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You are here : home > Child Development > Gross and Fine Motor Skills > Help Your Child to Walk

Help Your Child to Walk

My baby is a little more than a year old, but is still not walking! Should I be worried?

Chitra's friend once said, "Oh, my little Arjun started walking when he was just ten months old!" So when Chitra's son did not start walking by the age of one, she hit the panic button. She rushed to the family doctor, and though he assured her that nothing was wrong with her child, she spent endless nights worrying and praying. She couldn't get rid of the nagging fear that something was wrong, and just when she was contemplating visiting a specialist, her baby took his first step at 13 months. 

A baby's muscles take time to develop. 

Muscle development starts from head to toe. Your child will first develop control over the neck muscles. He will then learn to control the torso, and finally, the leg muscles. Your baby will first start sitting up, crawling and turning over. He will enjoy being bounced on your knee. By the time he is around 8 months, he will start learning how to stand. He will try to pull himself upright by holding on to furniture.  

The normal age range when a child starts walking is 9 to 15 months, and most children start walking just after the age of one - between 13 to 14 months. So if your 14 month child cannot walk, but can crawl, sit, stand, there is no cause for concern. Some babies skip the crawling stage altogether, and may start walking when they are 16-17 months.

Every child is unique, and develops differently.

While most children are walking by the age of 18 months, it is perfectly normal if your child cannot do so - IF his other milestones are developing properly. Your child may not be able to walk at the age of 18 months, but can he sit up, stand and crawl? If not, yes, there may be cause for concern. It makes sense to speak to a doctor if this is the case, just to make sure that everything is normal. What is important to remember is that different babies develop different skills at a different rate so once again, don't go by fixed charts. Give your child some developmental leeway. 

Try and remember that late milestone development is not an indicator that your child will be a slow learner as well.

How can you help your child to start walking?

Walkers are definitely NOT recommended, because babies tend to rely on them too much. As a result, their upper leg muscles don't develop as well as they should, and this could lead to a delay in the development of the walking milestone. In addition, each year there are around 200,000 injuries sustained by children due to walkers, and around 30,000 of these injuries are severe - they include fractures, dislocations etc. 

Canada has banned the use of walkers, and the American Medical Association and various other organizations have proposed a ban on walkers in the United States. DON'T get your child a walker. 

Don't make your child wear shoes indoors. It is easier to learn waking barefoot. 

When holding your child while trying to make him walk, don't hold his legs or hands. Hold him by the torso. 

Try and encourage your child to develop by calling him to you, or placing a chocolate piece just out of reach, so that he crawls towards it. 

Make sure the floor is not too slippery, as your child may not find it easy to balance on such a floor.  

Many parents believe that they require to get their children expensive aids to toys to facilitate early development. Nothing could be further from the truth. What you need to do most is interact with your child, especially to facilitate brain development. Children love to hear stories. Instead of explaining your child a story in your own words, read it aloud to him. This will help him develop his vocabulary. Play with him, sing to him, talk to him - The reason younger children develop faster than their older sibling is that they have someone to interact with constantly. This makes all the difference.

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Name: mummy
Country: India

i have 12 month child.he is not walking.but he walk oly support with furniture & wall.she didnt know alone walk.i have worry about this,pls send solutin.pls tell any medicine foe make storong leg.thanks
Name: chukwudimartin
Country: Nigeria

Good day, please i have a child of 4 years who can't seat talkless of walking. Please tell me what to do i'm fedup.
Name: Adarsh
Country: India

My 1.5 year old he not able to walk he didn't crawl he move himself by his bump from one place to another is there any nutrition food can help him to walk.
Name: urvashi
Country: India

as i am a working women i cant give time to my kid to help him to walk.. my nanny is there with him all the time..
Name: mother
Country: India

hello friends, my child is 16 month old and he tries to stand but he cant.. is this normal?? does they take more time to stand o walk?? at what age do they start walking???
Name: alka
Country: India

my baby is 25 months old she can't walk. even she use to stand by holding some thing.she also can't speak. even she speaks some single words (when she was born she had swallow latrine and din't cry some time even 3 hours. ) what will be the cause?
Name: lanie
Country: Philippines

hi, is my daughter normal shes 19 month old now and she cant walk independently. she just sit and crawl every time i try to let her walk alone shes scared. is scotts emulsion okey for her as a vitamins
Name: ScrummyMummi
Country: United Kingdom

I have been using a walker for my L.O since he was 8 months he is now 11 months and he is quite happy to walk along the furniture but still wont adventure towards either myself or my partner. I agree with you all it just takes time for a child to be confident enough to take their first steps un-aided.
Name: Sabi.Akber
Country: Pakistan

my daughter did't crawl but start walking at 2.5 she pushes her self with her bumps when she was 1.8,nw she runs but she cann't talk.. only say mama papa n when i try to teach her she make only different sounds not the word which i say..and my son is almost 1.7 he also not crawl but walk with our hands support, he even cant stand by his own.when i lye him to her belly he lye flat n dont show any movement.. he say s only mam, papa..wht should i do y my children are slow to learn is there any genetic problem (i married to my first cousin)should i treat our selves before planing next baby?to whome i concerned for my children?rehebilitation center or physiotheripist?plz help
Country: england

a friends baby is 19 months old and isn't walking, he can only just pull himself up on the furniture!do you think there is a problem.he seems slow at most things but his parents don't seem to be concerned,they just laugh and call him lazy??????????
Name: Neuro-developmental Paediatrician.
Country: england

percentage of children who walk at 1 year? 50%........yes its true.if a child is not walking at 18months , the child needs to be seen by a paediatrician. hope this helps
Name: Jenn
Country: canada

i have a walker and its helping my 13 month old to walk. shes in therapy for her muscles and they recomeded the walker. i did have to go to the usa to purchase it but i think its worth it!
Name: Raised five children
Country: usa

i experienced a problem with a walker years ago. my child had built up enough momentum to crash through a baby gate. she fell down eight carpetted stairs but still ended up with stitches. be smart..stay away from them.
Name: Esther
Country: usa

i think that mothers tend to do a lot of unecessary worrying about the stages of their childs growth. any good pediatrician will inform a mother or father of most concerns. don't read too many books will just get opposing opinions which will cause you to worry more.
Name: Shaheeda
Country: usa

was just about to purchase a walker..thanks for your is 11 months old..talking, sitting doing everything else, but, not pulling himself up or walking..will definitely give him more time..
Name: Neela
Country: singapore

my boy is 11 months now, he is standing holding to furnitures and sitting on his own, i was worried as what i have read he should have been making his steps now, thank god i saw this article.
Name: chelsie
Country: canada

you suggest luring your child by using chocolate?! this has both caffein and an excess of sugar in it, which are both harmful to baby development... what are you thinking???
Name: Mommy Goose
Country: usa

my 14 months old baby girl isn't walking until now, and that has gotten me worried!.. thanks to this site!... i'm more at ease now. she can pretty much do anything an infant could do at her age (except for walking).
Name: Maria
Country: united kingdom

hi guys.. my baby is nearly 16 1/2 months old and she cannot walk.. she crawls at 100 mph :) and pulls up to furniture and walks by the furniture but she doesnot walk on her own.she is not yet standing on her own.. but she does all the other things.. she is active.. i get upset and worried when i see other babies of her age running around from one corner of the world to the other .. i had a bad experience with a walker.. i think thats wat delayed her development.. pls help me !! other parents.. the doctor sees her regularly and thinks she is fine.. but i am always worried .. cant wait till she starts walking
Name: janah
Country: philippines

hello,i was searching a site, what could be the problem about the baby who is not walking after a year. i was very envy about the other babies who are early walking before they're reach 1 year old. i have a 14 and a half months daughter and still not walking. she can do normal things like other babies, but walking is much more the problem. she can stand up by her own without any help. maybe, she's ready to take her first step but afraid to do so. her uncle's and auntie's are also called her a lazy baby. because everytime their try her to stand up, she slammed her butt down the floor.
Name: Visari
Country: albania

hello! my boy is 13 months old. he walks only if we hold him by hands. he doesnt crawl or hangs up at furnitures. it seems to me that he doesnt like to touch things by hands. he wants them to be free. his development in general is very good one. please give me any advice. thank you.
Name: Sandra Kyle
Country: united kingdom

my son is 16 months old crawls and moves round on his bum no signs of walking should i be worried ??
Name: Carolyne
Country: australia

my daughter is almost 17 months old and can walk around the furniture or by pushing something along but not by herself yet, all other development is normal. i know of other babies who have not walked until 18 months and although i think she is ok i am being pushed by a doctor for her to have a ct scan under general anasthetic to see if she has a problem. i am not happy about this but after reading this article is has reassurred me that she is not that far behind.
Name: Noel
Country: canada

my daughter is 13 months old and does not walk or crawl. she cannot stand and does not put any pressure on her legs. this has been something i have been concerned about for a long time. and have spoken to her doctor about. she has reached and exceeded every other developmental milestone. she has always been in the 95th percentile for her weight. should i be concerned?
Name: mommy2matt
Country: U.S.A.

my son is almost 15 mos old and shows no desire to walk, but does cruise around furniture and will crawl everywhere!! whats up should i be worried or wait until he gets older?

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