Ranjini Suryavanshi

My career and my child

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A software engineer before marriage, after marriage and now I am a mother. It did not mean that I was not happy with the role I was playing right now. Oh, it was bliss.

After completing my education and landing on a job, my parents decided to marry me. So, I got happily married. I was pursuing my job then. Since, the multinational I was working has its branch in the new city, I easily relocated. It was fun. Weekend getaways were on our priority. I was doing well in my career. My husband was very supportive. I loved my new life.

After about two years of my marriage we decided on having our child. With the maternity leave the time elapsed soon. The nine month period passed in a jiffy. Taking care of my dear darling daughter was the priority of my life. I decided to take a year break from my career. However, as the time passed I started getting a lot attached with my sweetheart. It was just impossible for me to leave her and go else. It was not a surprise for my hubby when I wanted to extend the break for 2 years more.

And then, came the day when my angel stepped into the school in the play group. It was the turning point in my life. When I taught my daughter, I remembered how my mother used to teach me. I have been a good student all my life. I had studied really hard to pursue a career. I was enjoying the time with my baby. But, somehow in my hearts I was feeling alone. The feeling of accomplishment was lacking. And, then I decided to rejoin my company. It was not easy. However, I had made up my mind. With my husband on my side, the road seemed easier.

My company was more than happy to take me back. I ensured to not leave a stone unturned in the upbringing of my daughter. I thus, decided on the following:-

  1. 1. Crche- Since, I reside in a metro city, there are many options of crche. I chose the one with a very positive feedback. It was in close vicinity to my residence. The best aspect was it has closed circuit TV cameras in every corner. These cameras were associated with their live update. Hence, even when I was sitting in the office, I could keep a watch on my little one. Needless to say, I the skeptical mother was on a new journey.

  2. 2. Preparing my daughter- This came as a surprise to me. Since, my darling had started going to the preschool for 3 hours daily. She was ready to spend the other 3 playing with same aged kid in the crche. She was happy.

  3. 3. No work, back home- this I had a conversation about with my office people, before I joined in. Come what may, I would not be in the position to take any work back home. It was because it is my home, where I get to spend quality time with my child.

  4. 4. Weekend blast- I started planning in advance pertaining to every weekend. We took her out for beach, swimming pool, resorts, game zones, and family movies.

  5. 5. Early to rise- in order to ensure that I organized myself well, I became a morning person (the most tedious work!). But the fruits have been really sweet so far!

So right now as I close this write up, my daughter is happy, the mother in me is happy, and the women in me is soon to be promoted as the Project Manager of the company.
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