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You are here: Home > Message Boards > Parents of Babies >  Bowel and Bladder Movements >frequent but formed stools- Hetal pl. he
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Bowel and Bladder Movements:frequent but formed stools- Hetal pl. help
Name: Anupama B
My son is 13.5 months old,7.8kgs(2.4 kg is birth wt) Since past 3 weeks , he has been passing frequent but formed stools. ( 5-6 times/day , sometimes upto 7 times/day). Initially, doc adivised to give nutrolin-B syrup for 5 days. Condition did not improve. Later, doc changed the medicine and gv STIBS granules for 5 more days. When STIBS was given, frequency of stools were still 5-6 times/day. We went for a second opinion. This doc changed my son' s diet and suggested Folivite (1 per day. I do not remember the mg. but i think its less).He is active like always despite all this. His earlier diet included:
-Milk ( Pasteurised) - 140 ml at 8 am
-Breakfast(Dosa/chapathi/idli) - 9-10am
-Ragi porridge - 140 ml .. at 11am-12 pm
-Lunch (Rice,dal,2 kinds of boiled/mashed veggies/curds)-- total upto 5-6 ounces at 2 pm
-Juice(apple/orange/mosambi ) or banana -- at 5-6 pm
-Milk-120 or 140 ml at 7pm
-dinner-(same as lunch but with diferent veggies)
-Milk at bed time - 120 or 140 ml.

Now, with the new doc' s suggestion, the diet is changed as follows:

-Milk (diluted with water) As and when the frequency of stools reduced, he suggested to decrease the water content in milk.
-Saemiya(cooked in water with salt or sugar).
-Rawa porridge or rawa idli
-Thin layer of chapathi soaked in milk
-Only potato and cooked apple to be given. No other veggies or fruits.
Doc asked to continue with this diet & folvite for 10 days.Also asked us to take care while bathing my son. No water should go inside his mouth/ears.We are following doc' s instructions. Its been 2 days now and my son has had 2 doses of folvite. Yesterday , he passed stools for 2 times only. But today again he passed 3 times since morning. He had milk and chapathi only since morning. Pl. suggest what could be done to improve his condition. We got stool routine and culture test done. Reports were normal. We are worried as to why he is passing stools so many times even with reduced help.
Name: Jagadeeshwari
Subject:  Frequent Stools
Hi Anupama, yes its a big worry when our babies health is not good, but u dont have to worry at all as this is only temporary and not a serious problem, i experienced same problem with my son who is now 14 months old, last full month he had the same problem that is when he was 13 month old,he didnt put on weight,we did stool culture also the report was normal, as doctor advised i stopped giving him milk and instead i gave him Soya, the problem gradually got decreased, now he passes stools 2 times a day which doctor told its normal, see there may be many reasons, but the major one is due to Lactose intolerance, some babies are intolerance to lactose present in the milk, but this is temporary problem, during this time u should stop giving your baby milk and other dairy products, milk items should be completely avoided, if u r breastfeeding u should stop it till the baby is alright.Instead of milk u can give Soya milk or Rice milk,also u can prepare any kind of porridge using these milk, Give him everything else to eat those which are easily digested. The problem will gradually decrease after that u can start giving him milk and dairy products. If the problem still exists u better consult some other good paediatrician.

Once again dont worry, i will pray for your baby, he will be alright soon.
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Name: Kalyani
Subject:  frequent formed stools
hi my son is 14 months old and has the same problem. I am worried because it always starts this way and he gets mild diarhea a month after this. but his stool test is normal during these days.
please let me know a solution to this
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Name: SS
Subject:  frequent formed stools
I think both of you should stop worrying. If there seems to be no apparent symptom of discomfort, it may be a passing phase.
If you doc says it' s ok, then don' t worry. Probably continue with the diet recommended. Just increase the portion slowly and gradually. There are different reasons why a child does not gain weight. Sometimes when we eat in excess or the wrong food, we too pass frequent stools. Remember to keep your child well hydrated. Try giving food rich in iron, like spinach. It also works as a stool hardener. Give apple since that too controls bowel movements. Hope this helps. All the best!
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Name: Ann
Subject:  Hi
Hi Anupama, I' m also facing similar problem with my baby she is 9 months now and her weight is 6.8 kgs (2.4 ks was the birth wt.)she is also passing stool after almost every meal and because of the same she is not gaining proper weight. I showed her to her pediatrist and he says there seems to be no issue as such but still he has asked us to go for stool routine examination. Could you tell me now if your baby is ok or still thi issue persists and wat measures did u take to reslove this problem.

Thanks and Regards,
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frequent but formed stools- Hetal pl. help

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