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  Infertility Solutions: Dr. Avinash Phadnis, Pune
Name: R B
Date: 2011-10-15
I am new to this forum. I saw so many old posts reg this Dr. I had to write this. I went to him 2006-2007. Dumping him was amongst the best decisions I ever took in my life. The guy is arrogant, the staff insensitive. As anyone on this board knows, IF is not something that you take a pill for and make it go away. It' s a battle we fight, day in - day out, for a few months to few years. The last thing we need is a Dr who will treat you like an animal.
You have to wait for him for 3-4 hours even if you have the first app of the day. When i asked the receptionist \" how much longer\" , she told me people even come from other cities and wait.. (which is true, but so what?). For the regular ultrasound monitorings, they' ll make 10-12 women wait in room, half undressed, and once the dr comes, people just go one after another. the only similar thing i have seen is in movies.. the prisons. Some of the interns are really green and I think one messed up on detecting my ovulation day (that was really the smallest of the problems). When I tried to talk to Dr. Phadnis, he said \" I don' t enetertain comments, quetions, queries\" . The nerve he had. We left and never went back. My only regret is that I didn' t kick him before leaving. Seriously, I wish I had at least told him point blank \" I don' t pay Dr' s who don' t entertain my questions\" .

I went to Gupte Hospital after that. Found it very comfortable, but not sure how good they really are.
Name: Manish
Subject:  Sperms donor
Date: 2012-04-07
Manish sharma 24yr ,5.11 Ht having good health with 75kg wt.My Sperms are tested by doctor and my sperms are healthy.if u would like to know more about me the call me on :

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Name: Dimpal
Subject:  You need patience
Date: 2011-12-29
Dear RB, I am sad to hear this loss of patience and mental balance of yours. I had been taking the treatment with Dr Phadnis after two unsuccessful pregnancy outside in other hospitals and best doctors of Pune. After meeting him, in the first meeting itself he mentioned the problem and assured us of the success in the 3rd time. We had success. Now I am a proud mother of two kids in my two subsequent deliveries. The complete credit goes to Dr. Phadnis. He is like god send for us. We were completely broken after miscarriages.

I see a problem in your message. You said that you had been with him during 2006-2007 and you posted this message in Oct 2011. It means 4 years ago and still you are getting treatment with Dr. Gupte and hoping for a baby. Either you are tarnishing the image of Dr. Phadnis with malicious intention or other doctors (Gupte) are fooling you around.

Giving a birth to a baby is the most important thing in the life of a woman. One needs to have patience. Here in Dr. Phadnis' hospital, they take complete care of the woman. They keep you in 100% observation and monitoring for everything once you are pregnant. They ensure that if the woman is pregnant then she delivers successfuly which I did not found at other places. The doctor takes so much of care that he himself performs all the ovulation related sonography (you also talked about it albeit in negative tone without realizing the importance attached to it). This speaks volumes about his commitments. I have never seen him smiling but always found him to the point and ensuring that I take my medicines in time, go for tests in time. If there were any delays from my side and he comes to know about it then he will be the first person to be unhappy and he will display the same (you name it arrogance and I name it commitment). Finally, I saw him smiling at two occasions. Those two occasions brought big happiness in our life when I successfully delivered babies. And you know on both the occasions, he was personally operating and not giving the responsibility to assistants like it happens in other hospitals. So dear RB, please chill and have patience. This is the only thing I can advise. There is no better doctor than Dr. Phadnis.
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Name: Harshit Mehra
Subject:  men fertility
Date: 2011-10-15
. Hi, I am Harshit Mehra 33 year old. I have no child after 5 years of my marriage. we want our own baby.3 months ago I meet Dr. Archana Dhawan Bajaj in NURTURE clinic.after taking treatment we have one baby
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Name: ruchi
Subject:  ivf clinics in delhi
Date: 2011-10-15
My self ruchi from banglour and I have no baby since 10 year while I got married. We are not able to find out that what is problem actually? we were very confused then of of our good friend who resides in delhi told us about Dr. Archana Dhawan Bajaj,we went there 6 months ago and took treatement of ivf right now I am pregnant.
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