My husband of 12 years came out to me, then we got separated for like 5 months, Since god has helped me in all this I wanted to devote my life in his service, but the spiritual teachers I met was too bad to me and disrespected me verbally many times that it broke my heart and I doubted my decision to stay separate from my parents for service to god.

Since my only goal is to love god, I decided to go back to husband for married tag and protection. I dont want to marry anyone , but this has made my husband think that he is providing for me and I cannot stay without his help, my parents also dont want to help me and take responsibility. they say he is best for you as society is very bad for single women.

I have a duty towards god and I want help in deciding if i am following the path of righteousness which pleases god and not come as a unrightful person for staying with a unrightful person.

I am stuck as I dont know what is right or wrong?