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You are here : home > Newborn Care > Diapering and Grooming your Baby > Different Kinds of Diaper Rash

Different Kinds of Diaper Rash

Diaper rash is very common in babies. Diaper rash is a general term given to different rashes. This occurs due to the friction created between baby's skin and diaper. There are different kinds of diaper rash. Read on.

What is diaper rash

Diaper rash is a problem that plagues most babies. The incidence of diaper rash peaks between seven to nine months and then diminishes, as the baby's skin becomes hardier and not so sensitive. The term "diaper rash" is an umbrella term that describes a number of different skin conditions in the nappy area.

What are the different kinds of diaper rash

Perianal dermatitis
This is more likely to occur in bottlefed babies. The redness around the anus is caused by the alkalinity of their stools. Breastfed babies usually develop this condition only after the introduction of solids in their diet.

Chafing dermatitis
The most common form of diaper rash, the baby's skin becomes red where there is most friction, but not in the skin folds. It comes and goes, and is not a cause of discomfort unless the baby develops a secondary infection. 

Atopic dermatitis
This is an itchy rash that may initially appear on other parts of the body before affecting the genitals. It spreads to the nappy area between six and twelve months.

Seborrhoeic dermatitis
This is a deep red rash, often with yellowish scales, which usually begins on the scalp, though it can start in the nappy area and spread upward.

Candidal dermatitis
An uncomfortable rash, bright red and tender, it usually appears in the creases between the abdomen and thighs, with satellite pustules that spread out from that point. This condition often develops in babies taking antibiotics. 

This form of nappy rash, caused by bacteria, has two manifestations: (a) Bullous - with large, thin-walled blisters that burst and leave a thin yellow-brown crust; and (b) Non-bullous - with thick yellow crusted scabs and a lot of surrounding redness.  This rash mainly covers thighs, buttocks and lower abdomen, but can spread to other parts as well.

Intertrigo: This is caused by the friction of skin rubbing against skin. The area most likely to be affected is the folds of skin between the thighs and the lower abdomen and the armpits. This rash may ooze white to yellowish matter and may burn on contact with urine.

Tidemark dermatitis: This skin irritation is caused by the edge of the nappy rubbing against the skin. 

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Recent comments (56 comments)
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Name: Mike
Country: england

this article offers a good explanation but little advice by way of a cure. i found readers comments more helpful in solving the problem. essentially i jut found out that my child has an acute allergy to ammonia which is a component of urine.
Name: Gayatri
Country: india

i think first of all a baby should be worn diapers only after completing three months. till then cloth nappies are good and safe for the should be kept clean and should be cleaned immediately after passing stools. it should not be left like that in order to avoid rashes.
Name: Brook
Country: usa

im in the 9th grade looking for needs of a newborn baby for home ec and i thought this was a good website to find it thanx
Name: Jayshree
Country: canada

use creams with zinc oxide to prevent rash. after rash has subsided use vaseline petroleum jelly during all diaper changes.
Name: Seema
Country: canada

i am the mother of 2 baby boys and i use cloth diapers, safety pins, and rubber pants. even when they develope a diaper rash, i continue to diaper them in rubber pants. just be sure to change their diapers frequently and check their diapers every hour or so to make sure they aren't wet or poopy. contrary to all beliefs, rubber pants do not make a diaper rash worse.
Name: Seema
Country: canada

for those of you who babysit children who wear regular cloth diapers with rubber pants, you can pull the baby's rubber pants down at the front waistband area of the diapers if the baby has a diaper rash. this allows air to enter and evaporate out of the baby's diapers helping to prevent further irritation.
Name: Seema
Country: canada

diaper liners are great and are extra handy for those mothers using regular cloth diapers. over the years i have found that by using diaper liners, staining in the baby's rubber pants and diapers is greatly cut down and there is very little rinsing to contend with.
Name: Seema
Country: canada

there is no need to purchase extra "nappy" or diaper pads if you use cloth diapers. if your looking for added absorbency fold another ordinary flat fold cotton diaper into a long pad and use that to line the inside of your baby's diaper. this frugal double diapering method works absolutely great! i use it all the time with my kids.
Name: Seema
Country: canada

another great nursery staple is snap-on rubber pants. i keep several pairs of these neatly tucked away inside the baby's dresser drawer for those times when my baby's are battling a bout of diarrhea. no matter how messy their diapers are, i can easily and quickly un-snap their rubber pants to get at their diapers, preventing any smearing that can often occur with old-fashioned pull-on rubber pants. plus, snap-on rubber pants permit added air circulation which helps prevent diaper rash.
Name: Seema
Country: canada

it seems that my children get more of a "heat rash" rather than diaper rash.
Name: Seema
Country: canada

although i do not use disposable diapers a great helpful tip when refastening disposable diapers is by pinning them with regular cloth diaper safety pins. this will save mothers the added expense of diaper tape.
Name: Veneeda
Country: canada

dear seema, what brand of cloth diapers and rubber pants do you use? i would like to start using cloth but don't know a good quality brand
Name: Seema
Country: canada

hello veneeda. i use bpds (baby pants diaper service) brand cloth diapers and rubber baby panties. it is a home based mom owned and operated diaper service and supply business. please contact if interested in further information.
Name: Carol Patel
Country: india

i live in canada and have looked for this company. i can't find a reference for it anywhere. i use cloth diapers and every type of rubber baby panties i can find. can someone please give me the url: bpds (baby pants diaper service) brand cloth diapers and rubber baby panties. i am so tired of washing diapers!
Name: Nadia
Country: canada

i have to agree with seema. cloth diapering is best and here is a suggested list of items any cloth diapering mother will need to start. 3-4 dozen flat fold or prefold cotton flannelette diapers. 6 diaper pins. 6-8 pairs of rubber pants. 10 gallon diaper pail with deodorant lid. diaper liners (optional). i use all the above in my home and wouldn't even consider doing it any other way.
Name: Nadia
Country: canada

i never wake my children throughout the night for a diaper change. usually i can gently pull their rubber pants down to their knees, un-pin and quickly change their diapers, and rustle up their rubber pants again without them even stirring. it's something i have done from the early beginings.
Name: Talya
Country: canada

tidemark dermatitis is usually the result of alternate wetting and drying, and is most often confined to the elastic areas of rubber pants. keeping the baby or child dry and clean throughout this time is very important. some baby books recommend that rubber pants not be used during such a time but i tend to disagree. if you choose to continue with rubber pants which i personally would, change diapers immediately after a wetting or soiling and use two diapers whenever possible to help sop up additional wetness.
Name: Talya
Country: canada

when dealing with an inflamed type of diaper rash were the baby's skin is beet red and slightly raised or swollen, do not use a zinc oxide ointment! this will only make things worse. with this type of diaper rash simply keep the baby's bottom clean and dry, and use absolutely nothing. using an ordinary hair dryer on low and warm will work wonders for this specific type of diaper rash. i suggest a couple of minutes with the blow dryer at each diaper change. you will be absolutely amazed at how quickly the baby's skin will begin to heal.
Name: Talya
Country: canada

sometimes i talk with mothers and they will ask me how do i know when to change my baby's diaper? simple, check. so many incidents of diaper rash is the direct result of mothers and even babysitters not changing diapers regularly. if cloth diapers are being used make a point of checking the baby every 45 minutes to an hour. the most simple way of doing this is to either pull back the front waistband of the rubber pants and look inside, or to lift the baby or child up by one leg much the same as you would when changing diapers, and pull one of the elastic leg holes of the rubber pants out far enough to peer inside the diapers. with disposable diapers simply unfasten one of the tabs to open the diaper up. diaper checking is important so don't forget to incorporate it into your daily baby care routine in your home.
Name: Talya
Country: canada

when it comes to diaper rash, laundry detergent can often be one of the culprits. cloth diapers not properly rinsed will often still have a soap residue attached to the cotton fibres, which in itself can cause diaper rash. double rinsing or even better, a half cup of regular white vinegar added to the rinse cycle of your washing machine when laundering cloth diapers will help neutralize and eliminate any left over soap residue left behind. and do note, it may take a couple of washings to remove a build up of detergent in your baby's cloth diapers if you haven't used vinegar before.
Name: Talya
Country: canada

rubber pants are also culprit to diaper rash, and hear is one way to disinfect rubber pants from diaper rash causing bacteria. keep a separate diaper pail for rubber pants only. when it's time to wash a load of rubber pants, add (one) table spoon of regular chlorine bleach to the wash water. this will help sterilize diaper rash causing bacteria and eliminate all those germs hiding out within the soft stretchy elasticized openings of the rubber pants. i also recommend "cycling" rubber pants in your home. this is done by using two or three pairs of rubber pants throughout the day, but never using the same pair of rubber pants consecutively. example: when you change your baby rinse out the rubber pants you removed from their diapers and hang them up on the clothesline. while those rubber pants are airing out and drying, you will begin using the second pair of rubber pants. keep alternating between the two or three pairs of rubber pants throughout the day and you will find that the occurance of tidemark diaper dermatitis will be less likely in your home.
Name: Sungwoo Jung
Country: china

my baby wears split pants, is it ok to take him out in public with his hinney out for all the world to see, my city prohibits pornographic acts and i do not want my baby to get arrested for these actions since i would feel at fault
Name: AA Diaper Co
Country: argentina

my baby gowes poo poo in his pants alllll dayyyy lawng....
Name: Ami
Country: india

i would like to know how to clean cloth nappies when i haven't got running water-but only water from a there some sort of product to make this chore easy? i live in goa india
Name: Michelle
Country: usa

sometimes i urn out of clean diapers and put my toddler in just a pair of rubber pants till i can get some diapers on him. is this ok for a little while, its the only way to save the furniture till his cloths are dry?

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