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You are here : home > Raising Children > Behavioral Problems > Nail Biting > Comments


Name: Gaurang
Country: India
My daughter had the habit of nail biting. After trying with several ideas, we got rid of this habit by applying neem oil in her fingers. She stopped biting her nails in due course. And here I’m happy to say that our daughter’s school Orchids International checks kids’ nails regularly and report to parents in case of uncut or untidy nails.

Name: saturdaysizzle
Country: Australia
nail biting should be checked at the earliest. else there will be kids chewing dirt, nail enamel the works

Name: Holly
Country: USA
our son began biting his nails at age 5. we tried the speech about germs and kept on him but that did not seem to work at all. finally i thought of trying the stuff they sell in the pharmacy to help stop nail biting and it has worked for a year now. the brand we bought is called bite it. all you do is apply it to the nails twice a week. the taste is awful. my son said "mom you don't have to put it on anymore cause i don't bite my nails anymore." i know the reason why he doesn't like the taste.

Country: India
my daughter "kriti", bites he nails constantly as and when she feels bored. no matter how much we pressurise her, scold her or bribe her, there is no change in hr habit. it's a habit easily formed than lost.

Name: sue
Country: USA
my daughter bites her nails and she cannot stop. we have tried bad tasting nail polishes. straws. she wants to quit but cant

Name: solidarity
Country: Other
nail biting is a coping mechanism. there's nothing wrong with it except that the society has a socially-contructed norm that consider it as dirty, unhealthy, unaesthetic and uninviting.

Name: Andrea
Country: USA
by all means, stop nail biting as soon as it begins! i'm 21 years old and have been biting my nails for as long as i can remember. my parents scolded me when i was little, but i enjoyed my habit and secretly indulged in it while they weren't around. now, my nails are thin, mishapen, and have unsightly ridges and rough edges. my cuticles are all ripped and dry and bleed frequently--after i bite all of my nails off i go for the skin around them. my dermatologist and i have been battling a terrible outbreak of warts in my nailbeds, and he blames my nail-biting for their spread. i too have tried over the counter remedies, but the only thing strong enough to stop the habit now is will power that i apparently don't have. i've made a vow never to let my children take up this horrible, disgusting habit.

Name: brehgirl
Country: England
i have recently (as in 2 months ago) stopped biting my nails thnks to a box file which fies, smoothes riges, smoothes nail edges and shines ur nail oo it is exellent....this is the only thing that stopped me cuz i bite them out of annoyance in rough edges,,,,they really get o me nerves but what i wanna know is why ...why do we do it????hmmmmmmmm????

Name: suz
Country: Australia
i been chewing my nails from about 5 yoi can only stop when i have a nail file with me always and a jar to put $2 a day into at the end of the week if i dont bite the nails i get the money to spend on my nailsi wont cheat cos the only one it affects is me..........

Name: RB
Country: England
i've been biting my nails since like forever and ive never really thought much about since now. is it really that big a deal though?

Name: Richard of Canberra Aust
Country: Australia
i am a nail biter and i want to stop! 64 years is long enough. what i want to know is why do we do it? i mean, there are other ways to exhibit worry or stress. why do nail biters do it by biting their nails whilst other people don't? what is the psychological or physiological reason for us to do this? it may be useful to know about the mechanism that prompts this behaviour?

Name: Jennifer
Country: Canada
i'm 32 years old and have been a nail-biter for as long as i can remember. while i have been successful at growing them out in the past, i have always returned to the same bad habit. when i have allowed my nails to grow in the past, they were a relative novelty since there are generally bitten stubs. once thing i've noticed is that even when nails are finally allowed to grow, they will be quite weak and brittle. i find that if i'm on a 'long nail' cycle, i generally like to keep them as long as possible. the problem is, when one breaks or splits, i start picking at it again until they're all pretty muc bitten again. my advice: once you've managed to kick the habit, keep your nails even, smooth, and farily short. this will prevent them from breaking, and will reinforce the habit of cutting and filing nails. if you're still successful after a year, then by all means grow them out. by that time, you should have gotten a handle on your bad habit.

Name: FR
Country: Middleeast
i have been nail biting since i was 5 years old. i'm 33 now and still suffering from this habit. as a lawyer, i always have meetings and find myslef hiding my hands under the table or under the paper so that they cannot be seen. i think its not so important for guys, but for a lady its really important to have nice hands and it is really horrible to have nails like mine!! i have tried and tried and tried to break this habit. i have read so many articles and understood that there is really nothing i can do about it. i think most of what is said here is true. the brain gives the order and the hand goes to your mouth... and you all know what happens next. your parent's harassing you for this does not help either... if anything it makes matters worse. i have been able to give it up from time to time though. the way to do it is to get acrylic nails. its expensive but definitely worth it. try it for about six months and then have them taken off. keep your nails filed and polished after that and it will help. i broke the habit for over 2 years but as soon as 2 of my nails broke i started again! this time i just glued on some artificial nails for 10 days. i've taken them off now and have short nails which i have filed and put on nail polish. i'm ok so really makes me miserable! i wish there was a way to really stop.i sympathise with each and every one of you. :(

Name: You can stop - I did.
Country: USA
i bit my nails until i was 39 years old. i finally stopped when my daughter began to bite her nails because i did. if you make sure to clip them short and keep them filed smooth, it will help. my main tool, though, was thin cotton gloves - i wore them when i watched tv, drove, worked on the computer - anytime i usually bit my nails. the gloves kept me from biting, and after a few weeks, the nails had grown out and, as long as i keep them smooth, i can generally keep them from being bitten. occasionally, i find i've bitten one nail off (usually during some stress), and i immediately clip the rest short and get out the gloves until the bitten one has grown out. i also use a worry stone when my hands need to can be done! keep trying!

Name: Another Mom
Country: USA
my 8-year old daughter bites her nails. our home is happy and healthy also, except that this habit grosses me out so severely that it affects her life adversely. she even gnaws down her toe nails in bed. fingers into the mouth is the number one way to catch a cold or flu, and sticky fingers all over my things transmits all her colds to the rest of the family. she needs expensive dental work and the orthodontist tells me nail biting contributes to her crooked teeth and overbite. we are a family of modest means and braces are so expensive. i would gladly pay and sacrifice more to get her the braces but i am frankly angry that she refuses to stop her contribution to the problem. so, she stops the nail biting if she wants us to pay $10,000 for braces!!!

Name: Sera
Country: Canada
^_^ i have biting my nails practically all my life. my mother will scold me for it, but it's such a hard habbit to break! how can i stop when it feels so stress-relieving? t_t

Name: Gil
Country: Thailand
just wanted to shed some light on your questions. all of this is in the book detailed earlier, or see www.stopyournailbiting.comthe book is also available at trafford publishing (entitled "stop your nail biting!")there has never been a clear scientific or documented medical link between anxiety, stress and nailbiting. there is some support for the theory that it could be learned behavior (from parents for example) or even hereditary (identical twins have a 4x higher nail biting incidence rate than fraternal twins). it might even be leftover behavior from thumb or finger sucking as a child. again, it has never been proven that it stems from anxiety, this may just be a notion that has persisted throughout time without any sound medical support or clinical studies. whatever the cause though, it can easily be cured and the habit broken in just 2 weeks. i know, because i used to bite my own nails horribly! good luck, i will try to answer your questions if you have any. if you have children, please try to quit your habit so that it doesn't take hold in them!

Name: matthew
Country: USA
cotton gloves, finger cots and "bite-it" helps. try them for just a little while.

Name: Gil
Country: Thailand
although it is often referred to as a nervous habit, it really does not have much to do with anxiety. do not fret that there is something wrong with your child. after the age of 15, the majority of children simply out grow the habit. the incidence of nail biting declines with age, while anxiety levels for most rise with age. so then, how does anxiety correlate to nail biting? i believe that it doesn't. there is no medical data anywhere in the world to support the association, nor is nail biting any more prevalent in occupations deemed to be more stressful (police, lawyers, etc).

Name: jolie
Country: USA
my son started biting his nails when he was 18months, i as well bite my nails. i always here that children bit because they are nervous, which was the case for me. i just dont think it is the case for my son... he is in a great family life and me and my husbend go over and beond ourself's to make his like as non nervous as we can. out of all the bad habbits i have picked up through out my life nail biting was the last one i wanted my son to pick up.

Name: Stacey
Country: USA
i just wanted to tell you all that you have enough will power in you to do it! i have been biting my nails since i was about 2. i am now 21 and just stopped two weeks ago. i love the way my hands look with the white nails on them. it is possible so just believe in your selfs!!

Name: Pam
Country: England
can't see the big deal about nailbiting. i've been biting my nails since i had teeth, they got so small the skin area between the end of the nail and the fingertip is longer than the nail and that's how i like it. fingertips should be soft and smooth.

Name: nail biting with a vengeance
Country: England
had to admit that i am one of you. i feel so bad about my nails. my nail biting is driving me crazy but do know that i feel very tense and nervous and that is why i bite my nails.

Country: USA
thanks some of your ideas might work i think i will try the glue thing it may work i'll say some thing back if it does if it dosent keep the ideas coming thanks again

Name: Kevin
Country: USA
why bite your nails ?many people bite their nails. they are not even aware most of the time that they are biting their nails. it is a habit. and the best way to beat a bad habit is to replace it with a good habit. i even bit my nails. but thanks to control it, i have stopped biting my nails. this is how i started replacing my bad habit with a good habit. every time i started to put my fingers toward my mouth, i would catch myself and put more of the bitter tasting cream on my fingers. once i identified my problem areas, i would keep the bitter tasting cream in the area of concern. if it was during rush hour traffic, i would keep cream in my car or if it was while i was at work, i would keep the cream in my desk or on my of the things you need to do is figure out when you are biting your nails the most. is it during work, driving to & from work, worried or stressed about something in your life? then after you figure out the symptoms like, work, stress. etc, then you need to get to the root. this is usually an emotion, which most people seem to be un-conscious of. once you have identified these things and are conscious of, you can start beating the habit of nail biting. also for those of you who are comfortable with carrying around an emery board (men) will help in reducing the rough nails which make you want to bite. the bottom line in beating any habit is your desire. if you desire to beat it you will, and with the right help it will stay beaten. i recommend any product that has a bitter taste. the one i prefer is control it, by stop biting there product is cream based and has vitamins and minerals to help heal your hands while in the process of not biting. as with any aid, it alone will not help you kick the habit. be conscious of your emotions and put protective measures in. with all of this at your side and the desire to quite you will. good luck on kicking the habitkevin smoak

Name: mer
Country: USA
well - my sister and i were both really bad at biting our nails... and you know what got us to stop? getting fake nails! they are really bad for your nail in general - but that is if you have pretty nails to start with.- not us. we each wore them for like a month and a half, makng sure to go everyother week to get them redone. we both loved having pretty nails without waiting for them to grow.. or the weird feeling of having alot of the "white part." when we stopped wearing the fake nails, we had them profesionally removed. granted - our nails were thin.. but they were a decent length! and... the better part: we werent't in the habit of biting them anymore!!!now i keep my nails fairly short, but long enough to do a french manicure. i suggest you try that. esp you moms with self concious daughters. the in creased self confidence is motivation afterwards to keep it up.

Name: Robyn
Country: united kingdom
i bit my nails as a young kid and hated them. i liked to look pretty and my nails let me down. i went to a nail bar and they were great and with the help of false nails at first (which did stop me biting) and then manicures as my nails grew i managed to stop the bad habit. now i'm 14 and have pretty hands and like to have my nails varnished in different colours and have nail art put on.i still can't understand girls who bite their nails having them painted as this draws attention to the bad habit. i used to hide my bitten nails but now i can show them off.

Name: arie
Country: usa
as a child i would always bite my nails.i would try to to stop but would naver work is dissapointing to look at my nails.but what helps me somtimes is to paint my nails really pretty so i won't want to bite them and it works somtimes.but from this day on i'm still trying to quit.

Name: Matt
Country: usa
i've been biting since a child. not all biting is due to nervousness. it can be due to motivation (especially when you start biting and you actually want to finish a nail before you stop). try replacing the nail-biting behaviour with another kind of behaviour, one that keeps your teeth and your fingers from interacting with one another. keep this new behaviour consistantly in your mind.

Name: hangnail
Country: canada
my nail bitting problem is not an intense one, but...i bite the skin around my nails and have been doing so for the past 10 years at least. my best friend also has the same problem and we sort of embraced it together. but i feel like a canibal and i hate seeing other people do it. it's nasty, it hurts, and i wanna quit! any tips?

Name: Lynn
Country: usa
i don't agree with the statement about children biting their nails due to some attachment disorder and not having time with their mothers. it is simple not true in the case of my daughter who bites her nails. i have been home with her since she was born for 33 months now. don't give advice unless it is sound, and back by professionals.

Name: Becky
Country: kenya
nail biting is disgusting and you should all give up! have some will power! it's easy... i did it! i also gave up smoking. (which i did for 2 years). having no nail is freaky and not sexy at all. trust me, i'm a model and it's not a good look. habits are hard to break but you can do it! good luck everyone! xx

Name: Matt
Country: usa
i would also agree with "solidarity" who said, "nail biting is a coping mechanism. there's nothing wrong with it except that the society has a socially-contructed norm that consider it as dirty, unhealthy, unaesthetic and uninviting."unfortunately, nail-biting can have (some) negative impact on one's health. for example, constant chewing can cause fingers to bleed, and wear down on the enamle of one's front teeth. also, from a practical standpoint, working with needle and thread as well as removing stickers and labels become a pain.

Name: Jackie
Country: united kingdom
i am 27 and have been an addicted nail biter since i was about 6 or 7. i have tried to stop many times, all with no success. also, not only are my fingernails chewed out of existance but my fingers are extremely thick and rough as i work in a garden nursery. other than my hands i am considered rather attractive (tall, slim & blonde)but i have seen the disgusted look on guys faces when they see the state of my nails. my advice to any young lady who bites her nails would be to perserve and stop the habit as soon as possible, or you too could end up with hands like mine.

Name: Chris
Country: usa
i been chewing my nails as i could remember. i know it's a habit, and nerves that causes me to do this. i try to stop. but its hard to do.

Name: I wish I could stop...
Country: united kingdom
i am a teenager and i bite my nails, i wish i could stop as my friends all have nice nails. i bite my nail usually when i watch sad films and when i am researching stuff on the computer; the only thing that stops my are my gloves but the get so hot in the summer that i take them off! i don't really know why i bite my nails, i have a really loving family, cute sister,etc. etc. but my nails just catch me off guard! i also find putting clear of very light pink nailvarnish on it helps as well but if it starts ot get chipped then i will start biting it off again! this website has given me some great tips, thanks! i need a solution as i wish i could stop...

Name: Aaron
Country: usa
i've bit my nails for a long time. it's not the physical aspect that i find so disturbing. i'ts the emotional drive to do something self destructive that i question. do a search on why people bite nails and you'll find a few good pages.

Name: Amanda
Country: united kingdom
i use to bit my nails when i was young ....the thing that stoped me was i had a whitlow form under my nail, it was caused from biting the nail to low down,the whitlow was under the nail it is poison which could not be removed by antibotics, i had to go to the hospital and have my nail pulled off so the doctors could squeeze the poison out. it was the most painful thing i had to go through more painful then having a baby, now i have beautiful nails which i take care of my self on a regular basics, so all you people out there who like bitting there nails be careful of the whitlow which can form at any time...thankyou amanda

Name: nail bitter
Country: usa
i like the way bitten nails look, thats not why i bite but i don't mind it. my mom gets mad at me but what else am i supposed to do when i'm bored in math class

Name: Tristan
Country: luxembourg
i stoped biting my nails,i don't know how.i've just stopped. my problem is that i want to improve the way they look but i don't know how.i want to have my normal nails shape back.any suggestions on how can i have a normal nail appearance?

Name: Aaron
Country: usa
i've bit my nails for a long time. it's not the physical aspect that i find so disturbing. i'ts the emotional drive to do something self destructive that i question. do a search on why people bite nails and you'll find a few good pages.

Name: lyrad
Country: canada
natalie, i think you really have some deep rooted issues. that sort of topic is hardly what this web site has to offer. take your issues to other sites where you can find people who care!

Name: Cushla
Country: united kingdom
i'm 15 and i bite the skin around my nails.. but i end up biting the skin so deep that my fingers bleed and are really sore. i don't know why i do it and i don't like doing it neither. its really painfull but i just can't stop.

Name: becca
Country: usa
whenever ya feel the urge to bite ur nails, go brush ur teeth.

Name: O jeez
Country: cambodia
omg you ppl! u kno i do bite my nails but its something i want to stop..i bite the skin 2..i eat my nails and the skin and i think its disgusting but its been a habit i picked up when i was little its embarassing and i like the look of medium lenghth fingernails not those ugly 3 mm 2mm nails thats disgusting but yea

Name: browser
Country: australia
i dont think there is anything that i love more than women biting their nails. i absolutely love it. and i think there should be a website dedicated to these lovelly ladies

Name: raven symone
Country: U.S.A.
i want to bite my nials because it is so cute ilove picking my nose

Name: Caroline D. Parker
Country: U.S.A.
i dont bite at all its bad for you

Name: chelsea
Country: U.S.A.
i hate it when people bite there nails because they look so nasty it is a nasty habit i have friends who bite there nails it is like picking you nose my aunt bites to i try my best to stop her.

Name: Kriss
Country: U.S.A.
i have a nail biting and biting around the skin habit. i'm 15 and have stopped for almost 6 days now. it might not sound like much but it's a huge accomplishment for me so far because i've picked up this habit from around when i was 2. =)

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