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India Parenting
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Planning a Baby  Discussion Forum
Infertility Solutions:CRAFT IVF Clinic Kodungallur, Kerala,India
Name: reva
Subject:  hi
what you want to say exactly? you want to know about the clinic or you want other clinics? i am also searching for good ivf clinics please suggest something. i live in kerala itself.
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Name: akshata
Subject:  which clinic
can any body suggest me good ivf clinic prefer to do ivf?
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Name: aza
Subject:  confused
can u anyone give me correct options for infertility treatment.
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Name: akshata
Subject:  can any body suggest good ivf clinic in pune
can any body suggest good ivf clinic in pune.plz suggest me
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Name: Shiva rudra
Subject:  CRAFT-Best ever hospital seen for IVF
CRAFT is the best ever hospital seen for choosing when you go for best IVF clinic search.
I completely disagree with statement given by Sruthi Nair. Me and my husband is blessed with a baby girl. Now its been 3 years after my delivery. We have been enjoying 3 years of enlightenment after a long waiting period for a baby.
After many IVF treatment failiure histories, finally we came in CRAFT and we got a positive result. The care offered by all doctors and staffs were excellent.
The service offered by doctors specially were outstanding.
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Name: Vidhi Vinod
Subject:  blessed with twins
With the bleesing of the Almighty we are blessed with twins here in CRAFT. We have gone to several hospitals in Kerala, but didn' t got any reply. In several places we got such an irritating responses from many places.
In CRAFT we received such a care that we get from our dear and near ones. All the staff were so caring starting from the reception till the nursing care in our room.
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Name: Soumya
Subject:  Craft-THE BEST Infertility Clinics ever visited
I have been married since 10 years but never been blessed with a child. Tried various doctors in Delhi,Kerala,tamilnadu and also in Europe . Underwent ample of treatments but in vain. From 2006-2008, I underwent
6 IUIs 2 IVFs & 2 FET. Those were sad years, filled with pain, grief and disappointment. We had then almost given up on trying for children resigning to our fate of not having children or going in for adoption.

It was then in 2010 we came to know about Dr.Ashraf and his clinic(Craft hospital & research center).Doctor advised us to under go IVF-ICSI and gave us assurance that we would become parents soon. As we are working in Netherlands,it was difficult for us to be in Kodungalloor for a longer period.Hence we could not continue with our treatment in 2010.Again in November 2011,we underwent ICSI and embryo was transferred in Jan 2012. To much of my surprise and happiness I conceived with this treatment.We were blessed with a beautiful baby girl on October 2012.

The unique value of Craft IVF is that the doctors have an extra interest in identifying the root cause and in finding personalized solutions to overcome our fertility issues unlike other clinics. The attention to detail in the treatment we received was far superior to what we had received in Netherlands.

God had worked wonders through Dr Ashraf and Craft Hospital. It is truly a place of deliverance for those yearning to have a baby of their own. I pray to God to give long life to Dr. Ashraf &Dr.Sankalp Singh who have put new meaning to thousands of lives like ours. May god bless them and this wonderful team always.

All the negative statements about CRAFT posted in this forum are not true.I completely disagree with those statements.
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Name: ashwin
Subject:  craft the worst hospital I ever experienced
Iam accepting the sruthi nairs comment. But I am also laughing at the stupidity of snigdha. whether she is the real persons or the hospitals advertising agency??.she is saying it is the best hospital. check out the weeks this year best hospital for infertility. Among TOP 10 are AIIMS(Note--she is saying students from AIIMS are coming there. Ha.Ha.Ha..), Apollo hosopitals in chennai and G.G. Hospital in Chennai. But not CRAFT madam. right. so many branches for craft. In IVF the unit which involves in the procedure is important. The main doctor is running from kodungallor, dubai, chennai,like a private practitioner, not doing genuinity to the patient.Also let me shar my experience in Craft.

1. U have to go to 8.30 on the day of consulting otherwise one doc. especially the stupid radiologist will say why u came late? what the hell she is going to do only at 8.30 a.m. unless u r planned a surgical procedure what is the issue of coming late.

2. they wil charge u like anything, but they will never change the sheet where the patient is lying down for transvaginal ultrasound(usually the person will be on the day 2 of menstural cycle and the sheet is contaminated with blood worse than a peripheral government hospital. and she will not say the report to u even u r a doctor.(thinking she is like god and there is nothing called transparency)

3. no blood results will be given to u and ellam file ' il varum. Ha. Ha. Ha!!!

4. the doctor will be out of station for 15days and that time all the reports ?? will be informed to him and no decisions will be taken by the juniors even something gone by wrong.Prabably he is running the show with incapable docs or he is thinking he only knows everthing.Ha.Ha. Ha. we got one result wrong and we know that it is wrong but the juniors didnt accept and even they are not willing to do the test again in outside lab. and we did it outside 2 labs and shown them they are wrong.

4.usually u will not be given anasthesia. whether it is changed now I dont know. we have undergone ovum pickup only under local anasthesia. we also gone to other hospitals nowhere it is done like this.

5. also while embryo transfer ur vagina will be opened with speculum and the staff will make u wait for even 30mts with the speculum for the consultant to come and do the procedure. Very fine.

6.U will be kept hardly for 20 mts after embryo transfer and u will be made walking to ur room. right According to the book embryo transfered will catch hardly 20 mts.lying above is not going to do good. But u see u are spending nearly 2 lakhs and whether the doc will not allow u to lie down for 2 hrs(for ordinarty surgical procedure under GA u will be shifted to the room only by stretcher after 4hrs to make u comfortable after anasthesia. Also there is staff in theater will say all patient to go to room after 20mts and it is waste in lying more time. What waste. she is saying going to IVF in this hospital waste.

6.Also when the results of beta hcg wax checked that time the main consultant will not be available and the juniors will interpret the results wrongly (probably as informed by the consultant)

we have been told 3 times that my wife conceived with beta hcG between 9-14. mind it beta hcg when it goes above 100 only on the day 12 of embryo transfer will only give a indication of u are pregnant. otherwise ur blood will checked after 2 days after stopping every medicine. but our consultant in craft will convince u u r pregnant and u have to go through the stress ful period of another 1 week with injection and finally u will be told u r nmot pregnant. stupid

7.A very big advantage in craft is (it is told) we donot do donor procedure. World is changing there is so many donor programmes for kidney, live, everything

mind it. if ur wife' FSH is very high or AMA is very low or U are non obstructive azoospermic ur IVF is going to fail but we have seen hiom doing IVF for one patient and aspiring all ovum and finally saying i am not getting any sperms from ur husband so ur cycle is failed. so many money spent.

7. all persons should go and see apollo hospital in chennai and see how they are doing. Go to G.G. hospital chennai. u will be given all the details of ur treatment in file. no hiding policy.

8. Iam saying this i have undergone treatment for more than 3 cycles in craft and failed. and we gone to another hospital and my wife pregnant by gods grace by IVF and we are having twins.

9. It is not the matter of money. But, the genuinity of treatment, it is not the way of treating the patient with what u know. it is the treating way of what really patient wants and make him happy.

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Name: Arathi Saksha
Subject:  Completely disagree to MR.Aswin´ s comment
I seriously disagree to Mr.Aswin´ s point because even I and my husband were patients in CRAFT 2 years back. I´ am the person who really understood what a lady will suffer when she try for a baby and she lose a hope for it. I had gone through many circumstances when I realized I can´ t become a mother, many doctors from many IVF centres said me I cannot become a mother. I was frustrated and even thought of adoption, we thought the dream of " OUR OWN BABY" had ended up there.
But with God´ s grace we came to know about CRAFT Hospital And Research Centre through one of our friends and as a final attempt we came to CRAFT. There all the staff were so pleasing and treated us with empathy. We didn´ t even felt it is a hospital. All treated us with a homely manner specially in the floor were we admitted.

Now we are so happy, I can´ t express my happiness. We are blessed with OUR OWN BABY.
Mr.Aswain, all will prefer their own baby, when the OWN BABY concept will leave as a dream, then only people prefer adoption. Having a baby through Donor Policy differ from the Donating Kidney or anything. Its a matter that relating to our emotions
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Name: Kannan Nair
Subject:  Craft Hospital, kodungallur
My self and my wife had gone to GG Hospital, Chennai, Prasanth Hospital, chennai, and in kerala to the leading infertility hospitals in Trivandrum, Kochi & Calicut for treatment in last 5 years. Had 3 failed IVF, failed even donor policy and spend lacks of rupees for this but no result. At last as a last chance went to craft hospital in kodungallur in kerala. Now i am blessed with our own baby boy who is one year old. Thanks to Dr.Asharf & other doctors and staff of craft hospital. Also the cost of treatment was less than in all other 5 hospitals. Thank you almighty for guiding me to Craft hospital.Let god always bless craft hospital.
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Name: IVF
Subject:  Money Minded
I had contacted the hospital for information on the IVF procedures there and the first thing they asked even before talking on the phone is for a fee!!! Their money mindedness forced me to rethink my decision of contacting them further.
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Subject:  IVF CRAFT
WE HAVE GONE 4 times IVF in craft and my wife is gynecologist and we failed all the times but the doctor is talking like god and doing like butcher and the unit of other docs and staffs are utter waste and we lost 4 yrs and 12 lakhs and we know what are the stupid things he had done and we can even sue in court for the nonsense. But in india there is no control over this hospitals and if the govt. is having good control, it will be the 1st IVF hospital to get closed. In kerala anything will get sold by good board, advertisement, and using actors. but doctors should be sincere. i am also reading other message saying that it is good hospital. ayo. if any patient comes asking me to go to which hospital he has to go CRAFT will be the LAST hospital advised
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Name: Sharada Kumar
Subject:  Kraft Hospital
my friend had been to Kraft for IVF. this is exactly what she said abt them.
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Name: abusali
Subject:  IVF hospital CRAFT
what u said regarding craft is exactly correct
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Name: Snigdha
Subject:  Complete baseless
I completely disagree with the statement. We have blessed with twins in 2005 with the able hands of CRAFT team. I had recommended 3 couples from my family and relatives and all of them got successes in first attampt. For the facility there are multiple options to chose from according to your budget. In fertility treatment they are one of the best research institute which I am sure of. Even students from AIIMS are coming for fertility related specialisation in CRAFT.
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CRAFT IVF Clinic Kodungallur, Kerala,India

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