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You are here : home > Post Delivery Issues > Post Delivery Sex > How to Resume Post Delivery Sex Life

How to Resume Post Delivery Sex Life

It is advisable to let body heal after the childbirth before resuming the post delivery sex life. Read on to find tips for resuming the sex life after delivery.

Doctors and physicians have always advised not to resume the usual sex life before a thorough postnatal check-up. And the first postnatal check-up takes place normally after 6 weeks following the delivery. Here it is important to understand the reasons why this ‘prohibition’ is practiced.

  • If the woman has had a vaginal delivery, her vaginal tissues will take time to heal. After all there has been a considerable wear and tear in those muscles, and even surgically induced lacerations to aid the delivery.
  • If it is a caesarean, the stitches would take time to heal and any untoward pressure might delay or harm the healing process.
  • In both cases, the womb will take a minimum of 6 week’s time to return to its normal shape and size.

Although this 6 week’s time may not be a stringent rule as the woman might feel healthy and ready to resume a normal sex life within a month or so following her delivery. But it is always recommended to seek the doctor’s advice.

Tips for Resuming Sex after Delivery

Given below are a few options on how you can work towards resuming your post delivery sex life:

Let off Steam Before the Actual Intercourse – This is an excellent way of not only preparing yourself for the normal and earlier sex life, but also to make each other feel special. This is a great psychological and physiological mechanism to normalise sex after childbirth. After abstaining from sex for quite a considerable time, it does not require much on the part of the couple to feel the need to come closer. So, engage in love-play, and go for longer sessions. This will not only ignite the passion but also ease out things like, apprehensions and discomfort.  

Skip the Actual Intercourse in the Beginning – After childbirth, the woman is particularly apprehensive about how her partner might perceive her to be, would she still be desirable, etc. besides, she is also worried about whether the penetration would hurt her. Therefore, it is advisable to start off with some deep kissing, caressing and petting at first. Then move on to oral if it is comfortable for both the partners. But the man needs to be careful with her organs and should not touch or stroke if the doctor has observed that she still needs time to heal. After a few days, you would discover that both of you are prepared for the actual sex act.

Use Plenty of Lubrication – After delivery, there are certain hormonal changes in the woman which reduces her sex drive and lowers her natural lubrication. In order to resume your normal sex life, you must begin using plenty of lubrication so as to ease out things for her. It will also reduce pain by easing out the friction. So go for ample usage of K-Jelly or Astroglide during post delivery sex.  

Position Matters – When you are trying to resume an active post delivery sex life, remember that you must avoid putting pressure on her as much as possible. Decide on a position that protects her stitches and also provides you with the pleasure of deep penetration. Also remember to reduce your speed so as control rough friction. Usually the side-by-side and/or the woman-on-top position are preferred during post delivery sex.

Finally, while resuming post delivery sex, you must acknowledge that there have been a lot of changes in your body. So the woman needs to talk it out with her partner about what feels good on her, or whether he is hurting her, or when he needs to go slow. These are excellent ways to resume an enjoyable sex life after childbirth. It also makes the partner aware of the conditions and he becomes more understanding and accommodating to her needs. Thus, the point is to help him understand and not just presume that he ought to know.

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Durian.5 years ago
yeah amazing info. the tips surely will make post delivery sex less painful.
Nonie.5 years ago
Foreplay helps a great deal. it helps women to be mentally prepared for the actual act.
Benny.5 years ago
Foreplay should take much of the time during first few months after delivery. it helps body to prepare for the actual intercourse.
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