Hetal Kapoor

  1. Inculcating good habits in my 7 year old

    It seems just yesterday when the doctor handed me the apple of my eye and said-congratulations! Its a boy. The days have indeed passed in a jiffy. I always thought that it was more difficult to get pregnant (since I was dealing with some health issues). However, as of now it seems the entire ride is a roller coaster. With innumerable moments of happiness, giggles and laughter, I am responsible for providing my little one with good upbringing. After all, man is a social being. Somehow I am always ...

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  2. From a trendy Fashionista to a Mother

    My marriage was no less than a fairy tale for me. Its a dream of every girl to get married to an amazing personality. So, like others I was no different. In fact, being the Fashionista I am, I had made castles in the air pertaining to it. It was beautiful in every way. Blessed! Indeed, this was my feeling when I met my soon to be soul mate. Dapper were his looks and there was a simplicity about his face. Falling in love has never been easier than this. As the Almighty wanted and blessed me, at ...