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Thread: r2i dreams: new book by 3 Indian authors on immigrant dilemmas and dreams!

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    r2i dreams: new book by 3 Indian authors on immigrant dilemmas and dreams!

    This is bit of a self promotion but hopefully relevant here. I wanted to share my new book here: r2i dreams which explores the dilemmas and dreams of Indian immigrants living in the US. From the blurb: "This book explores the journey of three Indian immigrants as they make the journey to America, build memories along the way and wrestle with the eternal question facing those away from home -- are we here to stay or is there a road that leads back to where we came from?"

    Thanks for reading

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    I have read this book. This is pretty interesting book that shows us the reality. How we Indians migrate to a new place and adjust there. What happens next and the thought process after settling in a new place is the highlight of the book. I could connect with this book as my friends have left India and settled in US. Now whenever they come here or we talk, all they think is what next. Should they live there forever or come back to their homeland. a very good book.

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    I found a great connection with this book. It was really worth reading and I enjoyed it. My friend is in US and plans to settle permanently;y there as she has a high paying job. Her status right now is just like one of the main protagonists from the book. she is in a fix and has problem in decision making.

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