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 Frequently Asked Questions

Q: This is our second baby and mife is eight months pregnant. Our first child was born through c-section six years ago due to foetal distress. During our first child, she went into labour when her water bag broke, but had been given drip as pains didn't start even after eight hours. Still she did not experience any labour pain. Hence c section was performed. This time, for the second child, the doctor has asked her to make choose a date for elective c-section, but the doctor also said that she can try for VBAC. We are slighly worried specially, because her first delivery was a c-section. Can she try for a normal delivery?

Anil (Deira, UAE)

A: Yes she can try for a normal delivery with the option of C-section at the time of labour / delivery. As her c-section was done six years ago, the scar has had enough time to heal so give a short trial for normal delivery if all is normal till now.

Dr. Asha Paranjpe

Q: My first delivery was a caesarean as the head of the baby was not descending from the hip bone area. If I try for a second baby, will I have a normal delivery? Please advise.

Vasundhara (Florida, USA)

A: You can get a pelvic cavity bones assessment done before you try for the second baby.

Q: My friend is in her ninth month of pregnancy. The head of the foetus is still not fixed. Our doctor has advised C-section. 1. How risky would it be for her to go into labour with the head floating? 2. Is a C-section necessary? 3. Till which week (post LMP) should she wait to have the C-section, in case the head continues to remain floating? I am really concerned for her. Please advise.

Nilima (Chiplun, India)

A: There is a risk of cord prolapse if she goes into labour with a high floating head. Normally, the head gets engaged by 36 to 38 weeks in the first, pregnancy but in subsequent pregnancies the head does not get engaged until a patient goes into labour. The reasons for having a CS in a high floating head are - baby, too much of fluid, small pelvic cavity.

Q: My wife is in her fourth month of pregnancy. Right from the time we got married, she has always been plump and also has a paunch. Will this fatness affect the baby in any way or will she have any complications during the pregnancy. Specially, because her stomach will be a little more than normal. Please advice.

Sunil (Jaipur, India)

A: No - there will be no problems caused by this. Make sure your wife exercises before and after delivery to firm up your stomach muscles.

Q: I am very worried about my delivery, specially the labour pains. How can one get enough strength during pregnancy. What is the correct position to lie in the bed?

Shanta (Darjeeling, India)

A: To have adequate strength during pregnancy and during labour and to ensure a healthy pregnancy, you must have a balanced diet coupled with adequate rest and sleep. Be regular with your antenatal exercises. The best position to lie down is the LEFT LATERAL POSITION (sleep on the left hand side) to improve foetal blood circulation.

Dr. Sahni

Q: My wife is in her final stages of pregnancy. This will be our first child. But we are very worried as this is her first pregnancy. She has been going for her ultrasound regularly. The last scan revealed that the baby's head was high. Will this require caesarean or can she deliver normally.

Subhash (Mumbai, India)

A: Your wife can deliver normally provided there is adequate room in the pelvis. What would really help is to do a lot of squatting, like she can sit on an Indian toilet or as if she is sweeping the floor. Start with 20-30 squats a day and go up to 70-80 daily (around 8 sets of 10-12). If her bony pelvis is small and the head cannot tuck, then you may have to go in for a caesarean. Otherwise if her muscles are tight, the head may go down later with squatting.

Dr. Mansukhani

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