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You are here: Home > Message Boards > Expecting Parents >  Health Concerns >is mango shake harmful to pregnancy
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Health Concerns:is mango shake harmful to pregnancy
Name: barathy
DEAR friends/ all
i'm 16 weeks and two days pregnant..
i prepared dinner for guests who visited us...for desert i made mango milk shake...with mango pulp, milk and sugar...i also drank 1/2 glass of it...then only the guest told me that mango is heat.....if its heat will that 1/2 glass harm my anyone reply...i'm worried...can drink mango milk shake anymore or not..till friends reply...thanks
Name: rads
Subject:  hi
My ayurveda doc told me to avoid Pineapple & Pappaya...I did some research on web & found that both contain an enzyme which is not good for preg....Mango being heaty all is fine...there r lot of fruits/food which are heaty....but no harm I think
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Name: Amy
Subject:  Mango During Pregnancy
Meena, there is nothing wrong with eating/drinking mango when youre pregnant. It is high in certain vitamins and other stuff that is GOOD for you. The thing with avoiding pineapple and what not is another wives tale. Im not trying to disrespect it, just making sure that you know. Mango, pinapple, papaya is as common as an apple where im from. Fruit is fruit. The higher citric acid fruits may give you heartburn if you eat too much of it though. That is the case with just about any food when youre pregnant though.

Hawaiian Ginger
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Name: rama
Subject:  mango during pregnancy
hi meena
dont worry.1/2 cup of mango milkshake will not harm ur pregnancy. but usually in india elders used to say tht pregnant ladies shud avoid pineapple , pappaya, mango,sesame seeds and etc..but anyways u hv taken just 1/2 dont worry..but in future do avoid mango.
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is mango shake harmful to pregnancy

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