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Tips on Feeding Fussy Children

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Calcium-rich Foods

  • Milk and milk products are an important source of energy, proteins, calcium and vitamins.  A child must have about 1/2 litre of milk products per day. 
  • A child below five years should be given milk and not skimmed milk.

Appetite-spoiling Foods

  • Heavy snacks between meals should be avoided as they spoil the child's appetite. It is better to offer him fruits and sandwiches instead of cakes and chocolates.
  • You should control your child's intake of sweets, biscuits, chocolates, cakes, colas, etc. because sugar is a major cause of tooth decay. It is always better to give juices instead of colas.

Tips for Fussy Eaters

  • If your child is a fussy eater, try to make his meals more attractive by giving him foods like milkshake, pudding, ice-creams etc.
  • If your child is a poor eater, invite some other children over during mealtimes who are of the same age and are good eaters.
  • If your child is fit and healthy, and is growing and gaining weight as expected, do not fuss about his eating.
  • Avoid getting into a battle at meal times. Mealtimes should be enjoyable and you should talk about things other than food.

Tips for Overweight Children

  • If your child is over weight, reduce the use of cooking oil. Instead of frying, grill or bake the food.

Cooking Tips for Mothers

  • Use less of sugar, salt and refined flour (maida or all-purpose flour) preparations.
  • Unpolished rice or par-boiled rice is better than polished rice.
  • Do not overcook vegetables, they lose their nutritive value.
  • Do not cook fruits since the essential vitamin C is lost.
  • The skin of many vegetables is rich in vitamins and minerals, so offer fresh fruits to the child with their skins.
  • Wherever possible, use jaggery instead of sugar, since it is very high in iron.
  • Avoid adding too much spice.


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Sri.5 months ago
Try Nutreat kids which is specially designed for fussy eaters with rice, cereals & dry fruits which provides your kid the necessary nutrition. Moreover it is complete natural & homemade style, ready to cook. These products are available online.Hope Nutreat could help you.................Happy parenting.........:)
anonymous.2 years ago
maybe this receipe helps
Vishesh.2 years ago
Perfect tips to cultivate good healthy eating habits.
Suhana.6 years ago
really cool tips. keep up indiaparenting!
poonam.6 years ago
thanks for such a nice tips
give some recipes for childern
jyothi.6 years ago
honey is best for children
tamarasmum.6 years ago
you have tips for overweight children...what about the underweight child
suchitra.6 years ago
really good tips give
some more details.
zahirah.6 years ago
really good tips!=)especially for new moms...
madhu.6 years ago
thanks for the cool tips
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