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Thread: Here are 7 ways to cope when your child has a fever.

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    Here are 7 ways to cope when your child has a fever.

    For the parents already Having a fever is a big deal that you can't take your eyes off. Because if your child has a high fever, it may cause seizures to follow Therefore, to avoid severe symptoms of fever, we bring you 7 ways to cope when your child has a fever. In order to use these methods to alleviate the illness of the child better. Follow along and find out how to cope when your child has a fever at the same time.

    1. Check the temperature
    The first step that parents should take before doing everything when they know their child has a fever is Temperature examination In order to know what level your child's fever is Which, if the fever is too high, can bring the child to the doctor in time But if in a mild level Parents can take the next step. And regularly check the temperature every 30 minutes to closely observe the child's illness

    2. Enter antipyretic medication.
    For the entry Parents should strictly follow the instructions on the bottle. Especially in regards to the amount of drugs given to your child Usually, antipyretic medication works about 30 minutes after eating. If the fever is normal, it will be noticed that the fever will subside within 30 minutes. Parents should be given antipyretic medication every 4-6 hours. See a doctor Because the child may get the flu

    3. Wipe yourself.
    After finished taking the medicine And is in the process of waiting for antipyretic drugs to take effect Parents should wipe themselves for their children to reduce fever. Also to prevent seizures More importantly, body wipes are one of the fastest ways to see results. It is also the first thing that doctors usually do when their child has a fever.

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    4. Wear comfortable clothes.
    During the baby's fever Parents should choose clothes that can cool the child to wear. And should not wrap or wrap when the child has a fever This will cause the child's body to have a higher temperature.

    5. Make your child sip water often
    The parents encourage their children to sip water often. And able to drink plenty of water during a fever Will help the symptoms get better Because drinking enough water to the body This is to compensate for the water that the body has lost from the toxic fever.

    6. Supplement vegetables, fruits and foods that are easily digested.
    When your child has a fever Anorexia often comes suddenly. Which is most often caused by the symptoms of heat sores that occur during the fever. Parents, therefore, have to find soft, easy-to-digest foods, including plenty of vegetables, fruits, and milk for their children. Because the body receives adequate nutrition Inevitably improves the illness

    7. Give your child lots of sleep.
    Getting a good night's sleep is a very good way to deal with a fever. Because the body that faces the illness Often tired and exhausted Which compensates for exhaustion from fever, so it can be done with a lot of rest.

    How are you doing and how to cope when your child has a fever that we have shared today? Each method is not only easy to do and is very familiar. It is also a way that parents are often easily ignored. Therefore, to reduce the risk of seizures when the child has a high fever. Parents should seriously alleviate their children's ailments with these basic countermeasures because these 7 methods can improve their children's illness

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