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Infertility Solutions:endometrial tuberculosis infertility
Name: Paige
Hi, I have a history of dermoit cyst on my right ovary which had been removed trhu laproscopy in 2001. I have been trying to get pregnant since a year. have one one cycle of IUI, was unsuccessful. I have changed doctors and moved to Dr. Nalini Mahajan. Now i have been diagnoised endometrial tuberculosis but the doctor is ready to do an iui cyle after 2 months of treatment for the same...anybody has suffered the same problem and would like to throw some light on this issue...pls reply soon..very lost and confused

Name: Akansha A
Subject:  Endometrial TB
Can you please tell me how was the test done for endometrial tb done?
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Name: MadhuC
Subject:  Hi
Sorry for the late reply. Lap is Laparoscopy ,done to view the pelvic organs under direct vision through instruments through holes made in the abdomen .

Was ur hsg repeated afterthe endometrial tb diagnosis. WHAT WAS THE TIME gap between the hsg and the endometrial tb diagnosis. It is highly unlikely that tubes are not affected in endometrial tb. It could be a false positive result in ur case. anyway continue with the medications for 6 months with no break in between, orelse resistant drug tb can develop which can be difficlt to cure.
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Name: Paige
Subject:  hi madhuC
tube test was done befre tb diagnosis, anyways i have beena dvised to go for IUI in the next cycle so lets see what happens. thank u for your reply.
where do u live..who was your doc
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Name: MadhuC
Subject:  hi
was hsg done in ur case , are ur tubes affected by block ?? WAS LAP DONE ?? whatever the situation , endometrial tb needs a complete 6 months of treatment , only then should one go ahead with other options. some components of the tb medicines can be harmful to the baby if u get pregnant. so avoid conception during medication for tb.
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Name: Paige
Subject:  hi madhu
i have tb in the uterus. hsg was done and my tubes are not affected. they are open.what is LAP??
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endometrial tuberculosis infertility

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