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India Parenting
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Health Concerns:precautions after birth
Name: s t
kindly tell me what precautions one should take after birth? as our naani daadi says not drink much water till 40 days after birth.not to drink cold water because it will swell you and this can never go .. and etc etc..
i want to know that in this modern age what is the best way to keep oneself in shape after delivery. what to eat what to avoid . and the correct posture and the exercise..
waiting for replies

Name: supriyasanoj
Subject:  hai!
Iam living in US.i have a indian doctor.even my parents told me not to drink water,but my doctor told me to drink atleast 8 glasses of water to keep up my milk supply and for speedy recovery.we do get abdominal belts to tighten up healthy balenced diet,and light excercise after a week and can do crunches after 6 weeks.having garlic in meals helps with gas to your doctor about your diet and excercise after delivery.take care.
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precautions after birth

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