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Infertility Solutions:Sunita Tandulwadkar, IVF at ruby hall clinic
Name: Uncover Truth
This is my first post on a blog & there will be many. I am here to expose doctors who have been cheating and thus taking advantage of their profession to earn some extra bucks.

Sunita Tandulwadkar, is quite a good (probably only in books) name in the field of IVF in Pune. She has a team of immature doctors who need spoon feeding from her.

She, the senior doctor, among these bunch of doctors doesn' t know how to talk to patient & their relatives who have just gone through the worst treatment of IVF in their hospital.

We know at least 6 couples who went through IVF at Ruby Hospital under Dr Tandulwadkar' s consultation and not just a single case of success other than just one or two cases whose gratitude letters are pasted on her wall.Other than those,there is no database of successful cases for reference purpose for new patients who want to hear first hand experiences of successful IVF stories.

Our Experience.

She is very commercial. She asks people to go to Pune hospital if they are coming to Ruby Hall Clinic so that she can run her business smoothly as Pune hospital is more a charitable trust hospital and the receipts also are pretty much the same. She gives a receipt of Pune Hospital which has her clinic address and does not give a break up of the bill amount. The bill says \" Received with Thanks From XYZ \" cash of XYZ rupees and nothing more than that. No description of the diagnosis, treatment given or injection/medicine' s names etc.
If you would ask them, we need break up or a proper authorised bill for the huge payments we are making (which goes upto Rs.80,000-90,000 other than Rs 55,000 for rest of the procedures exclusive of medication costs)etc, they will say \" it is like that only & go and talk to m' am if you have any objections .And none of the patients can object to it, as ,all people are looking forward to, is a successful pregnancy and dont want to spoil relations with the chief consultant as after all,everything is in their hands. Patient puts her entire trust into the doctor and doesnot question anything that she does.

Your first visit and she will suggest you IUI. Your second visit and she will suggest IVF. And if you ask them that you want to try on your own and just need her assistance in conceiving naturally, and if you come to them later, she will get irritated, even talk uncorteously.

Her receiptionist, Sheila, is equally unprofessional.She doesnot know how to talk to the patients . It seems these guys have not been told how to be empathetic to patients who are already worried or even devastated in some cases with not being able to become parents and come to them for help.

My wife called them up the next day of IVF as she experienced some unexpected bleeding (which should never happen ideally). She called up one of her doctor and they said their madam is busy and after an hour she calls up and says nothing to worry.Just relax as its normal in some cases.No medication was given to her. We were really worried at the response and when she kept trying calling her doctor, nobody picked up the whole day. Then, I tried calling all the doctor' s and even same happened with me. Later, I called them directly on the landline through reception and finally I was able to talk with Mrs Sunita Tandulwadkar. What an irrational response that was. Since, by that time she had known that things have gone beyond hands, she spoke in a loud voice and tried to dominate the conversation.
Finally,she said i am increasing your wife' s medicine dosage as she needs more medicinal support.After the increased dose,although the bleeding stopped ,but,by that time we had already lost the precious embryos (imagine-just on the 2nd day of embryo transfer we had lost the embryo already).All the time,patience,efforts and money down the drain.Resultingly,the pregnancy report was negative.

Post operative care was also pathetic.After embryo transfer (which was done in the operation theatre),she was left all alone in the O.T. with nobody to attend to her.She kept calling doctors for some assistance but nobody listened to her for about an hour.Finally,they came inside and asked her to walk back from O.T. to her recovery room.

When we went to see the doctor after the negative pregnancy report,she was not at all apologetic or concerned.She offered no explanation and just told us the alternatives available with us.When we tried to inquire more about the possibilities available and chances of further success,she literally showed us way out saying that \" I have more patients to see.\" .This was absolutely disgusting and unprofessional on part of a doctor who is next to God for unfortunate ones like us.
We regret going to her and wasting our time,energy,patience and hard earned money on her.

We would never recommend Dr Sunita Tandulwadkar to anybody.
Name: No Name
Subject:  RE:Sunita Tandulwadkar, IVF at ruby hall clinic
Hi Every One,
According to me doctors of such type people are need to be abandoned because when they are doing it intentionally the need to be suffered also and so that no other doctors would also try to take such actions on patients.
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Name: Rosy
Subject:  RE:Sunita Tandulwadkar, IVF at ruby hall clinic
How can people do such bad things who are in such good professional who are treated as god for many people who come to doctors to fulfill their desires and to save their lives. But such doctors must be punished at any cost.
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Name: Tripura
Subject:  RE:Sunita Tandulwadkar, IVF at ruby hall clinic
Hello Unknown,
It was really sad to read such story it was heart touching.Why did you leave that doctor such doctors must be punished because they will make money who are need in of children. It was really disgusting to hear about such doctor.
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Name: ana
Subject:  beware
for any patient who are suffering infertility problem first just check who are the doctors and don't go after any one's suggestions because every case is different and impact also. so we should choose our doctors wisely.
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Name: Ashish
Subject:  Lets be honest
I beg to differ from whatever has been written about Dr. Sunita Tandulwadkar. She is an angel for her patients who receive her undivided attention & dedication from the moment they step into her room. Her in-depth evaluation of each patient taking her own time & not depending on her assistants is something unique in her centre. Her treatment is individualised according to patients problem which is the reason why she has succeeded where others have failed. Her team is equally fabulous taking care of patients at every step providing them individualised care. My experience with her has been fabulous & I would definitely recommend her for my friends & family
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Name: Ashish
Subject:  Thank You
I am very thankful to Senior Dr. Sunita Tandulwadkar Mam for these kindness & co-operative nature. Service is very nice. All Staff is decent. Dr. Dhanashree & all Clinic doctors & other staff is also very co-operative. I am impressed by their devotion for patient also I note that all doctors in IVF department to take extra care for patients.

Heartily Congratulations Dr. Sunita Tandulwadkar for great achievement “Joint Secretary IAGE & wish you all the best for President IAGE in 2019. I pray god for your more achievement & great success & also for good health. Once again thanks very much.

Thanking You,

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Name: so
Subject:  reason
I m also a doctor.
to be clear any 1 who claim success rate of ivf above 55% beware..Jus search \" Global Success Rate\" on google n compare all over world and get actual info about ivf rates.

2nd thing.. i was trainee doctor at here for 6 months.
all doctor who dr.Sunita represent are not hired assistant actually.90% of them r trainee doctors who hav become victims of false tales of advertisements jus like patients.

my personal experience
i ve joined for training course expectin tht i will get experience to get see various procedures and operations lectures about IVF. but from d 1st day i became just a office non paid worker and phone operator for literally 12 hours daily. i have rather paid fees to join as trainee. and what i got was daily 12 hours of humiliation by arrogant person.( who fails basics of medical ethics.and dont knw doctor to doctor behavior or no need to expect doctor to patient courtesy or behavior) . my job was to do entry of patients in register and explaining ivf procedure after patient is done with 5 minutes be specific just procedure.not costs or medicines or any other talk (by order).
i have wid me 5 more trainee but 2 of them left within a week due to harsh environment. i have to continue in hope just to get done with this 6 months anyhow.even we were doctor with post graduate degree and qualified . but we were treated like some 3rd class servant.
( so for doctors any 1 who is trying to get admission here think 10000 times before get admission here. and rather buy a good book on IVF and do actual job in any medical college or hospital for a year to get experience rather then wasting precious time of your life)

and in last To all patients
we were and are extremely sorry if any1 felt that they were talking to untrained person.(reason for that was only that we were bound and burdened and limited by rules of our superiors. and we were just passive puppets waiting to just finish the training duration.)

thanks and all the best to couples trying to conceive.

just 1 advice do spend some time on internet and get basic idea of IVF and try to resolve any doubts with your doctor PERSONALLY. its your RIGHT. And any doctor who fails to answer satisfactorily or hear you personally just change your doctor. Do NOT fall for any kind of advertised success rates.
as you are spending lot of time and money as well you are going to involved emotionally be wise for selecting doctor and always have faith in Almighty..

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Name: T
Subject:  Best Treatment by Dr.Sunita Tandulwadkar
I was having a long history of problems conceiving.. tried N num of doc N all types of possible treatments.
Finally i went to Dr.Sunita Tandulwadkar.
when she went through my history she was not very very clear in telling me that the chances of success were very low. about 5-10%. but we will try our best. Since I had no other choice and decided to go for the treatment. our 1st try wasnot successful. I was getting very stressed, we decided to give it another try, n with Gods grace we got a fruitful result. Dr Sunta had finally made our wish come true.
Since my pregnancy was so critical she gave all the attention to every little detail for me. she took all the proactive measures to give me a healthy little one.
Finally May this year we were blessed with our angel. :) all thanks to the efforts of Dr.Sunita Tandulwadkar.
We will recommend her to all the couples
who have lost hope.n also to those who want the best of treatment.
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Name: G
Subject:  Thank you Dr. Sunita Tandulwadkar
I totally agree with T.I had amazing experience with Dr. Sunita Tandulwadkar whom I found absolutely knowledgable and skilled gynaecologist.

We are very thankful to her and all her associates for the entire pregnancy treatment of my wife till date. Today when we recall all the complications my wife had during her pregnancy in past, the first person that comes in our mind who acted as a savior is Sunita Ma´ am. Every time our respect and admiration towards her reaches a new altitude when the incident flashes in our memory. We will always remember the “very accurate, highly precise and life saving decisions” made by her during these complications. We really appreciate her accurate diagnostics and its aligned treatment done during my wife´ s pregnancy period. We would always be suggesting Dr. Sunita as the best consultant to all our known ones for any treatment or consultation needed to them.

While undergoing treatment and during our visits to her clinic and hospital, the best thing we noticed about her is her similar approach to all her patients irrespective of their socio-economic situations which is seen very rare nowadays. Her passion to care and act towards the well being of each and every individual by bringing joy in their lives. Many times we have even seen her compromising towards her basic fees also so as to help the needy. She truly proves as a legend to the well said “Service to Mankind is Service to God”. We really get inspired by the approach followed by her towards time management despite of such busy schedule.

We feel ourselves blessed to get such an excellent medical treatment from a divine professional like Dr. Sunita. During the entire period we received very good code of conduct and proper care by her entire staff. We are also very thankful to her associates Dr. Nirzari, Dr. Sana, Dr. Rita, Dr. Kranti and others for their help and continuous support.

Once again thank you very much!

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Name: Sarah
Subject:  Plz Reply me soon
I need good doctors in Pune for infertility.
Do you have any idea of good doctors trying from last 3 years.
I was visiting Dr. Amit Patankar. One thing about him is he is not that commercial, But he just give 2 at max 5 min to patient. No personal attention, every infertile patient treated in same way. I had 4 IUI cycles with Dr. Patankar but all fail. My cousin had a DNC over there that was badly done. she has to operate again for Dnc.

So I visited Dr Sunita Tandudwadkar, She has suggested me laproscopy. But after reading your post I am confused.Plz suggest me good doctor in Pune
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Name: Hi
Subject:  Hi
Dear.. I am so sorry to write but this is all truth whatever we wrote.. I can not recommend for sunita at least and do not have any other experience yet. We might move to some other city after taking reviews and then only decide for a doctor now..
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