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 Frequently Asked Questions

Q: The latest ultrasound report shows the due date to be 2 weeks early. What could be the problem? Also if the first child was delivered through a c-section, will she again have the same?

Vishal (Pondicherry, India)

A: The expected date of delivery is calculated by using various parameters of the baby's body parts. So depending on the baby's size, the EDD is calculated. Normally a standard deviation of +/ - 2 weeks is taken into consideration. You will have to compare this report with the earlier reports to know if baby is growing well. Whether normal or caesarean, will depend on the size of the baby in relation to the mother's pelvic size & the course of labour.

Dr. Asha Paranjpe

Q: How does the 3d sonography look like? Is it very clear?

Seema (Pondicherry, India)

A: 3D sonography looks like a photograph & is much more clearer.

Dr. Asha Paranjpe

Q: When I went to see my obstetrician yesterday, I had an ultrasound done. She said the baby was sleeping on its face. What does that mean and is that dangerous

Madhu (Pondicherry, West Indies)

A: You have not mentioned the weeks of pregnancy. Anyway the baby's position keeps changing until 36 weeks of pregnancy.

Dr. Asha Paranjpe

Q: I will complete 5 months this week I want to know whether I have to undergo an ultra-scan now to know if my baby's organs are fine or in the seventh month?

Anjali (Mumbai, India)

A: You should do an ultrasound now to see is the baby is healthy & growing well. Do not wait until the 7th month.

Dr. Asha Paranjpe

Q: My wife is 7 month pregnant. She has to undergo ultrasound tests very frequently as she has a very high risk pregnancy. How harmful are ultrasound tests for unborn babies?

Suresh (Delhi, India)

A: Ultrasounds are not dangerous at all, and pose no risk to the foetus.

Dr. Asha Paranjpe

Q: I am expecting and am 20 weeks pregnant. I recently went for a scan and everything was normal. What is a biparietal diameter? What is normal for a 20 week foetus?

Sasha (Delhi, Kano )

A: This is the distance between 2 parietal (skull) bones. It measures the growth of the baby's head. The total growth is important, not just the biparietal diameter.

Dr. Purnima

Q: My wife is pregnant. We had an ultrasound, and the doctor said that she had a low lying placenta, so we should not have sex. Could you please explain the problem, and also inform us of any other precautions that need to be taken?

Sham (Bangalore, India)

A: As the placenta is low lying, it is close to the mouth of the uterus, so any slight trauma to that area can cause separation and bleeding from the placenta which can be life-threatening to the foetus. Hence, it's just a precaution, but one should abstain from sex.

Dr. Asha Paranjpe

Q: An ultrasound at 26 weeks has shown two clubbed feet and possibly hands that are clubbed. A cardio test has been ordered for the baby even though the heart appears normal. What can I expect? Where can I find information on the hand problem - it seems the fingers were not moving.

S Mehra (Devon, Canada)

A: It is advisable to be in touch with a geneticist who would tell you what the clubbed feet involved and also any other detailed investigation that has to be carried out for the baby. Go ahead with the Cardio Test as suggested. Where the hands are concerned it so happens that occasionally the hands may not move during the procedure of doing sonography. When repeated you may look for hand movements. But clubbed feet is a problem your geneticist would be in the best position to guide you.

Dr. Mansukhani

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