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You are here : home > Post Delivery Issues > Stretch Marks > Treating Post Delivery Stretch Marks

Treating Post Delivery Stretch Marks

It is possible to treat post delivery stretch marks through some simple remedies. Read on to find tips for treating post delivery stretch marks.

During pregnancy, the skin on your abdomen stretches in order to accommodate the growing baby within you. This expansion can happen within a very short period of time and is precisely the reason why you are left with post delivery stretch marks. Now, the skin around your arms, thighs and hips also gets affected as they bear the increasing weight of your body. The breasts get swollen due to lactation and so you will find
stretch marks there too. As you make an effort to get back into your earlier shape, you have to treat those stretch marks during post delivery period.

Wait For the Right Time

This is the very first step in this direction. Do not act in haste, always comply with the advice offered by your physician. He or she will guide you when the time is appropriate to engage in the stretch mark treatment exercise. Remember, you are still in the recovery stage and every action will have a direct impact on the well being of your baby and of course your health for the rest of your life. Since the stretch marks are natural, most fade away within a few weeks and you will have work on the removal of the rest.

Apply Stretch Mark Remover Creams

This should be done under the guidance of your dermatologist. Your cream should ideally contain Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHA), that makes the dead cells on the upper layer of your skin to dissolve and they are gradually replaced with new ones. These creams also contain retinoids that induce a faster growth of the epidermal layer. Stretch marks can also be treated with salicylic creams that cause the breakdown of skin lipids, which makes the dead cells in the upper layer bind together.

Apply Cocoa Butter

This is a natural ingredient that helps in the prevention and fighting of stretch marks. Apply liberally on the affected sites twice a daily, ideally after wash in the morning and before going to bed at night. When applied regularly on the abdominal area, thighs, butts, arms and breasts during your pregnancy term, it helps as an inhibitor by adequately moisturising the skin before it actually gets stretched at the later stage of pregnancy.

Moisturiser and Lotions

As it is important to keep your skin hydrated internally by drinking plenty of water, it is also important that you keep it moisturised by applying lotions and normal creams throughout the day. This is to prevent dryness due to seasonal and environmental changes. Although, lotions are not known to treat stretch marks per se, but it provides the skin with essential moisture. They do help in the regulation of cell growth and thereby effective in making the treatment for stretch marks easier.

Laser Therapy

This is a clinical resort to treat stretch marks. If cocoa butter, creams and lotions do not provide with adequate results, your dermatologist might suggest a laser therapy or Microdermabrasion. The stretch marks scars are sloughed out through laser rays from the outer layer of the skin and help the new healthy skin to grow in its place. There is another new light technology called non-ablative rejuvenation that artificially awakens the cells underneath the epidermal layers, thus inducing new cell growth.

With a wide array of preventive and curative measures available, stretch marks should not be a worry for new moms. You can not only reduce and erase the marks through treatment but work towards preventing as well. All that is required is awareness, good medical counsel and patience.

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Falon.5 years ago
Has anybody tried the laser therapy for stretch marks much does the cost comes out to be?
Monalisa.5 years ago
Can these remedies work on old marks also those stretch marks that are due to weight loss and not pregnancy?
Pankaja.5 years ago
Excellent article! The basic stretch marks removal tips are great and i am sure going to try them..
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