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Whats in a name? ... A hunt for a unique name for someone unique

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You have never heard the name of someone with all your attention if you have not named your baby. The first two trimesters of my pregnancy have passed. Or rather went amazingly well. I had heard about the throwing up or the constant tiredness or the feeling of fatigue. Well, these things have never been for me. The second trimester was a piece of cake (literally! Since, I have developed a craving for it!). There have been ultrasound, medications, advices, recommendations and the dos and donts. So far so good, right. And then I happen to attend the first birthday party of a cute little girl. Her parents, who are our neighbors, have named her Alisha. Mesmerized by the choice, I too want to name the little bundle of joy growing inside me.

Hence, as soon as I and my hubby are back from the party I share my thoughts with him. He shows himself to be equally excited and the next day I see him with a list of names downloaded from his laptop (Father, you know). Just enjoying I share this news with my other family members too. And this is where the entire story starts:-

My parents

This is really normal now a day to call my mumma for every little thing. So, she is not taken aback by my enthusiasm (I am still her little girl!). She and my father suggest that the name should be small and meaningful. Since, there is a lot of probabilities of us shifting to the States, hence, it should be easy to speak is their concern. This leaves me crossing out all the long names. And I am left with a few very small ones.

My in-laws

I have a very creative in law family (Blessed! I tell you). There is my father in law who has a major in music. Hence, he suggested the names of all the music maestros. My mother in law is a fantabulous cook and an ardent book lover. So, you know what amazing names she must have suggested. And me the soon to be mother, is still not able to come to that one conclusion. Finding a name is a cake walk for me.

His siblings, my siblings

Of course, thanks to the whatsapp group on my mobile, and I have all the time in the world that I am in all the family groups. It goes beyond saying that they have recommendations too. So I open my mobile and have a plethora of option for it. But conclusion still seems miles away.

My husband, Mr. Always right

I had read somewhere that your parents always come out with the best decision for you. I believed in them when they chose the Mr. Right for me. There have been innumerable moments and days in our five years of married life, that this has been elucidated. And just when I was drowning in the confusion, he came up with the name Saatvik if its a boy and Sagarika if its a girl. Bingo! I was reminded of the story of a brother sister, which I read some years ago. I had told him then, what nice names these are. Kudos to him for remembering this little news I shared with him.

So, now that the name of the greatest blessing of our life is finalized, I am on another spree. What will be the nickname? While I search for the same, happy parenting to all of you! If you have some nice ideas for the nicknames do share with me!

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