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Kanya (Virgo) The Maiden

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Do you want to know distinct features of people born under Kanya rashi? Kanya rashi is also known as Virgo in Latin. Read on to find more about the lucky numbers, lucky days and many other things about people born under Kanya rashi according to Hindu astrology.

Discrimination and focus are the two attributes that characterize the Kanya jataka. The manner in which they deal with their personal desires, gives an insight into their character. They can deal with a situation with a laser-like focus while at the same time; there can be a marked prudishness is their passion.

Signs of people born under the Kanya rashi

A Critical Critic

The Kanya can be a brutal critic. The individual can be exceptionally critical as judges and can instantly decide on what is wrong. This is true in relation to a given person, situation or environment. Their sense of judgment is their greatest asset and criticism comes to them naturally. Their mental process do not have very creative bent but they are often rescued from the most challenging and the trickiest of situation due to their ability of razor-sharp thinking.

A Sharp Picker

The Kanya is well adept in separating the unwanted shaft from the wheat. This means that that they know how to dissociate the materials that are not worthwhile from those that are really necessary. They know how to differentiate between the good and the bad. Cleanliness comes with a paradox!

Most of the Kanya jatakas are found to be very particular about cleanliness. There is an interesting paradox working out here. On one hand the Virgo is crazy about keeping every thin clean and in order around him, on the other hand you can well discover a messy closet or a stack of debris under their bed. Somehow they are also attached to the clutter as well!

Strife for Perfection

These people also have a persistent desire to be perfect in all their actions. They strive to be perfect. This works in their favor when they seek employment. Recruiters get easily attracted to their zeal for zeal for perfection and desire for improvement. They are never shabby in their presentations and this also wins them a lot of followers. Performance and efficiency is very important to them.

They Need to Just Mellow Down

The Kanya can also be very fastidious. Since they cannot be satisfied so easily, they can often find themselves in a situation where they end up limiting their interactions and experiences even before they actually take place. People around them often feel that Virgos can become better companions if they are able to be less severe in their criticisms, whether pertaining to themselves or others.

A Good Analyzer

This character trait of being overtly critical somehow lies in the fact that the key planet of the Kanya. It is mercury, the planet that symbolizes our thoughts and the manner in which they get expressed. Mercury also takes care of the language house. Since it revolves around the sun in the fastest amongst the rest of the planets, the discriminating behavior can be considered to have stemmed in from there too. Most of the discrimination that the Virgo ends up making is intellectual in nature. The Kanya critically analyses every bit of information that enters his mind.

Very grounded

Since the key element of the Kanya is Earth, they are seldom found to resort in fantasy. They always have their feet firmly on the ground. Their basic sensibilities make them excellent critics and therefore good advisors as well.

Thoughts and feelings are often found to take a back seat with the Kanya. They are more prone to giving importance to sensation and instant gratification of desires. They go through practical analysis as they see to believe. They use their mental as they discern what the best possible alternative in a given situation is.

Baby Names According to Kanya (Virgo) Rashi

Kanya (Virgo) Rashi Letters: P, TTH, NN

If your baby is born under Kanya rashi, you can name your baby with P, TTH or NN. You can find names like Palak, Nirali, Naman, Paxal under this sign for your baby girl or baby boy with Kanya rashi. For more baby names for Kanya rashi, you can visit's baby names section.

Kanya Facts:

  • Positive qualities - They are disciplined, methodical, expressive of their thoughts and usually quiet.
  • Negative qualities - They can be petulant, critical and suffer from a narrow outlook towards different situations and people.
  • Auspicious day - Wednesday
  • Fortunate numbers - 5, 14, 23, 32, 41, 50
  • The colors that suits Kanya - Orange, White, Grey, Yellow, Mushroom color
  • Auspicious stones - Topaz
  • Preferred talisman - The Key, The Owl, The Tau, The bamboo and serpent
  • Famous Kanyas - M.F. Hussain, Shabana Azmi

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