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Thread: An arrogant friend

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    Unhappy An arrogant friend

    I am a married man and have grown up kids. I am here to talk about my friend. She is my age and a very good friend to me. The only thing I hate in her is her fierce anger. She is a thyroid patient. She would be very friendly and disclose her problems very freely to me. I would be very sincere too like she does. But in a year we would be very friendly for three months and the rest of the days we dont even contact each other as a result of any quarrel between us. Once she gets irritated anything by me, she would despise me to the extreme and she would insult me a lot by her words. I would not be able to control her anger whenever I try to comfort her and most of the times I would be insulted badly. She is brought up in a dominating way. She knows very well that I care her a lot and I am a very sincere friend to her. Once if we have any problem, she would avoid me for more than 300 days. I would miss her a lot in those days.
    Recently I am fed up by these quarrels and by her character. I am unable to make her understand the impacts. I dont want to be despised any more. I dont know how to come out of it. I want people suggestions.

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    Hi Sam,

    I feel that your friend has some psychological problem and she needs treatment or else how can you explain her mood changes out of blue. As you said that you are always with her and help her in her problems as well as try to calm her down but still after few months of friendship, there is a break up. Frequent break ups mean that there is some problem somewhere. If she is unable to control her anger and avoid use of harsh words against you, then it means she is not respecting you. You need to get away from her.

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    Thanks for your suggestion.

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    the person who is so arrogant or tempered will be a kind hearted person. U r thankful to whave wonderful friend. please make her feel that she is safe and coperative when she is with u. slowly she will listen to you.

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