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Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder
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 Frequently Asked Questions

Q: My son is almost 3 and has not started talking yet. I have just admitted him in play school but he has not adjusted very well. He, basically is a loner, does not like to play/interact with anyone, even with his elder brother. When corrected about anything, he simply rolls on the floor and starts screaming (she does this in school too). I do not know if he really doesn't understand or if he is simply showing his frustration as is unable to express himself. He does say a few words to tell me what he wants like water, milk, chocolate, coke, dress, shoes, etc, but he doesn't say mama or dada. Is this normal or do I need to press the panic button? I did try taking him to a Speech Therapist here in Goa but I was not very happy. When I try to seat him down near me and try to teach her a few words he refuses to pay attention and runs off. Otherwise he is very affectionate. What should I do? Is there any place in Goa where I can get help?

Vanshikha (Goa, India)

A: It would be very difficult to opine with regard to your child unless I have the following information: 1. Were his motor milestones age-appropriate head support, sitting, standing? 2. Are you a working mother? 3. Is there any history of late communication in your family? 4. Does he really comprehend age-appropriate spoken language (without the use of gestures from your side)? 5. Is the child's spoken vocabulary increasing every month? 6. Is there any medical history of illnesses during your pregnancy or during birth or in the child since birth? 7. Has he been exposed to one language or to multiple languages?

Speech Pathologist Mrs. Maya S

Q: Thank you for your reply. The answer to your questions are: 1. Yes, his motor milestones were definitely age appropriate. There was never anything of concern then. 2. No, I am not a working mother. 3. No, there is no history of late communication in my family. My elder son who is now 5, started speaking at the age of 1.5 years, and by the age of 2.5 he could recite complete nursery rhymes! 4. He doesn't comprehend a lot. If I try to make him focus on something he just ups and runs off. Why? Is it because he cannot understand or he does not want to? He understands simple instructions, but very often does not do what he is told. He hates to be corrected. 5. Yes, I would say that his vocabulary is increasing ever since school has started. He does try and repeat nursery rhymes taught in school although he mispronounces most words. But apart from wanting to ASK for something he never says anything else. I would like to stress that ever since he started his speech, almost 99% of it is gibberish. 6. Yes. Throughout both my pregnancies I suffered from high BP and was kept on drugs from the 5th month onwards. 7. No, she has not been exposed to any other language besides English. At times we feel that he is quite a sensible child. He is very independent and hates anyone trying to help him. He insists on doing things himself.

Vanshikha (Goa, India)

A: You should definitely seek professional advice for your son. He probably has poor concentration and very often these children are known as hyperactive children. He may have attention deficit hyperactive disorder (ADHD) or a moderate degree of hearing loss. His tantrums could be a result of frustration that nobody understands him. An ADHD can be confirmed only through direct observation and assessment by a psychologist/psychiatrist and a hearing problem can only be confirmed by a speech pathologist. There is one speech pathologist in Goa by the name Mrs. Madhvi Rajiadhaksha

Speech Pathologist Mrs. Maya S

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