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The Fire Element Personality (Agni)

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The fire element is know as 'Agni' as per Hindu astrology. Individuals who are born under fire element inherit refreshing energy. People with fire element are extremely enthusiastic. Is your baby born under fire element according to Hindu astrology? Is your spouse or best friend born under fire element as per Hindu astrology? Read on to know more about the positive and negative characteristics of people born under fire element according to Hindu astrology.

The impact of the element on the life of the child who has born under a particular astrological sign is pretty deep. As such astrologers cast a horoscope for the new born baby after taking into account the birth time of the child. They seek a balance of these elements and if they are found to be out of sync, they suggest names for the child that sort of balances these elements and offers his a soother ride in the journey of life.

Fire is one of the primary elements that are found in a child born under the Leo, Aries and Sagittarius zodiac sign.

Characteristics of the Fire Element

There are certain marked traits that can be noticed in the child who is born with the fire element as follows.

Extremely Enthusiastic Individuals

They are go-getters and extremely enthusiastic to start new assignments, projects and take up responsibilities.

They are Straight Forward

They are quite straight forward with their opinions and are honest in their approach and actions in every day life.

They Inherit Vitalizing Energy

Their overall personality beams with radiance and people surrounding them can feel a vitalizing energy when a person of the fire element is around. The warmth and exuberance that they emit make them a natural companion.

They are Conscious about Expressing Themselves

People with fire element are very conscious about the way they are able to express themselves. They love their freedom and they need it as they need to express themselves freely. They are good communicators. The other associated attribute that follows this is that these individuals also unrelentingly insist that people around them acknowledge their point of view. This means that they crave for attention and appreciation in equal measure. They cannot stand being ignored.

They are Good Motivators

People with fire elements have another very positive side to their character. They are good stimulators as well. They instigate people who are prone to go into bouts of lethargy, into action. They act as inspirational leaders and good motivators. Since they have an abundance of energy, people around them might end up feeling overpowered or exhausted. Some even feel like retiring from the said action if they are too sensitive.

They are Great Companions

Those having the fire element are great companions. They are fun loving and good natured. This helps them to win a lot of friends and to top it all they are willing to share their time, energy and resources with others who might need their help. They do not give much importance to material possessions and building relationships and getting involved in helping people attain their goals are things that they find more appealing.

Faults in the Fire Element that Follows From the Positives Themselves

Have a quick look at the negative qualities of individuals born under fire element

They Demand Acknowledgment

Their naturally generous nature can culminate into a raring ego that constantly demands acknowledgment. People often feel awkward when they end up boasting their efforts in order to satisfy their egos and this makes them somewhat disliked at certain occasions.

They are Overconfident

Their overconfidence in their own abilities can make them underrate the talents of others. In spite of being friendly, people with fire element often alienate themselves from the group and fail to build an effective team as they want to demonstrate their talent and simply fail to build that co-operative team spirit. They look to attain the goals all by themselves and do not realize the importance or possibility of essential contribution by the other members of the team.

They Lack Managerial Ability

So despite of having such friendly and compassionate attribute, these people suffer from this disastrous managerial defect. On the other hand, if these extremes are balanced through the help of astrological names, which can bring about a moderation in their demeanor, people with fire elements can prove to be great leaders in their fields.

The daring and inspiring attitude that is inherent in them helps them to motive people to give their best. Their honesty of approach helps people to idolize them and they whole heartedly dedicate themselves and contribute their best as they develop the belief in the cause.

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