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Fever in Children
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Fever in Children >>>
 Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Last night my daughter had a mild fever. She vomited about 4-5 times within an hour. Her fever reached 100 degrees. We took her to a doctor who said that she has a stomach infection and prescribed two medicines: Calpol and Domstal. We kept monitoring the fever throughout the night and the fever remained constant at 100/101 irrespective of giving hwe doses of Calpol. In the morning we gave her NISE syrup and his fever subsided. We went to a specialist who also prescibed some medicines But at night again the fever shoots up. I will be following up the same with her doctor, but would be grateful if you could also give me an opinion.

Anish (Gohati, India)

A: Fever can be due to several causes. Detailed history and physical examination by a competent doctor can suggest the cause in most cases. In some, investigations or medical tests may be required to clinch the diagnosis. We suggest that you continue to follow the advice of your doctor. In addition to giving her stomach medicines, make sure that her fever stays down. 100/101 degrees should not be very worrisome, but don't let it go higher than this.

Dr. R.K.Anand

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