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You are here: Home > Message Boards > Expecting Parents >  Due Date Club May 2007 >Blessed with baby boy
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  Due Date Club May 2007: Blessed with baby boy
Name: Vinita
Date: 2007-05-20
Hi, I was blessed with a baby boy on the morning of 16 May 2007. It happened very suddenly, there was no pre-warning signs i.e. water break or breakdown of mucus plug. My due date was 30 May. So wasn' t prepared mentally. By gods grace the delivery was normal. it all happened in 3 hours, amazing as this was my first delivery and I am not the atheletic type... Its an experience I have no words for... will post more later. Very happy but also very sad, I am not able to BF my child :( please advise me what to do..........

God bless all the mothers awaiting delivery.
Name: sarita
Subject:  Hi
Date: 2007-06-25
Congrats on having a baby boy....
I have this problem too...I am having a powder manufactured by Dabur called ' Lactonic\" granules which helps in lactation...I see a lot of difference now that I have it...mix it with milk and drink it twice a day....
U can also try \" Lactare Granules\" made by TTK Healthcare...I' ve tried that one too....
But my baby girl still seems hungry and had not put on enough weight the 1st month so her doc has told to give\" Lactogen 1\" 30 ml- 3 times a day and my girl has put on weight when the doc weighed at her 1st DPT case the digestion seems low, her doc prescribed \" Bonnisan\" (Himalaya product) t give after the top feed...
Hope this helps you....
And congrats again.....

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Name: avani
Subject:  hie
Date: 2007-05-29
first of all vinita congrats for little cutee in ur life...
regarding BF what is it thats bothering you hun.. during my first one i wasnt able to BF coz he was in Icu for 15 days and when he was with me he forgot to suck so i had big problem
what is it with your little one?? may be i can help you
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Name: gauri
Subject:  plz help
Date: 2008-04-29
my sis-in-law´ s 15 days baby girl is going through same probs. she is not able to suck for 10 days she was under photo light as got jaundice now at home but dont suck her mom´ s u faced the situation?please guide.
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Name: vinita
Subject:  Thanks
Date: 2007-06-06
Hi Avani,
Thank you for your wishes and support. Regarding BF, I am trying so much but my milk supply is less. I have taken medicines given by the doctor, but my son still looks so dissatisfied and looks at me with big sad eyes. He is actually trying more than me on his part and keeps on sucking but does not get much 

I feel so skeptical about giving top feed and although my son drinks it, he does not like it and looks even sadder while having the top feed. He usually vomits it all back. Can you plz advice me on how to prepare good top feeds, what all precautions I should take regarding bottles etc... plz

Regards, Vinita
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Name: sonia
Subject:  congrats
Date: 2007-05-22
hi congrats,

howz it going so far? i am due on may 30 as well. u had no symptoms at all? how did u know u were in labour. sorry for the questions, am nervous as u can understand! congrats again, do post more when u have time.
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Blessed with baby boy

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my sis-in-law' s 15 days baby girl is going through same probs. she is not able to suck for 10 days she was under photo light as got jaundice now at home but dont suck her mom' s u faced the situation?please guide.... - gauri [View Message]
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