time when the semen is about to be pushed out and this is the time when a man understand that he is about to have orgasm as he has reached the point of no return now.

Second stage of orgasm is ejaculation. The muscles that carry pressure signals during the time genital areas are caressed cause the muscles at the base of the penis to squeeze in rhythm. This pushes the semen through the urethral out of the penis. At the same time the man’s brain receives messages of pleasure which is called orgasm or climax.

Understanding Male Fertility

For men, fertility means the ability to make a woman pregnant. To do this successfully, the man’s reproductive system has to be in perfect condition and at the same time the woman also should be fertile normally.

During intercourse when the man goes through ejaculation the semen carries the sperms into his partner’s vagina. The sperm then makes its way through the cervix to the uterus. If there is egg in the fallopian tube, the sperm enters the egg and fertilises it.

In case there is no ejaculation, the sperms produced die and get reabsorbed by the body. It is believed that age reduces the sperm count or men do not get erection due to growing age. Well, the fact is erection normally occurs throughout the main part of man’s life. The only thing is that it may take longer to get proper erection.

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Eric.6 years ago
really a serious topic.
raghav.9 years ago
A complicated topic dealt in a simple manner with the use of common words. Easy to understand the terms and great information for everybody. It explains the male sexual anatomy in a descriptive manner and helps to understand sexual psychology of men.
rikhav.9 years ago
Well written descriptive article. Good to know about male anatomy. The write up on orgasm was informative. It is easy for even teenagers to understand and know their body better. A must read to get the basics of sex education right.
popsicle.9 years ago
Male fertility is oft a misconstrued term. Just having a perfect reproductive system does not mean fertility. How and when to do intercourse matters most. This article delves into this topic in a simple and informative way without sounding too preachy. Truly an amazing site.
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