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You are here : home > Manners and Discipline > The Hyperactive Child > Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) > Comments


Name: santosh wankhade
Country: India
Sir i m sering soilder. I am father of 7 yr old boy pl tell me is there of any good school in new delhi near dhola kuwa, delhi cant

Name: vaishali
Country: India
I am mother of 7 yr old adhd boy.pls tell me is there of any good school in navi mumbai or kharghar?

Name: steffi
Country: India
hi guys i dont know how to react i was taking addwise for almost 7 years but from the past 3 years i stopped, due to this i ve put on almost 30kgs of weight. I want to know if this is the reason for my weight gain

Name: Ritu Jain
Country: India
Hi,my son is 8 yrs old n is diagnosed with multiple disability n ADHD.he is on medicine inspiral.can u please suggest slow learners School or any help centre for him in. Jaipur

Name: sri
Country: India
please tell us the doctor who can deal with adhd children better in andhra pradesh.

Name: sri
Country: India
my daughter is 18 having adhd. she is on methylphenedate. but aggressive nature and impulsivity are not getting controlled. please advise. she is intelligent.

Name: Narendra Shah
Country: India
Help available to ADHD children through structured supplementary education & theraputic methods at "PROMISE PERSONALITY DEVELOPMENT FOR KIDS" foe more details call toll free No. 18001 03 02 01 .

Name: parvathy.viswanath
Country: India
Children with ADHD would benefit from structured programme and theraputic optimus Education centre at 9444960643 for more details on ADHD and support services

Name: SP
Country: India
More information on ADHD.. http://scientol ogyagainstdrug m/2008/02/17/i s-adhd-logical

Name: swami
Country: India
these days teachers donot have patience. they wait for an opportunity to classify a child into add when actually the fact is they cannot the childhood pranks. pharma medico lobbies have brought so many new kinds of syndromes where none exists.

Name: Katarina
Country: England
can anyone help to diagnose if my 6month old son has adhd? here are the symptoms: -crying a huge amount, even in my lap - occasionally even on the nipple(!)never really content or happy -almost impossible to soothe. -body usually stiff, as if standing, even when i hold him. -vocalizing constantly (when not crying) -muscular and mobile -advance motor skills - crawling at 4 months as well as pulling self up to stand. always on the move. -gets into a 'killing rage' almost, if say i'm eating icecream, biscuit or whatever - pulls my arm to put it in his mouth and gets devestated if i say 'no'. all this is adhd or not?

Name: rk dubey
Country: India
i am looking for help on adhd in kolkata

Name: Igivit
Country: USA
i saw a pediatrician here in the states and he tld me that you can not truly evaluate a child at that young age, i have a son who is diagnosed with adhd and he has had it for over two years and is currently on two varios drugs, but now that i have taken him to this pediatrican and he has taken him off of meds and has me maintainng him on a low sugar diet and he has been doing quite well.

Name: neeraj
Country: India
can anybody guide me if there are any good doctors available in nagpur for adhd (child as well as adult)

Name: Krishnan
Country: India
there are medicines available in india for add. please consult a child neurologist for the same. if the confirmed the disorder the will prescribe for the medicine.

Name: S. MENON
Country: India
how do i diagnose if my 10 month baby is an adhd. he is very hyperactive, does not stop doing / moving, playing till till he sleeps. was a premature baby by 3 months and is crawling, and holding things and walking now. is there an early intervention programme at this stage?

Name: christina christina
Country: England
i have been researching as my son and myself have adhd and have found that sleep apnoea could be an underlying cause in adhd. both present same problems., a nother reason could be food allergies. my son and i have both.

Name: Ashok V Shetty
Country: India
i would like to know more about adhd.i would also highly appreciate if you can give me the addresses or the contact nos of the psychiatrist or physitherapist in mumbai so that i can contact them. i would also like to have the email id of the parents who are tying to search answers.

Name: kalpesh M.CHHAYA
Country: India
i would like to go for more case studies in touch with indian child in common.i also would like to discuss the matter regarding how the adhd be taken seriously in indian schools .what can be the measures to enforce it in school curriculum and system.

Name: Shikha
Country: India
my child 3 years old has adhd . i am looking for school in delhi which can help her

Name: DR. V. P. SINGH
Country: India
i would like to know more about adhd.actualy my son 5 year old suffrinf from adhd.i would also highly appreciate if you can give me the addresses or the contact nos of the physitherapist in delhi and ahmedabad so that i can contact them. kindly suggest any ayurvedic medicine for cureing this disese

Name: Narula
Country: India
does addwize has any side affects. my son is on medication for last 6 months and is there anything like drug holiday.

Name: vanaja ravindran
Country: India
we have a child 10 years old diagonised with adhd. we were afraid to give medicine and were trying only therapy. he seemed to improve but in school he performed poorly. now we are advised to give addwize. can somebody tell whether this will have any side effect? whether academically will he improve?

Name: raj
Country: India
i am suffering from adhd from past 28 years, i am on medication from past 2 weeks, doc has advised me to take addwize, i just feel that i am feeling drowsiness, and no change, every minute am dying, please help me

Country: England
i do agree with linda from usa and havovi from india .i am a doctor here and come across lots of children with this problem daily .

Name: vanaja ravindran
Country: India
this site is realy very informative for parents like us. i wish many teachers also read all these! is there schools or teachers in bangalore (india) who can handle both regular portions and take special lessons on spelling, reading and writing for children with adhd problems?

Name: Answer to Query of Mr. Ashok V. Shetty
Country: India
dear mr. ashok v. shetty for adhd disorders in mumbai, you may contact dr. vrajesh udani, a leading neuroloist. he practises at hinduja hospital, mahim, mumbai. may god be with you.

Name: vanaja ravindran
Country: India
there is a school called "shristi special academy" (url by the same bangalore where wonderful teachers are availble for treating adhd children.

Name: Mukshiv
Country: India
my son is 4 yrs old and he is hyper active he is on addwize medicine. i am looking for a school where i can enrol him in east delhi in delhi please held

Name: Neeraj
Country: India
im father of a 6 year old adhd child. is there a good boarding school for adhd children anywhere in india?

Name: amk
Country: India
is there any school in chennai for adhd children (class vi onwards) ?

Name: Grama
Country: USA
to katerina, your baby's problem sounds more to me like "colic" which is gas on the stomach. there are medicine drops for that which can help a lot. i do not know how old these message boards are so, maybe you have gotten an answer already. also, i had a grand daughter who had those same symptoms from birth and she was diagnosed with autusm. it doesn't sound at all like adhd.

Name: dr.n.sivakumar
Country: India
homoeopathy and bach flower therapy are the best solutions to treat adhd affected children. a short duration course with a reputed homoeopath will defenitely change the child behaviour.

Name: Uday
Country: India
my son was diagnosed adhd when he was in play school. he was prescribed arkamin. now he is an adolcent but hs become aggressive and poor in studies. can any one suggest where i can take him for treatment and also a suitable school where they can give him special attention

Name: sohan
Country: India
my both sons (5 years and one year) are addh.i myself had been addh. but i came to know this fact when one of my doctor friends predicted my elder son to be addh. after researching on the topic, i came to know that i had been suffering all the way since birth. the entire feel is that addh kids are intelligent, but lacks in concentration. i have seen /experienced that teaching small kids through personal interaction rather than books pays more dividend. can anybody help me to tell me as to where can i find addh medications in delhi?

Name: Uday
Country: India
we are in bangalore.

Name: arjun
Country: India
hello...i am 10 years old and am unable to remember spellings. my teachers tell me my comprehensive skills are very poor. my mum says i have a symtom called adhd and we both will work at getting rid of it. i go to a very good school-my teachers are lvoely and are helping me. can u please tell my mom names of some good neurological paeditricians or child pysychiatrists in mumbai whom we can consult? also can u let me know a good remedial school in mumbai eapecially in the andheri west area?

Name: anita
Country: India
my 10 year old son suffers from adhd. can you please let me know of good remedial schools in mumbaiespecially in the andheri west area. thanks

Name: mathews
Country: USA
dear readers you have to understand the real concept of add or adhd. as kids grow up slowly this problem will fade away. so don't push your child to the extent to do everything like the normal kids. give them time. encourage them. there is no use in punishing them. actually if you see most of the scientists,doctors and engineers have had add or adhd in their childhood. similarly find out your child's interest and coach him in that area. definitely he or she will shine up in future. there are medications for this . consult you psychiatrist or psychologist to prescibe ridalin or ridalin rs or concerta. don't give your hope. your child will definetly come up in life. i have 3 children who had adhd and now they are all doctors and computer professionals

Name: aswath
Country: India
he is a child of 4 years. still he is not talking.. he is adament characterised. getting tensed often.. what treatment can we give him. plz give an idea about adhd treatments.. if any hospitals available at tamil nadu& bangalore.

Name: ADHD
Country: India
my nephew , aged 5 years is been diagioned having adhd. he is very hyperactive.keeps on talking, walking from here and there non stop and sometimes we wonder that he is not tired at all. also he has the problem "keratakonous". i request if somebody suggest me how we can handle him , to what kind of school to admint as he is adhd and has also problems with his eye sight. many thanks.. hari krishna

Name: Saba
Country: India
our child is 5 years old and he is very hyperactive, cannot seat or stand at one place. we are looking for a school in delhi. a boarding or day boarding. if anyone has information about this type of school in delhi. awaiting with great hope.

Name: Pranav
Country: india
my child is 5 years old & diagnosed adhd & undergoing treatment for this kind of syndrom .could any one suggest me the teacher /school in pune improve his behavier & learning disability

Name: Amy
Country: USA
to whomever said adhd will fade away with age is completely mistaken. i am 33 and have adhd. if i do not take my meds, i am unable to focus and cannot get my life together. nothing gets accomplished. it is both a frustrating and depressing feeling when everything in your life feels out of your control. how do you hold down a job? raise a family? i lost many jobs b4 being diagnosed because of inability to follow through with things. apparently the same meds are not available in all parts of the world as the u.s. i am taking adderall xr (extended release) and it has changed my life. i am now going back to college and can actually learn! i would encourage anyone with adhd out there to look into adderall. it is far different from ritalin - less up and down side effects. good luck to everyone out there. i feel for you!

Name: pramod
Country: qatar
dear sir, my name is pramod, my elder son now six years old, but he was not able to speech and write doctores said that this is mild autisum, do you have any faclty, for this type of children, he under stand very well and obey our instructions. please help me thanks pramod

Name: Manu
Country: india
hi all, as every one is sharing, we have a kid of 6yrs and he is very active and not able to control him. he will be roaming all over the house and will keep on doing one or the other things. he is not able to speak but he understoods what ever we tell him and he responses for that. at present we are consulting a doctor and they are advised to go for addwize tablets for 3 months. i need some informations regarding how to develop these guys to learn all the social behaviours, reading and writing etc etc. is there any schools are there for this kind of kids? normally doctors will tell not to send this type of kids to mentally retarded schools? what to do ..give your suugesstion.. i am also planning to form a group with in india and try to consult some one who can really try hard to teach these type of kids..intersted people pls send a mail to me.

Name: sita
Country: canada
my son is 7 yr old and he is diagnised with adhd he is on ritalin right now i want to know if this has any side effects and is there any natural medicine for this so that he can be calm and concentrate if u know please let me know

Name: inder
Country: india
hi ! i would like to know how does adhd develops and is it a heredity ??? coz i feel i have adhd and i have 2 months old baby, who is very active. and wants to know will it be developed for baby girl also. please help.

Name: Yogesh
Country: india
dear sir, my nepheu is hyper active. can you suggest any school near to nagpur.

Name: ramya
Country: usa
i have been reading the letters lately on adhd and parents quetions, why dont you all form a parent support group for adhd, nationally, aim being educating, discussing the common problm you may all share, and knowing about the resources to help you all living in india

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