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India Parenting
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Health Issues:diarrhoea
Name: subhashish
Hi all.
My 11 month old daughter is suffering from diarrhoea. We were in the middle of shifting our home. Even though it was quite hot that day, she was quite fine. Some time in the evening she happened to crawl on the dusty floor. She had about 2 scoops of cerelac wheat apple and 2 scoops of farex2 before going off to sleep. She has been following the same routine for the past 3 months or so. The next morning she woke up crying and vomited. Thereafter she had watery motion. She had passed about 6 motions by evening before we took her to our paediatrician. The paediatrician felt the diarrhoea was due to heat exposure and has prescribed Normet (ofloxacin+ornidazole)3 ml, Cyclopam (Dicyclomine Hydrochloride 10 mg in Simethicone solution) 5 ml, Ondem (Ondansetron Hydrochloride 2 mg oral solution) 4 ml twice a day for 3 days Darolac 1 sachet and Enterogermina 1 ampoule twice a day each for 5 days and Racigyl (Racecadotril 10 mg oral powder) 1 sachet thrice a day for 3 days. My daughter vomited after administering the medicine at night. She has passed 6 motions the next day and about 4 motions by mid-day the day after. She is still quite active and happy. But she looks weak. She shows vomiting tendency while she is being given her feeds. In fact she vomited while taking her feed on the third day. The stool is still watery and greenish in colour. When I called my doctor to confirm if she needs to be given any ORS, he suggested green coconut water. She had her last dose of the anti-biotic (Normet), anti-spasmodic (cyclopam), rehydratant (Racigyl)and anti-nausea (Ondem) today morning. There does not seem to be much improvement on the diarrhoea front. Though the doctor felt the cause was heat exposure, now I am not too sure if it could be any viral infection as the colour of stool continues to be green.

I would appreciate any helpful suggestion very much.

Name: Alka
Subject:  Do not panic
And if all is well with her, her diarrhoea will disappear within the next 36 hours, so dont panic.Diarrhoea is mainly a side effect of the antibiotic which is very common in infants when they r given antibiotics. I say all this bacause my husband makes the formula for atleast 70% of the Anitbiotics as he is a Chemical Engineer, so do not worry.
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Name: Alka
Subject:  Give ORS
I think u shud give her ORS as she has being given an Antibiotic and do not worry about the colour of her stool for atleast 3-5 days after u have stopped the antibiotic as the effect of anitbiotice remains in the body for that many dasy even after u have stopped administering it. ORS is a WHO approved formula and can work wonders when the child is vomiting and passing motin. She did get a viral infection as my 9 motnh old son also recently suffered from similar symptoms after and he also had temp going upto 100.8 F. I gave him atleast 250 ml water mixed with ORS. U too shud do the same. All the best

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Name: subhashish
Subject:  Thanks
Thanks a ton. My daughter has recovered.

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