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  Extra-marital Affairs: Neighbours wife
Name: luck
Date: 2009-08-18
it has been a year since i moved to company provided me with an apartment next to an indian couple..i used to meet the couple most of time in the building' s sorroundings..became friends with day my neighbour had to travel to india for a week...when i returned back from work i saw his wife standing near the door..she smiled and spoke to me and invited me in doors...we chatted and i realised that her hubby isnt at home..she said if i would to join her for dinner...i accepted..we had dinner and then she put on a movie..things started steamimng and we ending up having sex...almost made out five times that night...ever since we are having sex...i sometimes come home during the day to have a quickie and leave to work refreshed...must say she is quite hot and we just having a great time she wants her friend to also sleep with me...the problem is she is average looking female with not a great physic at all...i dont feel like sleeping with shall i a bring it across to me friend...she doesnt seem to understand...kindly advice..
Name: avantika
Subject:  u r very lucky
Date: 2009-11-20
u r a casa nova..women are after u
have fun till it lasts taking the precautions
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Name: Lucky
Subject:  Hey Avantika
Date: 2010-07-24
Hey Avantika...where are you from??
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Name: vimal
Subject:  Pushing your luck too hard
Date: 2009-10-17
Dude... lets see it objectively.... sure you are playing the fool with guy next door & now you want to be this messiah for another bunch of ladies... all I can say is that this lady is converting you in a boy toy for a bunch of her friends... I don' t see the end of this in your favour. One day for sure all the \" husbands\" are going to have their share of you - both realistaclly & sentimentally.... you got luck wt one lady just stay low before you see your details of some classifieds coloumn. and you know what the uae cops are going to chop chop chop after this ..
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Name: Sidd
Subject:  damn
Date: 2009-10-16
Hey luck i really have a solution for your problem here. Im a good lookin guy fortunately in U.A.E good in bed..bro why dont u tag team with me..introduce me to the women u dont feel like doing and all should be smooth..check my profile for my contacyt details...hope to hear from you..
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Name: lucky
Subject:  Neighbours wife
Date: 2009-08-24
Dear lucky soon you could be unlucky! You have taken advantage of your friends trust. Banging his wife is not the way to repay friendship. You are in the UAE (you know the law) you could be whipped and jailed when this whole situation turns against you. If the UAE law does not get you, the husband may, or the friend of the lady you are banging will set up a fine trap for you. IF all these folk miss you, your future wife will get you. As you sow you will reap! Some one will be banging her when you are away making money for her. Good luck! God bless you!
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Name: saina
Subject:  i am psychologist
Date: 2009-08-20
hi there
having sex is very normal,and according to me ur confussion is very much complex,i think u must talk to her clearly abut that which will help u.if u want to get out frm the the end she is asking u to sleep with her..i guess she must understand ur emotions objectivly,be clear and truth full,tell her right away that the gal she asking to sleep with is not so good looking n is not ur type etc....u have to do this hope she will understand u.all the best
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Name: Luck
Subject:  Saina
Date: 2009-08-20
Thanks for your advice...You are right..i did talk to her...however apparently she has spoken about me to her friend in such a manner that her friend is pleading me to sleep with her...i told my friend that i just don´ t like this female..she said if i could satisfy her friend then she has another good looking women whom i know..she is not telling me who she is but assures me i would like her...she has a group of friends who are not satisfied by their husbands...i am considering to accept her request... request...however
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Neighbours wife

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