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Different Types of Stools

newborn-care Bowel and Bladder Movements
Parents are often startled on seeing different coloured stools of their newborn. This is not a cause of concern generally. Different colour and texture of stools is due to different factors such as baby's diet or mother's diet and so on. Read on to clear some doubts.

I find myself discussing my baby's stools!

It is amazing how the bowel movements of a newborn baby can be the topic of endless speculation and discussion. Is it too little, too much, too often, not often enough? You speculate about the colour and the texture. It does not help to compare babies. No two babies will be alike in this respect. Your baby's stool will differ from day to day and may even from movement to movement as her diet gets more varied. Here are some answers to those oft-asked questions. 

My baby's stool is greenish-black

The first time you change your baby's nappy you may be quite startled to see that her stool is greenish black. This is no cause for alarm and is actually quite normal. What you are seeing is meconium, a tarry greenish-black substance that gradually fills the baby's intestines during her stay in the mother's womb. The fact that the meconium is in your baby's nappy is a good sign indicating that her bowels are unobstructed. 

My baby's stool is dark greenish-yellow

All the meconium (a tarry greenish-black substance) should be passed sometime after the first 24 hours. Now what you will see will be transitional stools, which are dark greenish yellow and loose, sometimes 'seedy' in texture (particularly among breastfed infants) and may occasionally contain traces of mucus. There may even be traces of blood, which is probably the result of the baby swallowing some of the mother's blood during the delivery. To be on the safe side, save any nappy containing blood to show to the doctor. Transitional stools usually continue for a period of three or four days. 

My baby's stool is black

If the formula is iron-fortified, or if the baby is taking vitamin drops with iron, the stool may be green, greenish, dark brown or black. In some children, the reaction between the normal bacteria of the gastrointestinal tract and the iron sulfate in a supplement causes the stool to turn dark brown, greenish or black. Studies have shown that iron does not increase digestive discomfort.  If your baby has black stools and is not taking a supplement or a formula with iron, check with the doctor.

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.12 months ago
my son 4 months old his stool is black and gray color, is it normal?
.12 months ago
my son 4 months old his stool is black and gray color, is it normal?
Supriya Kumari.1 year ago
My baby is 2 months old and doing too much poo is it normal........and he is breastfeeding ......
ammo noppi.1 year ago
my 3 months old baby passess motion in green-blackish colour mixed with pale yellow colour motion after taking liv 52.since 2 days she is passing motion only once.before passing the motion she cries.normally she doesn't cry.once she passed motion normally in pale yellow colour.And on the previous day she passed motion in orange yellowish mixed colour she is on bottle feed.using similac advance.Is there anything wrong with my baby?do i need to worry?
.2 years ago
my 4month old baby boy doing loss motion of green color at day 3 to 4 time.
Prasenjit Sadhu.2 years ago
My baby is 9 days old and not having any medicine.Only breast feeding.
But her stool is Dark Black.
Please suggest whether I need to go for doctor's checkup or not?
MMMM.2 years ago
Dear XXXX,
My baby started having loose stools from the 7th day of his birth. He was initially lactogen-fed and was also fed mother’s milk from 4th day of birth. As he passed more than 15 stools per day, we took him to a pediatric doctor. Routine examination of stool was suggested, nothing was detected. On 14th day of his birth again stool R/E and culture were conducted. Pus cell and mucus were present on RE, no growth on culture of stool. The frequency of loose stools was still 8-10 times per day. We took the baby to another experienced pediatric doctor, who asked to repeat the examination 3 days back. We got the report of stool RE which says stool loose, color-yellow, Mucus present, pus cells 5-7 hpf. Today we got the report of stool culture/sensitivity: Salmonella sp. Growth seen after 24 hrs of incubation at 37 degree temp. The salmonella is resistant to Amicacin and Amoxycillin, but is sensitive to ofloxacin, ciprofloxacin, ceftraxone and cefixime. Today the baby is of 1.5 month, 3.3 kg (same as birth weight). Which medicine and at what dose for how many days should I give him?
Thank you for your response.

pooja.3 years ago
My child's stool is very loose, what to do??
Kim.3 years ago
I have observed green stools in my baby...what to do?
.3 years ago
hey my baby is 3 months old and c is getting loose motion... i donno how to handle it..since i have read all the comments can any1 suggest me what to do please..
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