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Thread: Obsessive about eating oil free food

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    Obsessive about eating oil free food

    My 13 yr old daughter has lately become too conscious of her weight. She avoids all fatty food and even avoids any type of oil in her food. I agree that oily food is not healthy but I think she is going in extremes. It think she is suffering from eating disorder, are my concerns right?

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    your daughter indeed is suffering from an eating disorder. Not all fats are unhealthy or lead to weight gain. Fats are essential for proper functioning of the body and also for maintaining glowing skin. Try to explain her that eating healthy is important but being too obsessive is detrimental for health. You should also give her healthy food so that she knows that you are with her.

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    you must guide your daughter. She needs to have food from all food groups and this includes fats also. Fats are very essential for maintaining brain function. It is also helpful for maintaining a healthy body and for normal functioning of all the organs. Restricting fats from such a young age will be detrimental for her health. It can lead to many problems such as hair fall and so on. Please as a parent, you must guide her and show her the right path.

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    One of my friend encountered the similar habits in her daughter's nature. She was deep down obsessed with the oil free as well as sugar free foods. My Friend then consulted a lady doctor from Cloundnine hospital. I remember her daughter develop some eating disorder from her peers. After a proper consultation she is now doing well.

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