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  Infertility Solutions: cost of icsi
Name: MK
Date: 2009-04-12
hi all
can any one let me know the cost of icsi.. approx..
Name: Dipans
Subject:  Hii MK
Date: 2014-03-07
I am not getting your point. You are really have money problem or you are confused with IVF & ICSI treatments?
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Name: dip
Subject:  cost & suggestion
Date: 2014-03-05
Hello MK,
Every fertility centers using different techniques by different specialists so their treatment cost varies by fertility centers. My friend suggests me Morpheus IVF fertility center, which is better and affordable fertility center for all peoples. check plans here:
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Name: Mk
Subject:  hi likitha
Date: 2009-04-15
thanka a lot for your information.. so hw r u.. hw is your treatment going.. are u satisfied with their procedures..
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Name: likitha
Subject:  hi MK
Date: 2009-04-15
hi mk,
how are u?i had undergone HSG,laproscopy earlier n last year hysteroscopy with 3 different drs.
now i dont know weather they do ivf/icsi, still on stimulation injection am responding bit slow this time. am very happy with the procedure n Dr. Firuza is too good in her approch but nobody can gurantee pregencey but i feel she is doing her 100%. that´ s what matters to me.good luck n tk cr.
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Name: MK
Subject:  hi uk
Date: 2009-04-13
untill today we have thought to undergo treatment at MMM.. and we have planned to take the treatment in 2-3 months time ... thanks for your valuable information... have you underwent laproscopy by any chance... if yes how much would it cost.. can it be covered under mediclaim?
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Name: UK
Subject:  Dear MK
Date: 2009-04-14
There should be an insurance for all infertility treatment. Like europian countries ivf should be provided to all infertile women as a free treatment. But in india it wouldn´ t happen. We have to spend from our pocket eventhough the success is low. This causes a lot of stress. Now i m worried for my ivf after 2 months.
MK,I feel that instead of doing laproscopy you can try an ivf. For laproscopy you will have to spend atleast 30k ,you could invest it on ivf instead. It happened in my case. I spend for one lap and one hystrolap. Now trying to save for ivf. Instead i could have gone straight to ivf after laproscopy. My entire investigations (with many doctors)and madicines i have already spend more than 2 lakh. I have anyway wasted it. Now a days almost all women have pco´ s and there are cases they conceive naturally also. Hope everything goes well
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Name: Mk
Subject:  hi uk
Date: 2009-04-14
these days infertility becomes so very common so they could have included atleast the hospital charges in mediclaim na... its tooo difficult to go with the treatment that too when people go for more than 1 time.. i go for icsi coz of male factor.. nw i fear if there would be any problem fro me.. till nw my blood tst has come out normal.. i have regular periods.. but with much pain.. one doc whom we went for treatment last yesr did a vaginal ultrasound and said that i have polycyctic ovaries.. so undergoing metformin... managing to go for exercise for not increasing my weight.. at MMM dey have asked me to go for laproscopy.. not yet confrimed... so finding details about it..
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Name: UK
Subject:  Hi MK
Date: 2009-04-14
Dear MK,
Many things match both of us i think. We both are from chennai. We are of same age. I m doing my ivf-icsi at Prasanth hospital after 2 months. Now i m trying to loose weight before my icsi. Y did u choose icsi? Yes i have undergone Laproscopy and also Hystrolaproscopy. Laproscopy was done in a private clinic in Chennai it cost me altogether 24,000. Now recently before a month i had Hystrolap at Prasanth hospital and it cost me altogether 33000 (Operation, medicines, room). My lap and hystrolap shows that my tubes are blocked and My HSG result showns its patent. No for me the Mediclaim did not refund as they will not cover the insurance for infertility. If a laproscopy is done for anyother purpose (surgery to save life) they refund but in case of infertility (to find my we are not fertile) they dont cover. so i have to pay all my expenses from my pocket.
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Name: likitha
Subject:  hi mk
Date: 2009-04-13
hi dear,
i think it differs frm centre to centre.bcoz my earlier centre, they charged 1.5 lakh, its a package(scan,bloodtests, semen analysis, stimulation injactions,egg pickup n ET n progoston tab till preg check) only i had to pay for few tablets n embryo freezing 10k for 1 yr.right now undergoing ivf/icsi in jaslok n my inj. only its gone more than 90k, i may need to take 2-3 shots more n hospital charges they said 1.1 lakh, apart frm that blood tests n other tests i u can keep in mind between 2 to 2.5lakh.
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Name: MK
Subject:  hi likitha
Date: 2009-04-13
r u undergoing ivf or icsi.. have u undergone any specified tesy othwer than the routine blood hormonal levels.. have u undergone laproscopy by any chance..
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Name: UK
Subject:  cost
Date: 2009-04-13
I was asked to pay 1,40,000 initially at prasanth hospital and then will have to keep 60000 for medicines and other expenses. Totally 2 lakh would do i think aprox.
We enquired in kerala also in CRAFT hospital and it approx was the same.
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Name: kiran19
Subject:  IVF Charges
Date: 2009-04-19
I have been thiking of going for IVF as I am 42. I was checking the charges for IVF and was told the charges are Rs60,000 + additional Rs 50,000 for the medicines so the total charges should not exceed Rs 1,10000
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Name: UK
Subject:  hi MK
Date: 2009-04-13
I have not undergone any ivf-icsi till date but will be after june. I checked with my hospital for the rates and they have given me this.
One of my cousin who conceived by ivf last month has given me the following figures aswell.I checked with her for any pre tests taken and she has undergone some(not sure) blood test during ovulation and some scans which just cost her RS. 6000 all together and as i told you the initail payment of 140000. I would roughly say RS. 2 lakh would be fine. Where have you decided to go in for treatment MK?
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Name: MK
Subject:  hi
Date: 2009-04-13
hi uk,
wat about the pre traetment test cost? hw much would all the basic test would cost.. wat all the tests u have undergone.. is there any specific test u have underwent in particular like AMH..
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