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Helping my child deal with exam pressure

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I love to read the newspapers in the morning. In fact, even with a super busy schedule, I have 30 minutes kept aloof to pursue it. However, now a day I somehow want to skip most of the news. It is because most of the time the newspapers are brimming with suicide cases of children. These children are of tender years of 16 or 17. It is downright disheartening to read this news. The kids are doing this more often than ever. There is one trend which is being observed and that is, that these cases occur during examination time. The children are either appearing for their 10th or 12th class exams. It is then that they are unable to handle the pressure of exams, and they take this big step. It is really sad. It is heartbreaking. It is indeed shocking.

Hence, when my teenage son, reached his class 10th I started following some simple Golden rules. I sincerely hope that you are benefitted by them:-

  1. 1. Spend quality time- If your child is in class 10th you can well imagine how less time he gets off. There are classes at school, there are coaching classes and there is the study, he needs to pursue at home. Hence, it becomes imperative on our part, to spend some quality time with him. Simply ask him what was taught in the class. In this quality time you are spending with him, do not talk just about books. As a family share some light moments with him. It will provide some really nice experience to him.

  2. 2. Let him make his time table- you need to let him make his time table. It is his life. It is his way of studying. It is a probability that you studied getting up early in the morning. However, he might be able to memorize better at night. So, give him this freedom. As a parent, you can definitely guide him for the same.

  3. 3. Spend time with friends- If he spends some time with his friends, it is alright. Let him do that. It is bound to provide him with cheerfulness. Do not keep nagging him about this. Let him have a good time with them.

  4. 4. Spend time in co curricular activities- there may be the sport he likes or an activity which makes him happy. If he wants to pursue the same even during the exam, it is alright. There are some activities which help in distress the child. It will make him study better.

  5. 5. Be positive- whenever you talk to your child, be positive. Talk to him, that even if he does not get good grades it is alright. This is not the end of the world. And then motivate him to get good grades. Your continuous pestering will take your childs future to the ground. It will have a negative impact on his mentality. Do not let this happen to your darling daughter or sweet son.

  6. 6. Weekend getaways- If possible take him to a nice place, once in two months. It will help him to feel rejuvenated. Dont you, get stressed working all day? He is in the same boat (really!).

Follow the above rules for a happy and distressed life. It is not your childs success which is important. It is him living happily which is imperative. Scolding him for less marks, insulting him or comparing him, will lead to nowhere. In order to avail a happy future for your child, encourage him, talk to him and motivate him.
Happy parenting! All the best!

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