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Hair Care:sudden and shocking head shave because of god
Name: sri
hi guys this is sri my nd i completed my 10th class board exams and so on the first day of my college i went there and started chitchatting wid friends then classes started. before this i have a vow to god that i l offer my hair if i get good marks, i got gud marks but fearing for going to college with bald head i postponed that vow and went to college.

suddenly our college staff came and asked me to come out with my books and she said to me \" please go home ur father called us and asked to send u home\"
i asked y
she said i donno first go home
i went to home and i was surprised to see our relatives and i asked my mom mommy wer we are going my mom said we are going somewhere its surprise. so my relatives said tht we are going to dwaraka tirumala and annavaram. so its happy for me to enjoy wid the relatives. we engaged qualis and went there then we reached dwaraka tirumala there my relatives means my cousin sisters are taking their baggage near kalyanakatta but i cant understand wat r dey doing
so i asked my mom wats their program here
she said nothing they also had a vow like u so u three are getting ur head shaved oh no but i accepted because i was male and other two are female so they are ready to shave so i removed my clothes and tied a towel so that the dress would not spoil and my sisters along with my aunties went to gals kalyanakatta then i was the only one near the barber as it was a free time so i made my hair wet and sat infornt of the barber and he again poured some water on my head and started shaving my head in few minutes its over he shaved my fresh moustahce and beard so its a new feeling as it was a first time so after this i went to the head shaving place of womens surprisingly it was rush so my sisters are waiting for their turn because there are only two barbers and now their turn they shaved their heads and surprisingly my aunties and uncles and my sister in laws also shaved their heads so we are all a gundu family. so wen i went to college with this head and all the gals of my class started staring at me and laughing because my gundu is shining brightly in the sunlight and my friend rubbed my gundu with her hand and started laughing at me how ever with shaved head and face its free.
but actually its the gods decree for me to shave the head so its very cool then k bye guys
Name: Amit
Subject:  Your Feelings
Hi Sri,
How is the status now?
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& Answers to Topic :
sudden and shocking head shave because of god

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