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Love Stories:Unforgettable Memories
Name: Love
Beautiful were the days when I was in college. I'm sure during our college days each and every one has a crush on someone or the other and there r the lucky ones who actually get married to each other. I used to admire the most handsome man and it was love at first sight for me. No other man mattered before him. But it was just one sided. I used to see him daily and my heart used to just beat loudly at the sight of him. This went on for 6 years, yes, a long 6 years, but he never even looked at me in that manner. We didnt even talk to each other. And then I came to know he got married. I cried a lot that day but now whenever I think about it, I still dont understand if it was LOVE or just a crush. I am sure it was Love because if it would have been a crush I would have forgotten him by now. But no, I still cant forget him and he's always there in my heart. I wish him all the luck in the world and just want him to be happy wherever he may be. I still remember the date when I saw him for the first in my life. Thru this column I just want to express my feelings for him and want to wish him all the best in life!
Name: chichi
Subject:  my love , my frnd. , my buddy!!
i have married a man i have loved almost all my life... i met him when i was 13. although v were of the same age he somehow commanded respect. v were in different sections. i do not know why i used to get this ' very nice feeling' when ever i used to see him or talk to him. he did not have a great sense of humor , nor he used to look like a greek god. but he was confident, tall n most of all a very patient listener with a glint in his eyes always. i have never been more truthful in my life to anybody but him. n honesty no matter what they say takes u far in a relationship. i loved holding his hands n talking endlessly .. he also filled in :-)
v knew v liked each other tremendously but one day i just insisted him to sit for a little longer n he just , simply said ' i love u !' , no frills, no rings nothing.plain , simple , raw n from the heart ...HONESTLY.
after some 1.5 years , i asked him ' u have never proposed me or asked me for marriage' he said ' i m a good boy n when a good boy says he loves a girl , he means he wants to marry her!!' ...
after some 6 years v got was sheer bliss for both of us ...a fairy tale.but what i still count on is that i can franky talk to him about anything...he might not be having all the time in the world but i m most comfortable discussing things with him . i must have done something real good in my past life n that' s why he is with me.
v r also blessed with a 4 year old daughter .
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Name: Priyanka Pradeep
Subject:  Hey
Yours is a truly beautiful love story. Not everyone are blessed like you. I wish your family to be the most happiest one on this earth :)
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Name: Mai kon ho
Subject:  i never understand what is the meaning of life
when i was in collage many boyz go for me but i always run from them as people dont like in Pakistan that the girl have a relation with any guy before marriage.I started my job career along with my studies when i was 18 years old.i was same there as well, always keep myself away from the boys.There i found a man xxx who always asked about my studies, about my work, always try to be supportive in my work and studies as i was very young in proffessional life,he guided me all the time.He was very differnt from others. sometimes very confident and sometimes very shy.But everybody liked him as he was very good in his profession and very intelligent.
First We started talking with eachother sometimes regarding work and sometimes ragarding his or my family and etc. I was very shy when i used to talk with him and he enjoyed my shyness and teased me all the time.As time passed our professional relation coverted into friendship and our friendship relation converted into love.But i knew about my family that they will not except him my mother alway wanted me to get married to a status people and he belong to a middle class.As mostly do in the films. My mother rejected his proposal but he tried and tried for four years to make up my mom's mind for him but she was stucked onto her decision. we alway cyied when we met and prayed. how come it says \";sucha piyar zaroor mita hai\"; We both love eachother very much but my mom could'nt understand our feelings.Everyone in my family hated him and always pressured me to forget him. but i couldnt still i can't. Then he called by canadian immigration and he had to leave. i remember the day when he came last time to my house for rishta and my mother insulted him so badly. He asked me we should had to get a court marriage as he wanted to take me to Canada. But i refused and said i wanted to get married in a proper way as every girl dreames for that.and said i will wait for him and he left for canada with a words that he will came back for me again. When my mother got that he xxx had gone to Canada. she engaged me with my cousin by saying that if i would refused she will poisioned herself.
My whole family were against me and presurised me i alway cry for him beg for him .but my moyher was stubbon when i asked mom gave me my love pleased and my mom slaped me. i demanded and begged for him but my mom did not agree and married me with her sisters son now i am living in United Kingdom with my husband and a daughter.i accepted everything that it would be my fate.\";Rishte to asman per bunte hai\";.and had to forget everything. My husband and daughter should be my life.I settled myself saying that we are living in present not in past and we should do our best to make our future better I had never looked back. but i dont know what the God actually wants from me.
When i had a daughter i came to know that my husband had also an affair with girl before marriage and he wanted to get married with her and her mother forced him to get married with me.They Used to call eachother without get into my knowledge.One day i was on his computer and saw her picture and asked about her he lied to me and afterward on his moble statement her call to him and his call to her.i stopped him by doing this. but he didnt.Then i decided i should also have to start talk with my xxx. and y not. I told each and everything about xxx to my husband and told him that he should not b objected if i would start talking with him.
And one day i called him in Canada after four years and found that he is still in the memories of mine even he have'nt clue that i got married. when i told him he didnot say anything to me just said \";i did not trust him and wait for him\"; i mentioned my positioned told everything what my mother and family did when he left.
i alway feel regret when i call him. but i know \";wo he maire dukh dard ka sathi hai\"; I know i still love him and miss him so much but cant express it as is too late for this and useless.
so copmplecated life is \";maire bus mai abhi khutum ker do\";

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Name: Supi
Subject:  similar to u but
i love a person like mad..........and he love me like dam.........we both r equel to love each other how coz everytime we fight on this topic that who love mo.......and we cant come till conclusion.......but i cant able to marry the person.......coz of my cast problem at least u have guts to say this to ur mom but i cant have that much but i promise my self that i will meet him till the end...........what do u think is it wrong or right he is also agree for all.........with in few days i may get enggaged and he know very well.........i told everything i dont like to hid anything from him but sometime " woh bohot naraz ho jata hain." then i cant consantrate on anything.......y so
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Name: Cobra
Subject:  Beautiful Memories
My beautiful memory was my first contact with a girl inside the car,as both of us were totally not aware of sex.We did it inside the car and both of us were carried away with pleasure.
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Name: info
Subject:  memories
It happens and when you do not find true love and right match; you are just living with a man called husbandthen you try to remember more those lost memories and faces...
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Name: ruby
Subject:  love grows that was crush
hi, read ur experience. i too felt the same emotion. i liked a guy & never had guts to tell him my own cousin snatched him from me.all this was so painful at that time,but now i am married, with a wonderful guy who made me realise what true love is. everyday with him is wonderful and more years v spent together more love i feel for him. when i feel my love cup is full & i can love no more, he will do something for me & iwill fell more in love with him. v have been married for 10 years now. and still love keeps growing. touchwood , so that is what love is all about
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Name: Cleo
Subject:  Love or Crush
Hi, Im so glad that there are so many people who have been thru what I went thru, WHen I was 16 I fell in love with a man who was 10 yrs my senior ( I know that sounds ridiculous but thats the fact) I was quite drawn to him I dont know why... I met him as my martial arts instructor which was one problem or obstacle then there was the fact that he was not indian then the age...I adored him for 2 years, hoping to be able to at least tell him that I felt something for him... but to tell him could have been a slap in the face or worse... so I pushed the feelings and thoughts deep into my heart, even the day I found out he was leaving back for his country, I wanted to tell him but all i could do was cry and try and reason why he came into my life and made me feel the way i did abt him. Now im married and with two kids and Im very happy but this stays with me... I guess perhaps its because theres no closure so we remember or just cant forget
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Name: Sneha
Subject:  love or crush ?
hey love

nice to know some one else too had the similar experience as me.I had a crush on 2 guys(hey dont be shocked yaar I am telling u the truth ) when i was in 12th.One was in merchant navy and my heart used to take a full turn whenever i used to see him.He was sick when i first met him and i used to go to the temple every day to pray for him.and the funniest thing is i never had the guts to express my feelings to him.(may be i didnot have any guts then)But it was a wonderful feeling.the second guy i had a crush on (hey guys hota hai u can like 2 people at the same time,i was just 17 then)was my senior and he was more like my lucky charm.I had to see him every day and specially during exams--i was so superstitious about him I used to feel when i see him in the morning my day goes well.Till today i really dont know what to call this- a crush or a love but what ever it was ,it was very good till it lasted.Now looking back i feel i was ssssooooo stupid.But i think thats what most of the people do at that age.So i guess i was quite normal.:-)or may be i was a hopeless case of being romantic --- i really dont know.What do u say?
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Name: the person who loves a lot
Subject:  love
It was really nice taht you have fallen in love that is the biggest thing u ever get.I feel like that falling in love is the best thing rather then not falling in love.I would really like to say you onething that,it was his bad luck that he didn't got a girl like you.I don't know how you are and all but i think u love him a lot and the person is having a bad luck if he dosen't get someone how loves him so much.I read all your replies and all.U said that u think that it is your 50% fault i would agree with u.and always remember taht god never do bad with his children and we are his children.
anyways take care
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Name: Sarav
Subject:  Men...
Dear Love,

You are right, what has happened, is done and I am glad that you are moving on. If you see a toy in a shop and like it and wanna buy it - but just looking at the toy is not going to get you the toy. You have to step in the shop, bargain, see whether the toy is of good quality and then decide on it. Most men are the same way. Unless you mention it to them they won't feel it. Subtlety is not the way to go when it comes to expressing your love. Life is a risk. Most of us are unwilling to take the next step because we don't know what lies ahead. We are comfortable feeling what we feel, doing what we do. Anything out of the ordinary spooks us. Anyways whats done is done, I wish you good luck and courage in your future endeavors in love and in life.
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Name: Love
Subject:  Thanks
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Name: Sarav
Subject:  Mistaken love
Love?? It is not even close to that. Love equals guts. If it were love you would've approached him and told him that.
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Name: Love
Subject:  Unforgettable Memories

Hi Sarav,

I agree with u that when u r in love u have to have guts. But mine was a one sided love. Just by looking at the other person u can understand if he has the same feelings about u or no. I used to see him everyday for 6 years but I never saw that kind of love towards me. Maybe because of this I never had the courage to speak to him and by my looks and the way I behaved he knew what I was feeling towards him. So if he also had the same feelings, he would have, atleast once before getting married, approached me and asked me about my feelings. But he just got married. That shows that he didnt feel the same way about me. I dont blame him. Its not possible in this world to get love everytime. Just for the sake of argument I'll agree that 50% it was my fault that I didnt approach him but I had my own reasons. But anway, what I lost is gone. I cant get it back. My only prayer is that he should be happy wherever he is!
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Name: deepa
Subject:  This is real love ....
hai i dont no your name so i will call u love ....dear this is love ....& i am happy to see u saying that u wish best for him in his life ...people like u have made love live so much in this world ....i wish you all the best in life ....& be happy
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