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India Parenting
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Sex:Problem with my teenaged children
Name: Concerned Mom
I am a single mom (divorced) of 16 year old twins, a boy and a girl. The problem started a year ago. I returned from office to find my daughter coming out of the bathroom after her shower all naked. I followed her to her room. There my son was playing computer games and didnt seem to be bothered by his sisters nudity. Initially I was amused by this. Later on I also found my son in the same state in front of his sister. When I asked regarding this, they said that it was no big deal as they were siblings and dont mind it. My children have been spending their time at home with lesser clothes, usually in their undergarments and occassionally naked. I have spent hours trying to talk them out of this but to no avail. I am usually very tired by the time I come back from work and am too exhausted to get into an arguement. I am not at good terms with my family members and hence cannot approach them. Furthermore, I dont want others to know about this either.
Till now nothing BAD has happened between them as they have clearly stated that to me and I believe them. They do dress up if somone comes to our place. I have written regarding this previosly but havent been able to put an end to this issue, if at all this is one. I am confused as to what needs to be done. Should I reprimand them or let them continue.
Any suggestions would be welcome. Thanks.
Name: Concerned Parent
Subject:  Sex: Problem with my teenaged children
I do agree this is a problem, but as long as they know their limits.
But do stress them it is not right to be naked in front of opposite sex after the age of 10-12.It' s OK to come out of the bathroom in underwear
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Name: Chandrashekhar
Subject:  Teenage siblings
explain your boy first that the Girl is your sister and explain both of them Sexual activity and why siblings should not medically advisable indulge into it. Aftersome years suitable life partners will be found for them to satisfy the sexual desires
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Problem with my teenaged children

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