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Sex:best sex position to get pregnant
Name: krupa
Hi, i am married before 2 years and i have problem of PCOS and i had done LAPAROSCORY surgery, from that surgery doctor comes to know that my one fellopin tube is closed but from second tube i can get a child.i want to be pregnant now, so please tell me what is the best position for having pragnant. after sex,should i have to lie on bad for 30 minute and put pillow under my hips?
As we all know that any fluid/liquid can flow fast with more inclination/gravity effect. So, first you must confirm it to the doctor which fallopian tube is working,suppose if your left fallopian tube is working, in that case you must have to lay down on your left-hip(by putting the pillow under your outer thigh)and enjoy intercourse with \" side-by-side\" position.As a result of this sperm will flow down towards the left ovary through your left fallopian tube(both ovaries can generate ovum).During the ejaculation you have to lift your right leg to the maximum possible height, it will provide the ease to the sperm to flow down.Also, you both have to stay in that position for 5 minutes after the ejaculation by keeping the right leg up.Your can serve a glass of milk(cow) to your husband before having the sex because it increases the qquantity of the sperm (according to the ancient philosphers). I wish you both a healthy sexual life & your will get pregnant soon :)
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Name: asmi
Subject:  scientific

Your husband needs to undergo sperm analysis to find out his ability to make you pregnant. In this test they also tell u about the \" time it takes to free the sperms\" you need to be sleeping down for at least that much of time(general range is 10-30 mins)

It does not matter how many times you have the intercose, as the more the poorer quality of sperms u get. So again you need to do folicular study to find out your ovulation day thru sonography. If you have even one good session with your hubby that day. It will make you pregnant.

About the positions- any position that will hold the sperms inside for 30 mins without straining your body is the best. Missionary or doggy will be helpfull for you.

It is a good idea to start with Folic Acid support when you start planning.

This is my experience info. U must consult a professional doctor for better results and correct medical advice to suite your situation.

All the best.
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Name: amrita sheila
Subject:  Pregancy
I' ve lost one fallopian tube too 4 years back. But, i did manage to become pregnant. U' re hubby must play his part too.Play long, enjoy it, when he wanna climax try to open u' re leg widen so that he can release his sperm straight into u' re womb. Try doggy style. I' m pregnant with my first child. Try it. Wish you all the best.
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Subject:  DON´ T STAY ON TOP
Dear Sister,

Read posting dated 16/3 Love /sex portion of this site.

Keep in mind DO NOT GET UP after sex.
Do intercourse from 9-18 at least once in two days starting the 1st day of period.


Yours loving

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Name: tm
Subject:  hai!!
try women on top.its best to get pregnant.
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Name: dinesh
Subject:  To be pregneant
My sugestion is first find out which ovary is your is power full left or right which side the egges quantity is large left or right examole if left then sleep the right it mean Your left side will come up put your legs on ur partner´ s shoulder tell him to do intercource in that position when he leak tel him to wait for 5 minute after leaking don´ t pull out after 5 minute over slowly pull out & u lai on bed in the same position till 1 hour u will feel the touch of his pennus inside the tube do this in a day 3 times when ur peak period was there when ur egges ragture
If u dont understand u can only msg
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best sex position to get pregnant

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