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Finding Happiness

Happiness is not just about finding joy. It is also about getting rid of sorrow. Read on to learn more about this concept.

Ask anyone why he exists and he will say that it is because he is alive. If you ask him why he goes about his daily activities, then more often than not, the answer will be that he wants to be happy. Various doctors, psychologists, and alternative healers agree that a person's life revolves around him being happy.

The Approach to Finding Joy

Happiness is not just a state of mind. It is reflective of the entire well being of the body. Scientific research has proved that people, who perceive themselves as happy, generally experience better physical health. An individual will usually seek happiness in an activity that brings him joy, such as love, work, entertainment, etc. However, he may still not be truly happy. Often, this is because finding happiness also involves accepting negativity.

Facing Sorrow

Most of the time, an individual seeks out an activity to make him happy because he is trying to run away from negative emotions. These include fear, anxiety, depression, etc. Once a person deals with these emotions, happiness will follow automatically.

The first step to dealing with negativity is to simply accept that these emotions exist. Most people think that by denying the existence of these emotions, they are getting rid of them. In essence, these negative feelings remain suppressed. They keep building up until they reach a point where they burst free. The person is unable to deal with them. When an individual accepts that these emotions are present, he is acknowledging their existence as a part of him.

The second step is to welcome them. Negative or not, an emotion must be felt. That is what it is there for. A person must feel his anger and sadness, and let them dissolve into nothingness, in their own time. In psychology, this is referred to as being in touch with your inner senses. It is easier said than done. Every individual carries some negative emotions with him. It is a human tendency to want to forget a bad experience as soon as possible. However, when something occurs to trigger his memory, the same is dredged up. This is most obvious when someone insults him. The scars of a previous insult open up and the buried hurt comes out.

Dealing with Negative Emotions

Accepting negative emotions is only the beginning. A person also has to learn how to let them go. Meditation is one of the most effective ways in which a person can deal with his emotions. This type of meditation involves a pattern of thoughts, to focus on his emotions.

Separate emotions: Emotions are nothing but another form of energy. The human body itself is full of energy in different forms. Thus, it is possible to separate feelings from the body. Therefore, an individual is depressed because there is an abundance of sad energy in him. The law of energy states that energy can be converted from one form to another. Once an individual isolates the negative energy, he only has to turn it a more joyous form.

Be aware: Let each emotion course through the body. This is different from feeling emotions within the mind. For a person, fear may feel like a cold hand around the throat, while anger may make him feel as if his chest is burning. The objective of this exercise is to give each emotion a physical sensation.

Avoid thinking: The more a person dwells on his emotions, the more he will want to act on them. However, this should only be restricted to actions like crying, shivering, etc. An individual should never act on his emotions to cause other people pain or out them in harm's way.

Welcome them: The final step in the process is to allow the negative emotions to seep in completely. As a form of energy, it is neither good nor bad. As a person relaxes his body and focuses on his breathing, he will find that the negative energy begins to dissipate. This is because the emotions are allowed to remain without judging them.

The key to achieving true happiness is right in front of us. Focusing on emotions and letting them take their course within the body is all it takes. Denying them will only make the situation worse.

How do you seek happiness in your life? Do you think getting rid of sadness also plays a role? What strategies do you use to cleanse your spirit of negative energy? To share your tips, views, and experiences, click here.

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