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Small Feotus
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 Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I am in my 36th week of pregnancy and all tests suggest a normal pregnancy. My gynac feels the baby is slighty small (31cms). Though he says there is nothing to be worried about, has asked me to take another sonography test. I am confused and worried and would like a second opinion.

Sarika (Mumbai, India)

A: Do not worry. Eat well. Have plenty of proteins and liquids and repeat the sonography after one week. Is your BP okay? All will be okay.

Q: I am six weeks pregnant. But today my gynaecologist told me that the size of the baby is 13mm, which looks like a 5 weeks size. According to him, the baby is not growing at the required size. He feels that the baby is very small and that I have a high risk of miscarriage. I am very worried.

Jalpa Aiyar(Jakarta, Indonesia (Mumbai, )

A: You should repeat the sonography again. Also do a blood test of the beta HCG which will indicate if the pregnancy is growing well or not.

Dr. Asha Paranjpe

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