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  Adoption: best ivf clinic in mumbai
Name: raveena
Date: 2005-03-02
we are planning to visit mumbai in month of may05 for treatment.does anybody know best ivf clinic in mumbai?i am trying to get information on net but mostly are names of malpani s and baby and us in lilavati.has anybody done ivf at lilavati? please help me. i know this is not the right board for this information but if anybody knows about good ivf clinic please let me know.
Name: Amit
Subject:  Best IVF clinic in Mumbai, India
Date: 2014-04-11
Hey Raveena,
I am very glad to introduce you fertility clinic where my wife took a IVF treatment. Named as Morpheus IVF infertility Clinic, India. They have more than 15 branches in Mumbai. You will get their fertility centers information & addresses on their website: morpheusivf Or you can make inquiry for free consultation.
Take care.
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Name: Best IVF Doctors in Delhi
Subject:  Dr. Sandeep Talwar Nobel Prize Winner 2010 For Med
Date: 2013-10-15
with more than 20 years of Experience in the Field of Obstetrics nad Gynaecology. She has been actively Involve with teaching DNB candidates & training, of Fellows in in Infertlity, and Reproductive Medicine.
she was earlier associated with B.L.K. Supper speciality Hospital as HOD of IVF and Infertility more than 2 years.
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Name: Preeti
Subject:  IVF Treatment
Date: 2013-04-02
Dear you should visit Dr. Kaberi Banerjee for your treatment,..
Earlier I went to many doctors for my treatment, undergone so many IUIs but none of the doctor guided me as Dr. Kaberi explained me the cause of my infertility. she is so generous and loving and in the very first attempt of my first IVF treatment with her i conceived, and now we are proud parents of twins.. I am very lucky and would advise you to visit her. she sits in Chittaranjan Park clinic.
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Name: Simi
Subject:  IVF
Date: 2013-04-06

Where is your doctor located? Could you give me her office number and address. Congratulations for having twins. You are blessed with bundles of happiness now. Thx, Simi
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Name: Sunny
Subject:  beware friends
Date: 2011-08-26
Please do not visit Dr.trivedi from Ghatkopar. At least 3 doctor including Mr Trivedi sits for consultation. and they keep on chatting in between consultaions .They r so foolish,in between consultations, they talk about going to parties & Films.They informed that there is a fallpian tube damage which is ireparable, still made us go ahead with the operation to joint it... Later we came to know that there was a workshop for students regarding fallopian tube in his clinic. He did IUI X 3 times,IvF 2 times i dont know why theses dcotors waste others money.. PLEASE TO ALL FRIENDS , PLEASE CHECK A THOROUGH THYROID CHECK ((( •Hypersensitive thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH)
•free thyroxine (fT4)
•free triiodothyronine (fT3)
•reverse T3 (rT3)
•anti-thyroglobulin antibodies (anti-TG)
•anti-thyroid peroxidase antibodies (anti-TPO)
•fT3/rT3 )).
If you have thyroid problem, there is a very few chance for the sucess.

Best of luck
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Name: Sheila
Subject:  trying to get pregenant
Date: 2009-10-12
my first child will be 6yrs this Jan. but the problem is that
I am trying to have a baby for about 6 months now and we still have had no luck we were wondering how can we have a baby together. I used Ovulation predictor kit to find out the
Date of ovulation. My menstrual cycle is 29 days regularly and after 14 days my ovulation starts. I am also taking I homeopathic medicine for hair falls, should I stop these

If I may face aproblem conceiving bcos mentioned.pls help me. Need immediate advice from u
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Name: Nalini
Subject:  Treatment under Dr. Kaberi
Date: 2013-04-09
Dear Sheila,

You should visit Dr. Kaberi Banerjee, she is a very good doctor with very good success rate, in the very first IVF attempt I got pregnant and now I am 20 weeks pregnant, hope everything goes on well.

When I first visited her clinic I was scared, like what she would suggest for my case of 7 years of infertility, but she counselled us so well that I never had a second thought and directly proceed with an IVF cycle.

The staff is so also good and caring. you must visit her.

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Name: Purvi
Subject:  IVF
Date: 2009-08-09

You can try Dr Sadhana Desai she is a good doctor. But sucess is all based on luck. The sucess rate of any Doc is 20%. I was unluckly but I am grateful to god that he has blessed me with an angel whom I hav just adopted. I feel I wasted my years in doing treatment - I feel it is not worth.
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Name: Maria
Subject:  do not go to
Date: 2009-08-04
well, i came from america to do this treatment.
1. rotunda(dr allahabadia) i was treated by the assistant doctor...never met d. allahabadia till the last stage of embryo transfer..failed ICSI...
2. dr indira hinduja....i will tell you that i found her in this dingy, dirty office in grant road and after paying 1000 INR(consultation), she took 2 patients at a time(terribe,embarassing...sic!!), was very patronising,controlling(will not let u speak and if u do dare to, she stares u down and purses up her lips conveying annoyance at being! she is something else...she put me on lupride injections right away(saying that i should nto waste another day) without giving us a chance to mull it over... her staff does not speak a lick of english ,very very rude, and when i called back later to ask the steps to expect for my treatment, i got an annoyed response to come back on my second day of period to discuss....beat that!!! stay away from her....i am now checkign dr.malpani and pai (lilavati)...lets hope i am not disappointed again by the lack of consideration and sensistivty conveyed by these IVF doctors i have met so far during my trip to India.if anybody is interested, i will write back on the other doctors i meet.
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Name: Mrs.Goel
Subject:  Chennai good doctor
Date: 2013-05-13
Another excellent doctor in Chennai is

Dr. Sarath
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Name: Mrs.Goel
Date: 2013-05-13

Dr.Amit Patki

Dr.Indira Hinduja

Best Doctors to consider in Mumbai:
Dr. Feruza Paarik
Dr. Kaushal Kadam
Dr. Sadhana Desai(Unfortunately her assistant a man, blocks you from seeing her)

Dr.Kurian Joseph

Iswarya " Dr" Chandralekha

Dr. Samundi Sankar

In Chennai Experienced but first eat your money and THEN give you baby are

Dr.Geetha Hariprya

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Name: Mrs Aurora
Subject:  warning re Dr Malpani
Date: 2013-05-11
I beg you to steer clear of Dr Malpani he will rort you any chance he gets..
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Name: Bobby
Subject:  Best IVF doctor
Date: 2011-04-23
Did you finally meet a good doctor? Please can you tell me where you succeeded.

I tried Dr.Ameet Patki and he was a devil in disguise!

I also tried the caring Dr.Feruza at Jaslock unfortunately she was too expensive for me.
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Name: Bindi
Subject:  Mumbai IVF doctors
Date: 2011-04-23
Hi, what you say is so true about Dr.Hinduja. She is so damn rude and never let you ask questions!

One day she told me to call her on her mobile,which i did and she didnt her so told me to call her next day. When i called her next day she told me to come to her office.

My god! When i enterd her office, while am still standing holding the door, she blasted me me calling her while she was suposedly in New Delhi!!
This sreaming was done while all the other patients were listning!!

I am an International patient and i will certainly advice people from my country to stay away from her!!

Another thing at her clinic is,when you go for treatment, some trainee person gets all your details written, do NOT allow your husband to be present. My husband had to blast them for asking him to stay away from me while the trainee intorogated me!!
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Name: Jany
Subject:  ivf-pgd
Date: 2010-09-23
Hi, I read your comments and would like to know more about your experience. I currently had 2 MC so I want to go for the IVF. Could you please suggest which doc to see. I was thinking of Dr. Parikh. Hope to hear from you.

God Bless.

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Name: Sherly
Subject:  Help of Rotunda
Date: 2010-07-29
Could you please give me more details about your treatment and did u get baby?
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Subject:  need help for 2nd opinion
Date: 2009-10-11
hi, i have had 3 failed ivf attempts. i am from mumbai, and there is no specific reason given. i am looking to change my doctor and would like to know about ur experience. mine was dr jatin shah. not sure if he is good or bad. his success rate is good i know oif some who ahd +ve results ..but didnt work for me.
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Name: Narendran
Subject:  Dr Desai
Date: 2009-08-13

I suggest that you go to Dr Desai. She is a very good doc and gives enough time with her patients..only thing, you need to get the appointment...which is pain for the 1st time. though we did not meet with success, during our ivf procedures, we have come across people who have have had more complex problems than us...they all delivered.. if you dont have a child, then you need to accept it as your fate...
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Name: BD
Subject:  experience
Date: 2009-08-06
Please do share your experience with Malpani and Pai? Thanks

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Name: vishal singh
Subject:  ivf
Date: 2008-06-24
hi raveena,

it' s simple. put ivf 022 mumbai in google and you will find all the details
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