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Love  Discussion Forum
Extra-marital Affairs:Affair with Married cousin
Name: Hari
My cousin is married and away for her husband for years.She has indicated to me with special invitation to her home on certain time. Is it save to have physical relationship with her.Anyway I admire her body especially the posture from the back.She ever claimed that she has been dried for several years. Is it Ok to proceed with the affair
Name: Namita
Subject:  hi
if you care so much for her then there is no harm in marrying her ... u are ready to have physical relationship, u are there for each other to share emotional bondage, u people can handle unwanted pregnancy .... if u are ready for all this then y dnt u both think of marriage ... ofcourse there will b raised eyebrows for this decision but instead of keeping a illicit realtionship, a relationship which have no respect no name in society, why dnt u go for something by which u both can b happy and acceptable(may b it vl take few years for others to accept)

by such realtionship, this lady vl b hurt when u vl get married and at ur end u vl b cheating ur would b wife(without any of her fault)and this vl affect both of u in future

marrying a cousin is not acceptable in our society ... bt is she ur immediate cousin ... u can find people around who hve married their cousins ... think abt. it
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Name: Hari
Subject:  Affairs with married Cousin
Dear Vivek,
My cousins has 2 kids and in the Pri stage.I was not in love with my cousin at all. The hubby left for overseas attachment & later understands that he is having a lady there now. He dosen' t wants to return home claiming that the project is not completed. She used to tell me her problems as she claims that I am a gd listener.Only after the crazy topic that we got very close.Till to date no physical contact yet.I was told by a friend that physical contact may lead to unwanted pregnancy.She said that it can be taken care off. TQ Vivek & Happy Valentine Day To You.
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Name: vivek
Subject:  How are you so sure?

It would be easier to guide you \" into the affair\" if you indicate if you are married? Your respective ages and children if any?

But how are you so sure that she is inviting you for S** only? Have you been having any other erotic talks with her apart from she mentioning that she is starving for long?

I must caition you that affairs are potentially disastrous and are very very emotionally draining and hurts all the persons involved, whichever side they belong.

But I must tell you that these are happening more frequently that you think but very few stupids like you come to a board and \" seek approval\" . Still if you want to discuss, keep posting.
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Name: Vivek
Subject:  What´ s going on...

Your cousin does not seem have children, though you have not mentioned and you appear not to be married yet.

But what intrigues me now is, why is your BIL not taking such a young wife to his work place for so many years?

Is that marriage going ok? Is that only due to visa or some such problem of convenience etc? The second question is, were you in love with her before her marriage itself, did she marry her husband against her wish instead of marrying you?

Think, answer, identify the RIGHT problem and then try to solve.
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Name: Hari
Subject:  Affair with married Cousin
Dear Vivek,
Went I was overseas studying she would email me her problem .I often console her.The erotic topic started after telling her about my varsity affair that I had with my lady friend. I told her that I always admire the posture of the girl I had an affair with.She told me that since I had the experience no harm continuing and she can be my tutor where both of us will benefit.She is about 25 and I am older then her by one year.
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Affair with Married cousin

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