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Role of fathers

pregnancy The Normal Pregnancy
By - Dr. Rita Shah

What is the role of fathers

All time was devoted to expectant mothers and pregnancy.  Very little time was given to study the other half of the parent team - the father.  Fathers play a vital role in the outcome of the pregnancy.  Almost all men think that once the pregnancy has occurred, they are relegated to becoming passive onlookers.  This is not true.  Studies have shown that with supportive partners women have fewer problems during pregnancy, labour and delivery.  The move into parenthood becomes smoother if the expectant father plays an active and supportive role.

Are fathers involved in childbirth/Lamaze classes

Yes.  In many of the Lamaze class programs, fathers are asked to accompany the mothers at every session.  In other programs, fathers are asked to attend at least one session.  Fathers are given the necessary information on labour and delivery so that they can take an active part in their baby's birth and also provide the vital physical and emotional support to the mother in labour.  This support of a caring and capable father will help you meet the challenge that childbirth offers.

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would be father.3 years ago
I will soon to be a father, I want to support my wife during her labour. I want to know what can i do to make her feel comfortable. I also cannot see her in pain so how can i reduce the pain during delivery?
sachin.6 years ago
are fathers allowed in the labour room during child birth for giving the moral support to their expantant wife, in india.
Friend.6 years ago
yes, fathers are allowed to the labour room!
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