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You are here : home > Raising Children > Social Relationships in Children > Peer Pressure > Comments


Name: Kayla
Country: usa
people are so cruel you need to be you and don't worry about what people say

Name: Zebra
Country: france
peer pressure is bad, people say that peer pressure is a natural thing in life. true, but do we have to go through it? god doesn't make us suffer through this, it's not needed in life. i wish everyone just got along all together. i'm sure a play of peer pressure would be great! it would show other our feelings and we can think up a way to prevent it, i wish it could be prevented, i think it can.... through i could be wrong. regardless, god is the only one who can help you through.

Name: Anthony
Country: usa
peer pressure is not all need to know what is bad and what's good, but don't let your peer's take control of your life

Name: steephanie
Country: usa
peer pressure is all not bad and if a friend is peressuring you then thre not a true friend then you shoulldgive them up and standup foryourseelf!!!! !!

Name: Kevin
Country: usa
peer pressure can effect you, but don't let it take over your life and don't let kids make fun of your looks,clothes,and acts.

Name: ashley
Country: usa
people need to avoid all negtive peer pressure because itnot good

Name: Mitchell
Country: canada
hi brad and matt

Name: elizabeth
Country: australia
somepeople are such dickheads and have nothing betta to do with there time but fuck up ur life dont let them stand up for your self and if they dont like you becuase of that than there arsholes and you shouldnt be friends with em n e ways :}

Name: michael
Country: united kingdom
people who force others into doing thinks are wanks the try an force u do lots of things like take drugs an drink an that if u want to do it ,its up to ur self dont let enone else tell u what to do

Name: hairy dick
Country: afghanistan
peer presure is realy good because it gets kids to do stuff that they dont wont to!!!

Name: selene
Country: usa
peer presure prevents young people from becoming themselves at an earlier stage. teens should'nt be subjected to this kind of hurts as it causes them to loose track of who they initially wanted to become. thoes who inf9ict this pressure on other individuals are just weak people on the inside who draw energy on weaker but innocent souls.

Name: yadviga
Country: kazakhstan
i hate peer presure and hi to halle berry and beyonce and usher im stupid

Name: raven
Country: usa
i believe that all these people are right about peer perssure.

Name: rachel
Country: canada
peer preasure is hurtful to highschool ppl always want to belong.this is the piont in ur life were u are to choose who u are and who u want to be.the choce is urs thnk about ur future.

Name: Kayla K. Hucks
Country: usa
peer preasure is wrong, and people shoy=uld like you for who you are not what they want ou to be. peer preasure caused my best friend to hang hisself 3 years ago at conway high school in the basement. so ask yourself is put peer preasure worth hurting someone over?

Name: zaid
Country: canada
pyhagery!!!!!!! !!

Name: Pags
Country: ireland
how r ya? not a bad day.and peer preasure is cool coz i can get her to do stuf she might not want to do

Name: ashly
Country: estonia
dont give in to peer presure it is not worth it!

Name: Angel daniels
Country: barbados
well, i am goin thru a such a ruf patch in skul that i have actually dropped out i do get work sent home but never go out i f i ever go 2 c any of my friends i go to there work to avoid any body else . this all started because im not a girl who goes out thru the week and gets drunk takes drugs or sleeps about, and im very proud of myself for holding my head high and being the person i want tobe and not the person every one else wants me to be!!! just memba,be who yu want to b and believe in yurself !!!!!!!!!!

Name: Becky
Country: usa
i think that peer presure is one of the worst things.i used to fall into alot of peer presure until i got help for myself. peer presure isn't the funnest thing to faqll into. you can get seriousely hurt. be careful who you are friends with and who you hang out with. don't go anywhere that your not supposed to. please take my advice. it can help you alot. you have to want the help in order to get the help.

Name: kincha
Country: latvia
pawpaw to the people who use peerpreasure against girls to get in their pants

Country: usa
look im doing a project. and its on peer presure and i need all the help i need. so if anyone has ever been in an 'peer presure' situation, please comment please

Name: cobra
Country: new zealand
peer presure is not dat bad once u knw da difference b-twn right & wrng....knw whea u stnd in da wrld & situationz.dnt b afraid 2 b urself!!!!!

Name: dea
Country: usa
peer presure is always around you no matter what country, state, or school ur in. dont let people use u.

Name: Mani
Country: canada
there are two kind of peer pressure positive and negative peer pressure. some kids give in to peer pressure because they want to be liked, to fit in, or because they worry that other kids may make fun of them if they don't go along with the group. others may go along because they are curious to try something new that others are doing. the idea that "everyone's doing it" may influence some kids to leave their better judgment, or their common sense, behind. if u want to send me a responce send me at ursgemini@fastem

Name: Seany
Country: madagascar
i like to move it move it wildly yeah oh yeah peer pressure is bad

Name: Delina
Country: usa
there not really your friend if they presssure you to do something you dont want to do.

Name: vats
Country: india
should be avoided as far as possible

Name: Globalsed thinker
Country: singapore
hi , i live in singapore and am studying in an international school where there are 45 different nationalities of students and teacher - chonese , tiwanese , japanese , british , australian , new zelanders , indians , koreans etc etc ..... what the point is is that every individual has his or her cultural and social roots. resarch is what is presenting peer pressure in such a wide spectrum and hilighting so called dangers to worry parents . but as parents , if cultural roots and values are enforced at home , i donot see much chance of a cchild wavering. many parents ,mistaken;y put down habbots of smokng and drinking to modernisation , globalisation and wprse still western influences . why are we asians so ethinocentric ? maybe the whites are just being polite and not talking about the way our culture has influenced their kids. an epitome of our culture influencing the west - i have a classmate who converted to hindusm as he felt that it best-fit his belief system. what does the above anecdote show? enculturisation and aculturisation are only going to increase with globalisation and the barrriers of social class and skin coulor are being demolished. there is a development of s global culture and the only way we can preserve our roots is br reenforcing them.

Country: France

Name: vrida
Country: usa
it is not good to get into peer preasure.

Name: falesha
Country: new zealand
peer presure is bad.....but there r gud points too.ppl should stand up for them selfs and take action.2 many ppl are letting bullies take over their life!

Name: Shinae
Country: usa
i never been under peer presure before but i heard about it before during class.

Name: angel in disguise
Country: Canada
the only person who can preasure u is yourslef.....

Name: Screech
Country: Jamaica
ey mon, peer preasure is 'ery bad mon. i git push into 'oin tings i dunt wont to do... sometime tree time in a row mon. it aint cool mon.

Name: Angel77
Country: Australia
don't worry about it. don't try to be cool it leads you to the wrong way

Name: nataly
Country: U.S.A.
peer preasure is bad

Name: lele
Country: U.S.A.
peer preasure is bad it happened to me once but i never fall for it! you should watch out for it!!!

Name: floyd
Country: South Africa
youth or adults usually come into universities with adifferent set of mind but when they are inside, their minds changes and focuses on all the wrong stuff which they did not come for just because of peer pressure. fogerting that their parents have sacrifised every thing for them to be there.people should not do what they are likely to regret in future.

Name: sama
Country: Costa Rica
peer pressure in some cases isn't bad, but there are other cases when it's very bad, be careful with that!!!

Name: dp
Country: U.S.A.
peer preasure is unavoidable.although we are given the choice to either given in to the preasures right away or we choose to face them later we all give in to some form of peer preasure because were curious. we have to learn from our mistakes. thats what makes us human.

Name: Monik
Country: Peru
well all i can say is that dont be persuade by your friend, couse they will understand you if you dont wanna do something.

Country: U.S.A.
yo whats up all my fans out there i went through it to.

Name: samantha embrey
Country: U.S.A.
hey peer preasure is bad but i love you casey shane mcclanahan

Name: samantha embrey
Country: U.S.A.
hey peer preasure is bad but i love you casey shane mcclanahan

Name: Claire.S.
Country: Canada
hey, i tthink that no matter where you live or how protected you are you will go through peer preasure. but if you know enough about it and what to look for than it will just make it that much easier for you when the opstical comes your way.

Name: BiAnca
Country: U.S.A.
this is what we see that peer pressure is hard for us to get through it but go to god in pray ever night and say you are have a hard time with peer pressure and ask for help to get through it. i hope that you will not have to go with it but do not give in to it. one day i almost gave into it and got kick out of school. but now i am married with one kid and live in my own house. i pray every night letting him now keep me in his hand.

Name: becksterr madielynn
Country: U.S.A.
we are doing a report on peer pressure around the world. we need as much help as we can get! help please!!!

Name: becksterr madielynn
Country: U.S.A.
we are doing a report on peer pressure around the world. we need as much help as we can get! help please!!!

Name: M.G.T.M
Country: U.S.A.
i went through it 2, anyone that goes through it u got 2 help them. :)

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