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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: My wife has recently given birth by c-section. When can she start exercising to regain her figure? What exercises should she do?
Kajol (Johor Bahru, Malaysia)

A: Your wife should do some stomach exercises like crunches, and back stretches. She could also start going for a brisk walk every day. One should however remember to avoid vigorous exercises in the initial weeks to prevent the stitch line weakening. She should only start exercising after receiving a go-ahead from her gynaecologist.

Q: I had a C-section delivery few months ago. My tummy shows as if I am still pregnant. Is it possible to get my tummy back in shape? If yes, which would be the best exercise?
Jyotika (Mumbai, India)

A: You should exercise your abdominal muscles. While doing so, make sure you donít overstrain. Increase the intensity and frequency very gradually, so as not to damage the muscles. Consult your physiotherapist for the right type of exercise.

Q: My wife had a c-section delivery. Since then she was left with a paunch. How can she reduce it? Should she diet? Or doctor has said that she should not exercise for two months, as she had a c-section. When can we start having sex?
Anish (Cochin, India)

A: Your wife should not exercise until at least 2 to 3 months have passed. Her paunch will gradually reduce over time, with diet and exercise. You can start having sex 8 weeks after delivery. Your wife could take inj. depoprovera, im. which works as a contraceptive for three months.

Q: My wife had a caesarean operation the first time. She is pregnant again. Will this child also necessarily be a caesarean?
Prakash (Noida, India)

A: It depends on the reason for doing the first caesarean. If that indication is not there in this pregnancy, then she can undergo normal labour.

Q: Is it true that after a C-section one does not lose weight easily and that one always remains with a paunch? I have been diagnosed as having placenta praveia. Does this necessarily mean that I would have a C-section? When should I stop working?
Namisha (Shanghai, China)

A: It is not true that after a Caesarean section one does not lose weight. One should however remember to avoid vigorous exercises in the initial weeks to prevent the stitch line weakening. If the correct postnatal exercises are done, it is possible to tone the lower abdominal muscles and prevent a paunch. The diagnosis of placenta previa can only be made with certainty after 28 weeks of gestation as placental migration can occur. It is possible for low lying placenta to migrate up. I recommend a repeat ultrasound at 30 weeks for placental localization. It is not necessary for you to have a caesarean section but your gynaecologist would be in a better position to advise you after taking a look at your ultrasound report. You must at all times avoid heavy work and preferably avoid intercourse too, as the low lying placenta may get traumatised by the act and cause bleeding per vaginum. If your job is not very physically strenuous, you could work right up to the 9th month. However, if there is any complication or if your job is stressful, I would advise you to rest.

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