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You are here : home > Post Delivery Issues > Post Delivery Sex > Coping with Post delivery Sex Difficulties

Coping with Post delivery Sex Difficulties

Post delivery sex difficulties are one of the common difficulties faced by women after delivery. Read on to find tips for coping with post delivery sex difficulties.

Prior to discussing the strategies to cope with
post delivery sex difficulties it is important to understand that a few of the difficulties are natural and a part of normal life. Realise the fact that your body has had an experience of pregnancy and gone through the stress and trauma of childbirth. This should not be apprehended as a fatal episode but is undoubtedly an inducer of significant change in your life. So, accept the fact that you are going to face and deal with certain difficulties and you need to seek counsel in preparing yourself to overcome them.

Some of the common post delivery difficulties constitute weight gain, diabetes, hair loss, pigmentation and stretch marks. All of these can be treated back to normal. The most prominent of post delivery sex difficulty is vaginal dryness which can in turn lead to a variety of problems. Here are a few strategies on how you can cope with it:

Try Your Best to Relax

Vaginal dryness can cause a very painful intercourse. It is caused by the change in the sex hormone levels, estrogens. It has been studied in many cases that women have this fear in the back of their minds and every time they are about to engage in sex, they get worried that it might be a very painful one. Once you get so worked up and stressed out, your already dry vaginal muscles get further constricted, making penetration very difficult. So it is important that you stop yourself from getting scared or lose interest in sex. Rather you must think of means which might help you deal with the condition.

Indulge in Passionate Foreplay

Be it the mental fear of sex or the physiological vaginal dryness, all can be effectively eased out through some heated foreplay. It not only helps you to relax and overcome fears and tension but adds that extra zing to the whole excitement of love-making. So, ensure that there is sufficient and adequate foreplay which will also naturally lubricate you and lessen that vaginal dryness. It is also advisable to opt for safe artificial lubricants to reduce friction during penetration and lessen the difficulties. Not to forget that foreplay also enhances the love bond between partners which in turn can effectively help you cope with post delivery sex difficulties.

Use Safe Lubrication

Lubricants ease out the vaginal dryness and alleviate post delivery sex difficulty. But you need to opt for safe options, like the water based ones. However, it is always recommended that you consult your doctor before using any of them. Never go for regular body lotions, or oils, perfumed soaps, douches or petroleum jellies. Although they are lubricants they can cause infections as well. It is also important to wash off the lubricant after intercourse.

Have Plenty of Water

Keeping yourself adequately hydrated after childbirth is very important not only from the overall physical point of view, but also in order to effectively reduce vaginal dryness the main aspect of post delivery sex difficulty. Drink plenty of water and incorporate a variety of fruit juices in your diet. This will hydrate your entire system and most importantly enhance the elasticity of the vaginal walls, thereby reducing friction and pain during intercourse.

Breastfeed Your Baby

Breastfeeding your baby is not only essential to ensure the well-being of your child, but also helps you to cope with post delivery sex difficulties. Regular breastfeeding induces gradual weight loss and also aids in the restoration of the tightness of your vaginal tissues. This helps in successful penetration and enhances pleasure. 

At the end of it all ensure that you are leading a healthy lifestyle. Add all the essential nutrients and vital vitamins in your diet. Stay in a stress-free good mood and learn to enjoy this changed lifestyle. These can go a long way in ensuring that you are prepared to cope with the sex difficulties that naturally follow after childbirth.

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Gina Davis.5 years ago
While having intercourse, i have lot of pain. this is unbearable for me. how can i make intercourse easy and painless?
Jill.5 years ago
i had caesarian delivery two months ago. i still have a feeling of soreness in my belly. i wanted to know when can i have sex with mu partner. should i wait for another month?
Kirsten.5 years ago
i have delivered a baby girls a month ago. I had normal delivery. now my husband is insisting on sex. i do not feel like doing it.... i do not know what is wrong with me....
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