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You are here: Home > Message Boards > Love >  Love Stories >Will Indian guy marry Chinese girl?
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  Love Stories: Will Indian guy marry Chinese girl?
Name: No name
Date: 2010-01-05
I am a Chinese girl and I love an indian guy. He is nice and kind hearted, attractive. He is abt 29 and single. But he said he is going to get married soon cause his parents want him to do so. He said he likes me, but I should go and find some other nice guy to get married with. He will also look for an indian girl to get married with even he doesn' t love any woman and he doesn' t want to get married. We still meet and stay together.It is really painful for me. The more I meet him, the more I love him. But we don' t have future. He said he will just get a tall and good looking indian girl to get married.Is that very hard for a indian guy to marry a chinese girl?Please give me some suggestion whether I should give up this guy,thanks.I just love him and I don' t care abt the race,the religion, culture,etc.But why it is still so difficult for me?
Name: Sam
Subject:  Why Chinese Girls
Date: 2013-09-16
If a man loves a girl, he will marry her. Otherwise, its just playing n free sex. To get that, being nice n kind to the girl is just part of the game. Else, how will you submit nicely? BTW, chinese girls are exotic & fair skinned.
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Name: Meeta
Subject:  humsafar
Date: 2013-05-21
Recently I hv the very experiece of falling in love to an Indian guy. He came to my country and joined my company as an IT consultant. He is a very nice-goodlooking Indian man. I fell in love with him after a couple times of meetings. he said that he cant help his own feeling of loving me, but at the end of the day, its family & tradition that come first. I am a moslem, he is a Hindu. I never think that this differences of religion, culture, and country can be a matter as ong as both of us have strong feeling. But still, he keeps on telling that big matter of crushing culture.

Can I believe he is truly in love with me?

He' ll be laeving most likely for the next 2 month as the project in my company is finished. All I feel is that I do in love with him, cant face that day when finally he returns back to India. If ever he asks me to go with him, I' ll say i will. But sadly he never does it, saying he never wants to hurt me by all those consequences.

Well thats a pretty sad story of mine. dunno what will happen next, erasing him from my mind never be that easy. Even if he leaves, I love him still.
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Name: selve
Subject:  i want donate my sperm
Date: 2012-06-30
hii all i want a donate my sperm due to my financial problem. i am good looking fair in color hight 5.8\" ft, black eyes & hair, good health. if any one interest then contact me through mail
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Name: jia
Subject:  love is true
Date: 2012-11-29
i think everything is possible if ur love is true..
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Name: rohit
Subject:  love
Date: 2012-05-14
hi everyone, i heard your love story it is same, your age is 29 but i am little young then you, i am 22 year indian who live in china and job there one time i meet with a chinese girl in just some days we became close friends, i proposed her when i was in china and she accept me but she told me that she dont want that her bf live in another country, actually that time i was coming back to india and she knows that thing, she told me she will wait for me untill six months if i back then she will think about me, i know i love her very much but she told me she need time for know me, now i not live in china i live in india we sometimes talks by emails, but i dont think that now i can go to china back because i have not communication with anther companies, i try to forget her everyday but i cont forget her, i tried to get job in another chinese company but i have not any communication with another companies so i dont think i can go back to china and live there, it is hard for me forget that girl but anyway i think god wrote something else for me he he
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Name: Anu
Subject:  Hi Rohit
Date: 2012-06-19
Why dont you try to contact the same chinese girl again, then find out what she feel for you now.

IF she is still in love with you ask her:
1-If she want you to come there and does she still love you.

2-can she help you find a job in chine so you can be near her.

3-If she still love you, and incase she fail to help you find a job, would she like to come to India with you. And marry you.

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Name: Meena
Subject:  Shalini is correct!!
Date: 2012-05-01
What Shalini says is correct. My parents did not want me to marry my husband and his parents did not want him to marry me.

We insisted we will not marry anyone except each other. Finally our parents gave us a big wedding.

So, if the Indian guy really love yoiu, he will convince his familly. I do NOT think he loves u enough. Maybe itz just as well you know it now before itz too late.

Dont forget, there are very nice Indian boys who would love to marry you. Country has nothing to do with love!!
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Name: dia
Subject:  inspiration
Date: 2012-11-19
hey congrats and thanx u have been a great inspiration to me...
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Name: shalini
Subject:  hatred towards chinese gal
Date: 2012-01-22
see there is nothing called chineese gal indian gal a character or behaviour a gal doesnt represent her country are there no indian gals who cheated boys are they so perfect
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Name: shalini
Subject:  chineese gal love indian boy
Date: 2012-01-22
hey i am sure he is not loving u he is cheating because if a person really loves any thing he /she wil do or die to get it at any cost no bother what ever problems come and if he really want you he can convince his parents by pleading or threatining or some how and god too wil help in ur case if its true love but he is trying to run away wantedly ....hey realise the facts don blindly be with him
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Name: krisano
Subject:  lol
Date: 2012-01-31
u r very smart, arent u ....
u say that as if u know him.

its rude to say that he is a cheater u should say ´ may be´ , please.
and everyones parents are not directly proportional 2 each other.
we r humans we cannot abandon our parents or our loved ones.
so we hav 2 think of some thing so that we can live happy ever after.
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Name: 100
Subject:  :(
Date: 2011-12-03
I am Indian guy currently in Australia.
feel very, very sad for you..
I am myself seeing a Korean girl, she doesnt even understand English properly, but we definitely understand our love for each other.
I dont understand why people are so narrow minded and close minded to other cultures... I would rather find it boring to be with an Indian woman !
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Name: G
Subject:  Never quit untill they agree. May god be with you
Date: 2011-09-29
Well I guess it might be too late to reply to you but I guess you should not loose your heart and ask him to talk to his parents. It' s better to give it a try than doing nothing and regret for whole life that I should have done that before.
You both are entering into a new world without your parents. You will be living with each other and only your spouse will be with you for your whole life. You need to ask that boy first whether he loves you by his heart or not if yes then you must give it a go.
Frankly telling you that I am an Indian as well (north India) and I did had a Chinese girlfriend. I had same issues but I loved her by my heart and decided to tell my parents about that. I could imagine what they were going to say but somehow my love for her overcome my fear and did not hesitate to tell them. They were extremely angry with me and they did their best to stop me. I told them that she is the only one I am going to marry, none else. They hang up on me.
Now here the time factors kicks in. After few days they call me and ask me do I really love her and care about her. Yes, I replied. Hence they allow me to do so. Later we got married and its been nearly five years form that call and two years of getting married, i am writing this post.
So listen to your heart and do not let it go that' s what I suggest.

I wish you Good luck and may god be by your side for all those moments you need him the most.

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Subject:  hi
Date: 2013-05-28
DUDE,i am too loving a chinese girl we are in love but the thing is she cant anymore stay in india her visa is getting expired soon. i wonder how u managed to marry her? where are u both staying? how about the visa problem? just trell me how did u manage all the barriers????
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Name: Friendly Indian
Subject:  My feelings about Chinese girls
Date: 2011-05-01
I truely loved a Chinese girl who was from Singapore. I loved her so much that I cant explian in words. One day I found she had many boy friends like me. There was no emotional bond from her side. For her relation was only for fun. She broke my heart. I still feel the pain. I know it is not correct but after this I never trust any Chinese girl. I feel all Chinese girls are the same, betrayers. Why is it so? I know I am wrong but I cant change my feelings.
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Name: indian guy
Subject:  situation is changed
Date: 2011-03-22
I saw many indian guys in my city in china married with chinese girls. Already 25 couples in china already married in my city..
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Name: Willian
Subject:  00
Date: 2011-03-15
I agree Anil ji ' s
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Name: Willian
Subject:  Situation Almost the Same
Date: 2011-03-15
In China,have these words:If you love,pls love me too much if you aren' t love me,pls leave me far away.yes,in the love,there aren' t anything can stop. if it isn' t true love,he can give much excuse to explain in which he can' t married with that girl. also if some men want to funny with girl,this is the worst things all over the made lovers crazy,but don' t forget you have a future with your lover even your child.
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Name: anil
Subject:  Situation Almost the Same
Date: 2011-03-16
well yesterday i used hard words,n sure my hard words pinchd.but tell u honestly its true,behave same as animal.this each of 1 our duty makes this universe beautyfull n peacefull.
in my view if loves turns into a fruitfull result then sure nice otherwise its same likes a needs no always have many excuses this n that.
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Name: anil
Subject:  Situation Almost the Same
Date: 2011-03-15
better wait and watch the result.
i ca' nt say much but sure 1 day u will get the bigest result of ur life.
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